i can't believe we have to go over this again

Taking the Fandom Back

Alright kids, I’m the mother now, I have decided to start driving the bus on the SU fandom: we’re going to be loving, and compassionate and embody the idea that enemies are just friends we haven’t made yet.

I’m making everyone PB & J sandwiches. Who’s with me?

Let’s take the fandom back.

  • Sony: (has done the Spider-Man origin story, TWICE)
  • Kevin Feige: (paraphrasing) We're not going over the origin story for Spider-Man this time round. I think the general public is VERY familiar with his origin story.
  • Ant-Man: (establishes Spider-Man as existing and active as a hero; paraphrasing: "We got a guy who swings, a guy who jumps, a guy who crawls up walls")
  • Captain America Civil War: (will have Spider-Man already active as a hero)
  • Somebody: UUUUUUUUGGGGHHH, I can't believe we're going to see the Spider-Man origin story fucking AGAIN.

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Best thing about this is that they were LITERALLY saving the best for last. IT’S THE RINHARU SIDE A JACKET ALL OVER AGAIN AND WE KNOW HOW THAT TURNED OUT. In fact this is even better because it’s so grand that they WAITED TO HAVE AN AUDIENCE TO ANNOUNCE IT.



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Can't believe Blue is turning 3 in in wednesday. Crazy how time flies. We've seen her grow up. Such a sweet little girl. :') what do you think they're going to do for her birthday?? :)


Starting at the VMAs. It literally seems like just yesterday we were all crying over the reveal:




Crying over the album and crying over the “Blue” video:


Back at the VMAs and we are once again crying:

This family.

I have no idea what they’re planning because they could be planning anything but I know that whatever they do is gonna be special and completely adorable :’)

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I saw you co-sign a meta about Bellamy & Clarke where it mentioned that they didn't think Clarke was attracted to Bellamy? I went and read it and agree with most of the meta but don't tell me you think C isn't physically attracted to B! How many times do we see this girl look down at his lips? 😂Either it's intentional or Eliza just can't help herself. I mean yeah neither of them on the show have acted/allowed themselves to think about that attraction but that doesn't mean it's not there...

Okay, people, we’re all going to be splitting hairs about who loves whom first and when until Bellarke textualize their romantic love for one another, so I’m not big on arguing about this topic. Now, I don’t like repeating myself, but I will do it one more time and then send this link to anyone that wants to know my stance on Bellarke being “in love”. Personally, I don’t care if she is in love with or isn’t in love with him right now (and frankly we don’t have 100% textual proof that she is “in love” with him, so no one can actually say “oh, yeah, Clarke is 100% in love with Bellamy Blake.” We just can’t. Same with Bellamy too) … BUT either way, they will be endgame.

Now, what I think the post you mentioned does a good job showing is how Bellamy’s feelings seem a lot more on-the-surface than Clarke’s this season (season 3), and I think they are right. I think Bellamy fell in love with Clarke this season, and I mean really fell in love. Season 1 was the start of an attraction and adoration for Clarke, which he suppressed after 1x11 and his one night stand with Raven. Now, that boy is in love. I’m certain of it.

Clarke’s feelings were NOT as obvious this season. They just weren’t. Sorry. Now, I actually think there is enough proof to show that Clarke’s feelings for Bellamy were more on-the-surface for Bellamy in season 2 (I think they switched places a bit there), and I DO think she had begun to fall for him in season 2 … but not completely (keep that in mind), and I think those feelings were suppressed until 3x15, I believe. I think she needed that scene of “Start with Bellamy Blake” to push her to remember those feelings for her final battle with ALIE in 3x16. HOWEVER, I still do NOT believe that she is aware that she is “in love” with him. I don’t think she knows WHAT she feels for him because it’s unlike anything she felt before. The fact that I don’t think she knows how to define her love for Bellamy makes me happy. I think that’s our journey for next season.

As for moments of attraction, yes, Clarke had her flirty flirt on with Bellamy in “Unity Day,” but those were lost too because there was frankly too much shit going down then as well. But, yes, Clarke is physically attracted to Bellamy, but I think her feelings surpassed attraction at this point. She almost loves him too much to flirt with him anymore, and that’s what INTJ females do, by the way. We don’t really flirt with people we are deeply in love with. Flirting is shallow to us, so I am happy that she doesn’t flirt with Bellamy … instead she initiates physical intimacy with him. THAT is a clear indication of how much she loves Bellamy. We INTJs HATE being touched, except by the people we deeply love.

So there. There is my stance. What we have right now is a Bellamy Blake that is in love with Clarke (and I think aware of it too), and a Clarke that began to fall in love with Bellamy Blake but has suppressed them up to 3x15. She, I believe, will now fall fully head-over-heels next season.

Now, I don’t have 100% textual proof of this accept for what the actors portray on TV, BUT I think we’ll begin to understand what is going on in their heads next season … then we can see who was right and who was wrong about when and where. Right now, I am fine with whatever because, again, they are it either way.

  • Harry: I can't believe you just walked out.
  • Louis: Harry, we've been over this. I didn't-
  • Harry: You were so scared of your own feelings and you just avoided me. Screened my calls. How could you do that to me? I thought we were in love!
  • Louis: Give me that fucking phone now so I can set it alight.
  • Harry: You're avoiding the issue again! Just like you did when Niall asked you-
  • Louis: Harry...baby. I love you. But if I have to have ONE more conversation about what my fictional self did to break your heart, I'm going to break your dick. Either that or never sit on it again.
  • Harry: You're right, that's not what I want.
  • Louis: Good.
  • Harry: And I forgive you in advance. You just don't realise how much you love me. I'm sure in the next chap-
  • Louis: THAT'S IT. My bum is a no go zone for the next 24 hours. Keep your delusional penis away from it at all times.
  • Harry: But-
  • Louis: Oh and FYI, I've read that one and maybe I wouldn't have run if you'd just gotten your shit together and told me how you felt from the get go. Tosser.