i can't believe we're actually going back

Preference #128: Motorcycles
  • Liam: "Why are you so interested in a bike all of a sudden?" You asked as you trailed behind Liam who seemed to be inspecting every single bike in the show room. "All of the guys seem to be getting them lately and I mean have you seen Andy's? It's so cool!" You just smiled and rolled your eyes as your boyfriend continued to admire all of the bikes. "We have to get this one! It's perfect babe! And we can even go riding with the guys." Your boyfriend was so obsessed with man toys and you could only imagine where this obsession was going to take you.
  • Zayn: "Zayn, I really don't think that this is a good idea." You said as you walked next to Zayn as he was looking at all of the different bikes. "Why not love?" "Because god forbid, what if something happens to you?" "Love, have I ever told you that you worry too much?" You shook your head and Zayn chuckled. "Let's take one out for a test drive and I'll show you that nothing bad can happen." "I don't know Zayn...." "Love trust me. Nothing bad is going to happen." After a few seconds of Zayn smiling at you, you gave in. "Fine Zayn. But we are only going around the block." Zayn just chuckled at you as he grabbed a few helmets and walked over to get a bike.
  • Niall: "What do you think babe?" Niall asked as he took off the helmet and smiled at you as you took in the scene of your hot boyfriend straddling a brand new bike. "I can't believe you are actually doing this." You said as you walked over to him. Niall just laughed as he handed the helmet over to you and nodded his head for you to get on the back. "Come on babe, you'll love it." "Ok ok ok." You said as you placed the huge helmet on your head and got onto the back of the bike. "Hold on tight babe we're going on an adventure."
  • Louis: Louis came to a sad realization when trying out bikes that he was too short for most of them. As he would stand up and straddle the bike, he often found that only his toes could touch the ground. So your boyfriend ended up being in the bike shop for most of the afternoon designing a custom bike for himself and he made sure to include the doncaster rovers in the design. As you left, it was all that he could talk about and he became obsessed with buying the two of you helmets and clothing for riding. You couldn't help but giggle at how cute he was but you also didn't want to think about how crazy bikes were making all of the boys.
  • Harry: Harry was the last person on earth who you would think that would by a motorcycle. You couldn't believe your eyes once your boyfriend rolled up to your house on his brand new bike with his gold glittered helmet sparkling in the sun. Harry took off the helmet as you approached him and you found yourself going weak at the knees. "Is the gold helmet a bit too much?" Harry asked with a serious face and you found it hard to contain a giggle before leaning in and giving Harry a kiss. You felt Harry smile against your lips and once you pulled away, you saw another helmet sitting on the back of the bike. "Would you like to take a ride with me?" "Of course." As you were strapping on the helmet, Harry asked, "Where would you like to go?" "To the end of the world with you."