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Your arm
My waist.
Your stomach
My back.
Your breath
My neck.

My heart

I say this to you all the time, and I’m hesitant to do it again. But if you knew me, if you knew about where I’ve been and about the nightmares I have at night, if you truly knew how much you mean to me and how much you’ve simply been for me, you’d understand. I can’t afford to lose you. I couldn’t take the pain that would come with that. My heart is physically incapable of seeking anything but to love and be loved, and that’s been screwed up for me plenty of times but you’re full of everything I could’ve hoped for in one person. I can’t say this certainly, and that’s only because I don’t truly and completely know what you see, but I think that I can thank you for seeing me and being satisfied.
—  @itsfangirlalex; Thank You. 🖤

Here’s my piece for the @kagehinaficzine! And Happy Haikyuu Day!!!

It was my first time doing something so detailed and “finished”! My styled has changed a lot even though it’s only been a couple months (I reckon I’ve completely given up on drawing anything too realistic) but this piece will forever hold a very dear place in my heart!

It was a honour to colab with @someone-stole-my-shoes - who wrote the most breath taking fic - and to be a part of such an amazing project full of so many talented people. I’m kinda sad it’s over now, but our mods were lovely and all the beautiful stories and art warmed my heart, so there are a lot of nice memories left. Thank you everyone who participated and supported this zine!  ♡

You’re broken.
That’s why you drink until your limbs feel as if they are giving in
And play the music so loud that you can feel the vibrations of sound running through you
You place a quietus between your lips whilst your lungs gasp for air
It’s all to try fix yourself
Because even though it was temporary,
In that moment you were whole again.
—  Taliesin Leach
I try to sleep but i can’t, maybe it’s because the thought of you keeps me awake.
My chest felt heavy and my heart started aching as you said “I love you.” to the other I thought would be me. Now ever since that day I can’t breath.
—  it’s been 2 years and I still love you

More and more
         I’m edging
          ever closer to the truth
               that I cannot live

The only thing that’s keeping me here
is that you are alive and
     that as long as we both are
         there will be a
                       of us

      I survive by virtue of this fantasy
              this raveled thread of

You are merged
     with my
              every fibre
                                          Letting go
            is not something I can afford

      I can’t pull the plug on my own
                    life support

Allow me to cling onto impossibilities
Less than alive – but willing
to breathe

                        - M.A. Tempels © 2017

My chest is aching for a future I can’t touch,
and its made of;
you, filled promises, dandelions, and clouds that touch the heavens

I’m holding on to a picture of perfect
and baby, I’ve built it in the image of you

I still wear your ring on my necklace,
because I love feeling of your ghost
and I need to remember a time when I could breathe

So I’ll be whispering to the stars
they still answer in your voice
and I still can’t find Orion in a clear sky

—  The back roads//kayla
I say I’m over him, and most days I mean it, I feel it. But some days I know that if he called me at 3 am, I would answer. And if he told me that everything else is wrong and only what we had was right, I would believe it. He would tell me that that other girl he dated was such a wrong decision. He would say he thought he was over me but he was so wrong. He would say he knows I am the one for him. He would say he misses me.
And I, forgetting all that has happened, would agree. I would run right back to him.
I’m over him, but some days when I’m lonely late at night, I still feel like calling him. But not because I love him, because I love that familiarity, that comfort zone.
We once read in sociology class that most people tend to resist change. There were about ten reasons to it. Fear was undoubtedly one of them, but the one that struck me was habit.
It’s not that people don’t WANT to change, or are afraid of changing. They simply couldn’t break their habits. Habits were very difficult to get rid of.
That was it. He was just a habit of mine, nothing more.
Getting over somebody is not the hard part, breaking the habit is. You might not love somebody anymore, you might even loathe them, but when something significant happens, they’re the first person you think of subconsciously. It doesn’t mean that’s where your heart is. It only means that you leaned on them for so long that just for a moment you forgot they’re not here anymore.
Now all that’s left to do is breaking out of the habit, and then there won’t be a trace of him left on me.

PERSONAL DEMONS: A M A R A || Heaven’s Vengeance

“I wasn’t a puppet,” she breathed, unsure of him now.

“No, I suppose you weren’t. You were less than that. You were a blade to be used until broken, and then tossed aside. You were nothing. A sparkling, shiny nothing that kept trying to be something, but nothing all the same.”

Amara belongs to @lux-deorum

I think we are right for each other for not being right for each other. We are going against the current, against the hand of fate. There is not a truer passion, than that ignited by the vagueness of a feeling. A feeling that clamps you by the guts and makes you squirm out of happiness when you’re locked inside your bathroom just smiling like a fool. A cheap led like smile penciled on your mouth sharped and polished brand new. I’m telling you we are meant for each other. For fuck’s sake, I’ve got carnations growing in my ribcage and roses painting my tongue. The sun is brighter and the moon is finally nude. I haven’t slept and my dreams develop with my eyes open. I saw lilies bloom at 2am once when I was drunk, or at least I think I did and it was beautiful. Your perfume lingers on my shirt and it penetrates past my last cigarette smoke and my lungs are filled with uncontrollable laughter, I can’t breathe just thinking about you. I quit drinking coffee ever since I got a taste of you and im drinking chamomile tea now more than ever to keep my ass from jumping off the walls. I’m crazy about you and even if we aren’t meant for each other… Oh what the hell am I saying? We are meant for each other. We have to be.
—  J F. P.

To live when one desires to die:
A skill requiring utmost might

To trace your scars and feel such pain
Yet compel yourself to breathe again

My my! Just what a gift you are
How you eclipse all of the stars

To live requires utmost might
The strength you harness on this night

—  you will get through this I promise, you will get through this I promise, you will get through this I promise // A.S
I can’t wait to be so in fucking love with someone. To be frustrated as hell, to not be able to breathe thinking how deep I have fallen, to feel so excited seeing that person, to feel nauseated and scared of how much it affects me to even just hear his name, his voice, feel his touch… I can’t wait to go through thick and thin, swim the pacific shit, experience pain just for that person. I can’t wait to feel the emotion that holds all the emotions you could possibly feel.
—  luciditythoughts


Some quiet nights

Darkness lit by the scented candlelight

On these lonely sheets

I’d imagine a tall and slender man

Next to me

In his gentle embrace

His chin on my shoulder

His hand locking into mine

Feel his warmth

His rhythm of heartbeat

And breathing

My future love

I wonder who you are

To these details I could imagine

Your countenance remains unknown

My future love

Has life brought us together

And not letting us realise?

Or have we yet destined to meet

My future love

I’m just wondering

If you’d wonder the same

The thing about really listening
to someone speak, and not only
listening but hearing too, is that
they can say nothing but “I need
you, I need you, I need you” over
and over and you can still tell by
the breath in their voice that
they’re saying goodbye. I know
sometimes my words don’t equal
up to the full truth of what I’m
feeling, but after hours of talking
about our friendship I was kind
of hoping you’d hear it anyway.
—  Rebeka Anne, I fell for you