i can't believe this is the end i refuse to believe!!

so uh, i’m having an emotional crisis since voltron ended and i just?? want more??? i haven’t pined for a series like this in so long ahahaha

so now have that blade-of-marmora!galra!keith + altean!lance au that nobody probably wants feat. eventual mutual pining

Inspired by this art of rachelhuey (thank u for letting me running away with your ideas!!!)

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captainhouliouniverse  asked:

I had a question regarding the mixtape. When I saw the scene my brain didn't go to the Dean MADE Cas a mixtape scenerio. It went to Dean GAVE Cas one of his mixtapes. And I can't decide if the latter holds the same value. I saw it as it was a tape that Dean made for himself many many years ago, and it has been in the Impala with him on every adventure, and through everything, and its part of him. I wondered what your thoughts were on that secenerio and if it still holds the same weight?

Hi! Since the show does not explicitly tell us which it is, we can only speculate. I’m personally really on the fence about it, because honestly if he actually painstakingly made a mixtape for Cas…I mean it just boggles my mind. I just can’t believe how overtly romantic a gesture that is. I want to believe, sure, but at the same time I’m so used to SPN keeping us on our toes, keeping everything between Cas and Dean juuuuuuust enough in the subtext so that we can’t truly point at any moment and have everyone agree that it’s romantic (I mean, there have been plenty of romantic moments, but a casual viewer won’t be convinced because they are (or in Cas’s case his body is male at least)  two dudes *shrugs*).

But if Dean made this mixtape from scratch just for Cas? And wrote tracks as tra xx? Yeah I have no idea how you can explain the gay away there.

But I guess that’s partly the reason why they left the origin of the tape vague. They could’ve had Dean say “I made it for you - it’s a gift. You keep those” and we would’ve 100% known for sure. But they didn’t so we can only guess.

That being said, if this is actually a tape that Dean had made ages ago for himself, that still doesn’t diminish the romantic and deeply personal nature of the gesture. As @mittensmorgul points out in this post:

And someone like Dean who has a shoebox full of his favorite tapes in the car, and who has lived on the road most of his life, would get that. Those tapes are HIS ENTIRE LIFE.

Can you see the symbolic weight of him just ~giving~ one of those to Cas?

Like some metaphorical piece of himself?

Because that’s the narrative weight that tape carried. No matter how you try to explain it away, there’s no reading of the symbolism of that tape that isn’t coded romantic. Period.

I agree 100% with this :) Therefore it kinda doesn’t even matter all that much which one of the two scenario’s it is. End result is the same.

Dean gave his heart to Cas. And refused to take it back.

This fic has been on my chest for days and I’m so glad that it’s finally done!

Anyway, this is based on @kaxpha‘s lost lance au and I was so excited to write this, the au has taken over my life no kidding. It also has a second part and you can find it here on @bleusarcelle‘s blog.

I’m very proud of how this came out(for now at least) :’)

I hope you’ll like it! <3

Keith hears the moment when Shiro takes in a shaky breath as the two of them and the rest of the guests watch Allura walks down the aisle. She stands tall and proud, a big smile on her face but when she meets Keith’s eyes for a few moments, he can see the storm of emotions that they hide.

He gives her an encouraging smile before her eyes move on to Shiro. The moments their gazes lock it’s like something shifts in the room: the mood, the quiet, the air. Keith isn’t sure what changes, but it feels like a relieved sigh. It feels like Allura is saying you’re here, like Shiro is agreeing iIm here, it feels like both of them are realizing we’re here and this is happening and i’ve never been more happy before.

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Among The Beasts: Freedom

Reader x Kol Mikaelson


synopsis: Klaus’ attempts to live up to his promise to you lead him to dark paths, but, in the end, he manages to lift the curse up, waking you up. 

A/N: I don’t know if I made it clear, but the Mikaelsons are quite fond to the reader. She is friends with all of them, but has a deeper conection with Kol. :)

Word Count: 2525

Part 1 - Part 2

“This is funny”, Klaus thought, a while later, as he stood in front of his mother’s lifeless body, holding her heart on his right hand. It was indeed amusing, because all of Esther’s worries revolved around what he would become if he possessed his Hybrid powers. What kind of evil the blond would turn out to be. Yet, she did not considered the fact she was the one to blame. She made him. She sentenced a poor boy to a painful childhood just to hide her mistake.

A bitter chuckle left his lips. Yes, killing her was an act of mercy, for the witch deserved way more than a quick death.

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anonymous asked:

Hey! Its old news but what do u think of the fact that jm stated that jk used to him? In my country guys have a totally different kind of behavior so I can't compare but it can be seen 3 ways, either jk bullied jm (which I don't believe) or it was part of his teasing like sometimes guys yank girls ponytails at school coz they like them. In my country it could be a guy trying to assert dominace in a group of friend to show who's the boss but with the hierachy in korean culture idk if that happens

jm stated that jk used to him?      

Sorry, Anon, but I’m not very clear about your question. Are you talking about this?

jk bullied jm (which I don’t believe) or it was part of his teasing like sometimes guys yank girls ponytails at school coz they like them

About JK “bullying” JM, I insist readers emphasize on the highlighted portion of the image above. Jimin has made it clear that he lets JK treat him the way he does and likes it too. 

Bullying… not really.


In my country it could be a guy trying to assert dominace in a group of friend to show who’s the boss 

Please refer to Sajeon-nim’s posts about speech pattern in South Korea which may enlighten you to some extent about the social hierarchy there. 

Why would JK want to assert his dominance? He’s the youngest member in a group of seven. He’s cherished by his hyungs who love to take care of him and call him the “Golden Maknae”. JK can’t be a boss in a team where each member is just as important as the other. I don’t know how anybody gets that idea that JK wants to be a boss and dominate over his hyungs. Seriously, what????  

JK said this once: Hyungs gave me the nickname “Golden Maknae” I think I misbehave a lot because we’re all really close.

The reason why JK treated JM the way he did, i.e., pushing him around could be because he considers Jimin as his equal. That they are close enough to disregard the social hierarchy and take the freedom to do whatever they want with each other.

JK has come a long way: from not knowing how to react to Jimin’s constant attention and affection to embracing his feelings about his hyung (whatever they may be, adoration, respect, love…). During the phase where, supposedly, he refused Jimin was the time when he was a teen, unsure about himself and the people around him. It’s no mystery to any of us how our adolescence is a very confusing period in our lives where we have so many questions and so few reliable sources to seek answers from. Jungkook was no different. So his behavior can be attributed to simply the fact that he was just a boy trying to figure out the world.

As far as Jimin is concerned, he has changed a lot over the years, too. No wonder. We all do. But even during the days when he let JK walk all over him, it was totally his choice. Had he hated JK’s behavior towards him, he would’ve stopped him for sure. On numerous accounts, members have revealed that Jimin’s the scariest when he’s angry. No matter how docile, cute, and delicate Jimin may appear, he knows how to handle himself. Being cute =/= weak. 


Jungkook didn’t bully Jimin. He doesn’t need to assert his dominance and be the boss. He’s a respectful lad who knows his boundaries and loves his Jiminnie-hyung to the moons and skies and everything beyond we can ever imagine. ♥


P.S. If it isn’t too much trouble, please don’t miss out on keywords in your asks. I might end up misunderstanding your questions and waste your time on an answer you never asked for.

What annoys me so much about Damon fans is that they excuse his abusive behaviour because “it’s a show about vampires, it’s not supposed to be realistic blah blah blah”. I wouldn’t care if it was a show about people with three heads who walked on their hands. Abusive behaviour is abusive behaviour and it should never be excused.

Damon is a man who tells a woman that she cannot make her own decisions, he is a man that rapes women, he is a man that takes away their free will, he is a man who threatens physical violence on women, he is a man who harasses women, he is a man who harasses women while they are in a happy and loving relationship with someone else, he is a man who threatens/harms the supposed “love of his life’s” loved ones, he is a man who blames his significant other and others for his actions and refuses to take responsibility for his actions. He is also a man who believes that all of his horrible abuse is the result of a woman not returning his feelings.


It’s abuse, doesn’t matter if they are fictional characters in a show about vampires. It doesn’t matter how fictional the show is. There are people out there who believe that a man like Damon is the perfect man and that is scary, and I pray that these people never ever fall into a toxic and abusive relationship with a man, or woman, like this.

I cannot believe Julie and Kevin showed people all over the world that this abusive asshole is someone who deserved to get a happy ending without any consequences for his actions. I cannot believe that Julie, a woman who is so against Donald Trump, allowed Damon Salvatore, an abusive man, to never once be held accountable for his actions.

I am so over abusive being romanticised, I’m so sick of seeing healthy relationships on tv destroyed.

Shoutouts to people who like winter and cold weather.

  • Because it’s tiresome being stared at like you grew an extra head when you say as much
  • Because countless people can say “I’m so glad spring is right around the corner!” and be praised with endless agreement, but I’m asked what’s wrong with me if I express the same thing about winter
  • Because the maintenance guy came in to fix something in my apartment, took one look at my thermostat, and wouldn’t believe me when I said there’s nothing wrong with my heater because it’s 65°F in my apartment and I’m happy 
  • Because if there’s a disagreement over the temperature, the person who likes the cold will always be outvoted 5 to 1
  • Because summer and the warmer days of autumn are mourned for their passing but winter’s end is celebrated
  • Because our endless discomfort in the summer is overlooked and brushed off because why wouldn’t we love this hot weather
  • Because winter is never long enough, summer is always too long, and no one will agree with you
Leliana's Development & Why It Is Natural (DA:I spoilers)

Alright, fandom, we need to get square on the character development of Leliana, because an astounding amount seem shocked at how she is presented in Inquisition, when in fact hers is one of the most genuien and smoothest transformations I have seen in any character.

Now the most common reactions I see to Sister Nightingale are;

  • “What happened to Leliana?! She was so sweet and innocent!”
  • “That’s the real Leliana! Badass and ruthless, she was just acting before!”

So neither of these are entirely wrong, but neither do her character justice.

I feel like I have to begin from scratch, meaning Leliana’s Song and up Inquisition for this to be conveyed understandably. So head’s up for spoilers on both (and Origins).

First and foremost; what we see in Leliana’s Song is the start. She is not innocent from the start (, in fact she’s never truly that)What you see in Origins is a result of everything that happened in Leliana’s Song, which although released after Origins was already a part of her character through an edited version of the events told by Leliana herself.

The ‘everything’ is important here, because Leliana’s lessons from LS was not only that the Grand Game is dangerous and hurts people (which notably was something she had carelessly ignored because she had fun tricking and killing people) and that Andraste will guide her. The probably most defining change in her character is from when she trusts Marjolaine to remove the incriminating documents that would pin them both as traitors to Orlais and potentially start a war, to Marjolaine instead stabbing her in the guts and leaving her and her friends to take the blame and (unecessary and excessive) punishment.
Leliana has lived a careless life of adopted nobility most of her life up until now, and when the Game suddenly isn’t as fun as its name makes it out to be Leliana is shocked. She now realises she had been blindly trusting,putting not only her own life but also her friends’ lives and the stability of two nations in danger. The fact that this realisation shakes her is what splits her and Marjolaine apart in personalities. (In the last paragraph you will see how she learnt from this and does not trust blindly in even the Chantry’s teachings.)

Now after Dorothea gives Leliana the key to escape (which in Inquisition Leliana phrases something like 'she showed me that I could save myself’) we see a beaten and apathic Leliana. She’s lost, she doesn’t have a purpose, she doesn’t even want vengeance on Marjolaine because she doesn’t know who she is anymore. A recurring theme for Leliana is doubting her identity. When she was young she sought fun and danger, now she feels guilty for ever having wanted that because the idols she had were people like Marjolaine who are ultimately egoistic and unsympathetic.

Leliana stubbornly refuses any similarities with Marjolaine, and leaves her for the new guidance of the Chantry. When Leliana is lost she goes from one guide to another, to reveal but not create her core. This is later seen as the Warden and Inquisitor can influence how she acts upon her morals.
Back on topic, however; Leliana refuses Marjolaine’s comparison of them because they do not share the same purpose. Leliana’s Song concludes with Leliana reflecting how her finding purpose is the heart of her story. She has found what she truly wants to dedicate her life to – the greater good, not the Game’s egoistic agenda, showing a great divide between Leliana and Marjolaine’s otherwise similar characters.

(A fun addition to this is the psychologist Søren Kirkegaard’s interpretation of mental development, in which a human goes from being satisfied by a life of aesthetics to a life dedicated to (religious) purpose and service.)

She now spends the next five years being taught how to be idealistically good. Desperately, we see her cling to this ideal way to be when she joins the Warden. She acts overwhelmingly innocent despite her natural contradictions because she needs to convince both those around her and herself that she canBut what gives her away is when her grey morals show, as in a few out of many examples here;

  • She happily accepts Zevran, an assassin of an organisation with legendary loose morals (to put it mildly) and deadly efficiency, in joining their quest as he will be a tool to help the greater good.
  • In conversation with Alistair, we also hear her saying that she does not fully regret leaving the people in Lothering to die at the hands of darkspawn as their effort overall will be worth more than she could do there.

Both in Origins and Inquisition we see her willing to be merciless if it benefits a greater cause. This is also why I believe that some/most of her positive attitude in Origins is genuine; she is happy that she can lead a life of both elements of what has defined her so far, and she belives she is utilizing that for everyone’s best. Leliana has both idealistic and pragmatic sides to her. (This is likely why your Warden will get negative reaction from her when they can be helpful, and why she didn’t react as strongly to choices in Redcliffe as Alistair did among other reasons).

What Origins and Inquisition does, however, is show the doubt even now (yes, with a ten years gap and further adjustment of her character to the dark side of good). As stated earlier we are able to guide Leliana in both games because she lives a life of such conflicting morals, and the fact that this is believable is what makes her a well-written and strong character. The fact that she is doubting herself is why the Warden and Inquisitor can influence her – and fear not, dear gamers! Both unhardening and hardening Leliana is true to her character;

  • Hardening Leliana makes her embrace her more morally grey side, that she can act bad on behalf of good and that does not automatically make her an evil person. Hardening her does not rob her of her faith in the Maker and that she is doing His work.
  • Unhardening Leliana as well makes her content that she is doing what she does for others’ sake, that the Maker approves, convincing her that she is therefore not like Marjolaine (in Origins, in Inquisition this doesn’t bother her because she has matured). Unhardening her does not rob her of her willingness to kill and cheat.

Either path shows that ultimately, Leliana does not only believe in the Maker no matter what but also in herself, which convictions are now so intertwined it is hard to say where one begins and the other ends.

This is why she does not hesitate to become the Left Hand of the Divine, knowing what shady work it entails but also that she is doing it for the people of Thedas.

This is why she is shaken seemingly out of her faith after the Conclave, but bounces back soon after.

This is why, when she realises her socially-imposed ignorance towards the oppression of elves and mages, that she takes a stand for them because she believes without being told so that it is right.

This is why her goal as Divine, no matter what, will be for the betterment of the oppressed and the inclusion of the excluded.

Even in Origins you hear her contradicting the Chantry with her own interpretations of what is important, and as Left Hand and Divine she continues on this path by working towards conversion. No matter what paths she takes, she stays true to herself.

Leliana’s strength lies in her faith and doubt in herself, in others, in the Maker and everything. With both factors the writer has made a balanced, believable and still surprising character, who can genuinely be both merciful and merciless.

“Sometimes it takes another to show us the truths we hide from ourselves.”
                                  - Leliana, Dragon Age: Origins.

lightdusk  asked:

Speaking of Raven's insecurities and BB's acceptance of them, I can't help but think Raven would be a very different person if she wasn't forced to live a life of restraint and fear of her own self And that Beast Boy is looking inside her to find that person and being her out for all to see, so that she can finally get the love she's been denied.


Like, this poor girl, she was always led to believe that no matter how good she strived to be, she’d be the end of the world and everything she knew. She was raised never really knowing love as she was treated with contempt at best. Arella loved her in her own way, but also kept her distance. 

I truly believe it’s why Raven keeps everyone at arm’s length; she doesn’t want them to get too close and vice versa. She’d terrified of hurting them and of disappointing them. She’s terrified of feeling that love, and what it might do, especially when she’s been told her story only ends one way.

Beast Boy, that beautiful smol green bean, he doesn’t see her in this light. As a matter of fact, he adamantly refuses to see her in this way. He sees the good and the kindness, and to him, that’s what shines most. Throughout her whole arc, he hardly bats an eyelash to what she becomes; he’s all smiles and hope and optimism, even when everything is dire and falling apart. Raven NEEDS that. She needs someone to point out the good because she’s a negative Nancy. It’s not about being opposites or whatever. It’s about what they both bring to the table and how it benefits their personal growth.

He doesn’t care about her heritage or what her purpose is; he just wants her to be happy and to know she’s loved among friends. (End of the world? More like Raven’s birthday party!) Sure, sometimes he goes about it the wrong way, but his intentions are always in the right place; he just wants her to feel included and not neglected, like she was most of her life. I imagine he’s quite familiar with that brand of lonliness because of being different, so he’d never wish it on anyone. By the end, I truly believe he helps her grow and develop as a character.

The way these two better one another and compliment each other is just…it’s one of the many reasons they’re my OTP. 

anonymous asked:

What if muffet!rhys was created purposely for jack as his mate, to give birth to his children? This is why rhys is so attractive to him And rhys knows about it but can't believe that jack would be interested in him

Oh hell. I can’t believe I neglected this prompt… XD IT’S SUCH A CUTE PROMPT.
Again, I deeply apologize for this huuuuuge wait. I love all of you Anons and really would love to here more from everyone. It’s fun to just pop in and toss in a random drabble.

But hearing from the Anons is what keeps me ROLLING! So keep it coming!

Here’s another of ze Spider Jack, y'all! Hope you like this one too @jennpy !

The slender Miss Muffet type sat across from his apparent mate-to-be on a lush green hill under a gentle spring sky. He hadn’t anticipated a forced ‘date’ so soon, but here he was… directly in front of the Handsome Spider himself. He shakily grabbed his silver orbed 'smoothie’ while debating if it was all right for him to eat or not.

He wasn’t fat by any means… but would eating make him look fat? Rhys despaired at the thought before chancing another glance at the tan skinned arachnid for a guiding reaction. Unfortunately, Jack seemed… bored.

“Not hungry?” inquired the banana spider - not having eaten either.

Rhys averted his gaze back to the grass between them as it rustled back and forth with the flowing breeze while setting down his snack. His stomach was bound to gurgle for food but he refused to risk a bad impression. Jack was so… perfect. And that was exactly why he felt this sudden pairing between them to be so ridiculous. He was no where close to Jack’s power, skill, or even intellect.

“N-Not really,” Rhys lied with a slight sulk.

Then again, as he thought a little harder on it, no hybrid really was up to par to the level of Jack.

The two remained in a short silence. Both trying to figure out what to say to the other without sounding stupid or lame.

Jack was having a far more difficult time as he all he wanted to do was to pounce the long legged dame as nature should have intended. Though he could already hear him mother scolding him for treating his date 'like a piece of meat.’ Not that he thought of the well limbed Rhys in that way at all. No, then he’d be eating the other spider.

Then again… Jack secretly eyed the other’s behind with a great swell of excitement. Dozens of lewd images crossed his mind, causing the larger hybrid to lick at his fangs rather suggestively… right as Rhys turned back to look at him. Jack’s tongue stopped mid-motion as he darted his eyes left and right, ensuring he was indeed in reality, before retracting the tongue all together with a laugh.

“Like what you see?” he asked casually though his heart was pounding a mile a minute.

Jack was sure he was about to get shot down by the impossibly gorgeous hybrid up until he caught the other’s face turn red.

“I-I… I didn’t mind it,” Rhys admitted openly while mentally kicking himself for sounding 'easy.’

His negative thoughts were short-lived, however, as the Handsome Spider dipped down with an impatient halflidded gaze coupled with a lustful growl.

“Would you like to test how it feels? You know… take me out for a bit of uh… test drive. Who knows what these scientist idiots really know. And besides… I’m pretty sure you might just have the time of your life, cupcake.”

Jack outstretched a claw for his potential mate to take, smirking as the Miss Muffet type did so without so much as a second thought.


And then ALL ze babies. All of them. I can’t imagine how that would go down… Jack and Rhys with like a hundred kids? XD Oh. My. God. Jack would use them to overtake Pandora once they were old enough.


When a wizard is born, everything is in black and white. When they make eye contact with their soulmates, the world gets color.

Drarry AU: When he grew up with the Dursley’s, Harry assumed that he was genetically colorblind. It was a pain in the arse, but it was manageable. He had never known any different.

Of course, when Hagrid shows up, his whole world is turned upside down. Magic and owls and broomsticks and soulmates? How did he get into this mess? 

And a month later he is on the way to Hogwarts boarding the train with Ron Weasley, smiling and joking, when Hermione Granger walks into their compartment and walks out as the room train colors before them. Ron was quite understandably offended. “Honestly Harry, I’m not bad looking! I mean the freckles are a bit off-putting but- that was just rude!”

When inside Hogwarts Harry meets Draco Malfoy, who is the most vivid anything Harry’s ever seen. White-blonde hair and smirking features all carved out. It takes him a moment to get over the shock of meeting his soulmate and then Malfoy not mentioning it. And then to add insult to injury, he’s a total arsehole. Harry thinks that there must’ve been a mistake. Malfoy can’t be his soulmate. He’s cruel and insulting. Obviously, he didn’t even recognize Harry!

In his Second Year, when they are masquerading as Crabbe and Goyle, Harry figures out why. Malfoy is actually genetically colorblindHe has no idea that Harry is his soulmate. He never will if Harry doesn’t tell him (which seems to be his best option.)

In Fourth Year, he asks Professor Sprout if his roots are supposed to be purple or dark red. She answers without hesitation, but everyone else in the class turns around to him and stares. Harry realizes his mistake and blushes visibly. He has no idea how to explain how no one knows who his soulmate is.

He hastily explains that they’re trying to keep it quiet until the tournament is over, which leads everyone to believe it’s a girl from one of the two opposing schools. He is off the hook until he lets it slip that his soulmate is a he. Everyone is then wondering which one of the boys it is, and Harry gets teased mercilessly from Malfoy. 

In sixth year, Harry knows something is up with Malfoy. He can feel it. He tries breaking into the Room of Requirement countless times to find out what Malfoy is doing in there with no avail. Malfoy looks tired and stressed constantly, and Harry wanted to hug him and tell him everything would be all right.

Right after Christmas break, Parkinson stands up in the middle of the Great Hall waving her arms wildly and whistling, demanding everyone’s attention. She claims that she has waited six long years to tell everyone, but she is actually Malfoy’s soulmate. She explains his genetic colorblindness, that Goyle told her about yesterday, and says that she never knew the right time to tell him but here we are! Malfoy looks up, entirely shocked. He scans the Great Hall, full of confused onlookers and storms out. Harry knows how it looks, but he follows him straight to the Girls’s Lavatory. Harry can’t believe she’d sink so low as to lie to him. He has to set the record straight.

Harry tells him in a whisper, but the look on his face says that he most definitely heard. Draco stalks over to Harry, asks why are you doing this, please, are you lying to me?

Harry shakes his head and laughs bitterly, “Honestly, why would I make that up?”

Draco laughs back, “God, it seems like the world is playing a sick joke on me this year. I knew I felt different after meeting you, but I just passed it off as hatred.”

They must spend hours, talking in the bathroom, but once Draco leaves, it’s the last he speaks to him. At the end of the year, Draco attempts to kill Dumbledore. Harry knows he won’t go through with it, but it hurts. The boy who he loves trying to kill a sort-of father figure for him. It’s a different kind of pain than Harry has experienced.  A burning flame of betrayal and heartbreak.

Draco doesn’t identify him in the next year, barely puts up a fight for his wand to be taken, looks at Harry guiltily. Harry knows that Draco feels the same way he does. He sees it all over his face.

The Battle of Hogwarts and with their confrontation in the Room of Requirement laying heavy on Harry’s mind, he thinks it’s going to be okay, The way the Malfoys refused to fight for Voldemort, the way Draco couldn’t even manage to say he didn’t love Harry, the look in Draco’s eyes once he realized that Harry was alive, Harry knows it’s going to be okay.

anonymous asked:

Part 1- As someone who doesn't like Bakugou, I disagree a bit with your post regarding people thinking he can't be interesting or grow as a character. I recognize both those things and that he is to a point in his character growth/development that he could actually be a legit friend to Kirishima and maybe Kaminari (as of recent chapters) However, my problem is that he's never made up for the horrible things he did to Deku in the past (character wise or plot wise)

P2-Usually characters like him are intro’d as villains (Baku lowkey was early on & we see from Endeavour- heroes can be bad people) Arcwise, villains usually hit rock bottom before they get into their char. growth arcs. Vegeta from DBZ was similarly cruel/arrogant & we saw him cry, beg, & be broken before he turned “good guy”. Metawise, this “plot karma” suffering shows fans a character has paid for his past deeds and earned redemption. Baku never paid for his cruelty & his redemp. is unearned.


i highly disagree with this

i agree that Bakugou still hasn’t owned up to all the things he’s done to Izuku. 

however, Bakugou is still early in his development. the series is only 100 chapters long, which, for a shonen, is very short. we just recently got a lot of development for Bakugou that moved him from ‘angry guy’ to ‘angry guy who’s slowly becoming a nicer person.’

i firmly believe that Bakugou will apologize to Izuku for what he did. either that, or he’ll make up for it in some way. i trust Horikoshi’s writing. however, i don’t think it’ll happen any time soon. Bakugou has grown leaps and bounds, but he’s just not ready to take that sort of step yet. he can barely say thank you as it is. he can only show kindness through anger and yelling.

right now, he’s still just a stubborn, 15-year-old kid, who has a lot of personal issues to work out. he, as well as the other students, are all actually portrayed realistically as young kids, which is somewhat rare in shonen manga.

as he is now, Bakugou’s not ready to own up to what he did yet. he’s incredibly insecure, and has a lot of conflicting emotions, especially when it comes to Izuku.

the story is working up to that moment to when Bakugou makes up for his treatment of Izuku. it has to be earned. you can’t just push that moment in the early part of the series, because it would feel forced and out of character. we have to follow Bakugou’s growth until he finally reaches that point where the audience CAN truly believe that he would do this. 

right now, he’s just not ready to do that. he’s still working out a lot of things, and several plot bombshells have been dropped on him. he’s a smart and tough kid, but he’s still, in the end, just a kid. he’s still got a lot of growing.

that moment where Bakugou apologizes for what he’s done will be a major turning point in the series. it’ll be the moment where Bakugou can finally be on equal terms with Izuku without any hostility or frustration, either at Izuku or at himself. it’ll be the moment where Bakugou finally owns up to what he’s done, and he’ll bare himself to Izuku in a display of utter sincerity. 

Bakugou is incredibly insecure, which is why he pushes himself so much. he’s not ready to do something as big as this yet, but i am 100% sure that the story is leading up to it. that’s why his story holds just as much importance to the plot as Izuku’s, b/c his friendship/relationship with Izuku is going to lead to major things down the line.

again, it can’t just come out of no where. something this important can’t be forced onto the character. it has to be earned, through character development and plot development. the Bakugou of chapter 1 would never even consider apologizing for his actions. but the Bakugou of the recent chapters, however, is far more likely to do so. 

the Bakugou of chapter 1 angrily refused to thank Izuku for saving him, outright denying it, his voice and expression full of hate and vitriol. 

the Bakugou of chapter 96 quietly thanked All Might for saving him, after very calmly saying that All Might didn’t have to answer his questions about Izuku if he didn’t want to.

Bakugou has to become that person who would own up to his past actions. he’s getting there, but he’s still early in that development.

something that important can’t be forced or rushed. Bakugou has to grow and learn and be secure enough in himself to take that step forward, and right now he’s just not ready yet

anonymous asked:

What would you say are the biggest changes to Luffy's character post-ts? I've been trying to put it into words but I can't put my finger on anything.

I don’t think that Luffy’s character has changed very much between pre- and post-time skip. There are some little things that I think are different, which I’ve written about in place like here and here (as of now the anime hasn’t gotten to those scenes yet FYI). But on the whole I don’t think his character has changed very noticeably. 

In fact, over the course of the entire series, Luffy’s character has been highly consistent. Luffy is certainly a very multi-faceted character with a wonderful amount of depth to him, but he hasn’t really changed/developed that much between when he set out to sea at the start of the series and now. Most of the character exploration that Luffy has gotten during the series involves his reactions to different kinds of stressful situations. Some of the main ones include:

None of these things really changed Luffy. Not in the long-term at least. Ace’s death was probably the most traumatic experience of Luffy’s life, and it seriously shook him. One of the many scenes that reflects that was Luffy’s cry of “I’m no Pirate King! I’m still… so weak!” Luffy has always been insistent that he’s going to be the one to be the Pirate King, and he’ll fight anyone on a moments notice if they challenge him on that front. It doesn’t matter if you’re a veteran pirate with a bounty triple what Luffy’s is with a far superior Devil Fruit who already kicked Luffy’s ass on another occasion or whatever–Luffy’s confidence in himself and his ability to achieve his goals has always been unshakable. But after Marineford, after Ace died protecting Luffy from an enemy neither of them could stand up against, Luffy recognized just how far away he really was from his dream, and was filled with pain and regret over Ace’s loss, and denounced his earlier confidence in himself.
However, it didn’t stick. Shortly after the time skip, Luffy announced his goal of becoming Pirate King to Rayleigh, signifying that he has regained his confidence and belief in himself. All this certainly was a hell of an experience for Luffy to have gone through, and it explored his character and fleshed him out, but it didn’t change him.

Many shonen stories are about their protagonist changing. Changing for the better to become something more, as a person, than what they started as. A lonely child with no family or friends, growing up through many difficult battles and becoming beloved by his whole village. A kid who starts out powerless in a society full of people with powers, finding out that he too can become a hero. A meek boy who suddenly finds himself thrust into a position of great responsibility that he never asked for slowly growing more and more confident with himself as he overcomes the struggles he is forced to face. Lots and lots of stories in this genera have this kind of underlying theme, explored in a variety of different ways.

But I think One Piece is a little different. One Piece doesn’t really seem to be about Luffy growing, changing, learning new lessons and improving who he is as a person. If anything, One Piece is about a person who is already fine as he is–about a person whose great confidence in himself, his absolute faith in his friends, and his unyielding determination, are the keys he needs to achieve his dreams, and keys that he already holds. Luffy can be pretty darn stupid, impulsive, selfish, gullible, and silly. But none of things are presented as things that he needs to “grow out of.” Of course, Luffy still learns lessons from time to time. He still experiences grave losses that he needs to overcome. And of course, he’s grown tremendously in strength. However, the fundamental parts of his character like his confidence, the ease with which he makes friends, his ability to inspire the people around him, and his conviction have been with him ever since he set out on that tiny little boat from Foosha Village without a single crew mate or a single beli to his name. Just look at what was going on at the very, very start of the series

And at the Baratie, Sanji started off as a character who believed that it was stupid to follow your dreams if it meant risking your life 

But Luffy demonstrated to Sanji, with a bit of explanatory help from Zeff, that confidence and resolve can be even more powerful than an entire fleet and a massive array of shiny weapons: 

But you know, Sanji… No matter how many hundreds of weapons or armor one is equipped with, they’re no match for that ‘one special spear’ that comes from your guts… On the pirates’ battlefield where life and death are decided, the one who fears death and hesitates for even an instant shall fall to their doom. Within that boy, if nothing else…

And by the end of the battle, Luffy had changed Sanji’s understanding of the subject and left quite an impression on him 

Luffy’s confidence is meant to be inspirational–his conviction, his resolve, his determination–has been a force of good for many of the struggling people he has met. Coby, Nami, Sanji, Chopper, Robin, Brook, and plenty more. Luffy has provided an example to others that has given them the confidence to do the things they never believed they could, such as become a Marine, set out to sea in pursuit of their dreams, and find new hope when they believed they had lost everything. Luffy isn’t so much a character that learns how to be great, but a character that inspires others to live up to the greatness that everyone has the potential for. Luffy has arguably always had what it takes to be Pirate King, has always deserved, flaws and all, to achieve his dream. The story isn’t so much about Luffy changing in order to become a better, different person, but about him fighting to achieve and earn his dream while remaining true to the person he is in the face of adversity, and serving as an example to others in the process.

(Update: I answered some follow up to this post here)

Here’s why I have a problem with Steve’s “you move” mentality (I am going to use some real life, practical examples here):

So, let’s take gun regulation in America for example. The two extreme opposing views are “it’s my right to have a weapon and the government shouldn’t have a say” and “all weapons should be banned.” Now, when there is COMPROMISE, both sides can reach an agreement where there is some strict regulation so that people get to keep their guns. It’s not perfect but it’s a way of getting things done, given that they are working FOR the people.

If there is a “you move” mentality, which the Republican Party displays without shame, then you end up in a gridlock where one party is offering concessions, but the other side is refusing to listen.

Let’s take the economy as another example. Some people, mostly in the US, believe in “pure” capitalism, while other people around the world believe in socialism, while others go even further and believe in communism. Now, if both sides agree to COMPROMISE, then you often get a mixed economy that looks slightly different every time given that each country offers more/less concessions depending on the culture. If you truly check global markets, there are no “pure” economies anymore because ALL countries have had to make some form of concession.
If countries would refuse to make concessions then they would not be able to sustain their economies, nor would they be able to trade with one another.

And here’s why all of the above is important: because Peggy Carter’s speech had NOTHING to do with a belief system that could potentially affect millions. She was talking about personal growth.

She was a woman in the forties, who wished not only to work but to climb up the ladder, so if you honestly think Peggy Carter made no concessions you are wrong. She wouldn’t have gotten where she did had she not made concessions. The difference is she had a clear goal in mind and she refused to be swayed by the opinions of those around her.

This “you move” mentality is not a bad thing in it of itself. It’s a good thing, and people have a right to exercise this so long as it only affects them and not the world at large.

When you make decisions for anyone other than yourself, then you MUST make concessions because you cannot force your will on the other.

This is why Tony and the UN tried to offer Steve every available concession, yet he repeatedly threw it back in their faces because of his idiotic “you move” mentality.

LET THE VOLTRON GAMES (take 2) BEGIN. May the odds be ever in your favor….again.

TRIBUTES: Shiro, Allura, Hunk, Pidge, Lance, Keith, Coran, The Mice, Zarkon, Hagar, Rolo, Nyma, Sendak, Haxus, Matt, Shay, Thace, Pawn (@fruityrice​), Pitt, Xan, Dex (@the-chewster​), Alena (@heichousgirl177​), Kevin (@klanced​) Swanky (@y-annah​).

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I honestly can't see Lyanna Stark willingly forsaking her family to be the mistress of a married prince she barely knows. (Or leave to go on an "adventure" without even leaving a note) Why do so many think Lyanna would be so unhappy with Robert that she would willingly risk starting a war? She only said that she knew he would not stop sleeping around, and she seemed to have accepted it. (I believe R+L=J, but I don't believe it was consensual)

Hey there!  So, the first thing I’d have you read before I respond is this conversation/post between @joannalannister, @poorshadowspaintedqueens, and @lyannas.  It discusses the imposed dichotomy between “Lyanna was raped” and “Lyanna loved Rhaegar.”  I/they say imposed because it is.  We don’t have Lyanna’s voice in the matter at all.  The only voice we have of her is through the memories of the men who hyper-idealize her.  I agree with the idea put forward: she ran away from her marriage and a family who, in betrothing her to Robert, refused to acknowledge her personhood.  I don’t think she was intending to be a mistress of a man she barely knew, I think she was trying to be free to be herself, and Rhaegar, however he manifested, was secondary to that initially.

I firmly believe that Lyanna would have been unhappy in her marriage to Robert.  While it’s hard to know if they would have worked past that unhappiness and found some sort of happiness at some point, one of the few times we hear her words (even if they are in memory) is about her marriage to Robert:  

Robert will never keep to one bed,” Lyanna had told him at Winterfell, on the night long ago when their father had promised her hand to the young Lord of Storm’s End. “I hear he has gotten a child on some girl in the Vale.” Ned had held the babe in his arms; he could scarcely deny her, nor would he lie to his sister, but he had assured her that what Robert did before their betrothal was of no matter, that he was a good man and true who would love her with all his heart. Lyanna had only smiled. “Love is sweet, dearest Ned, but it cannot change a man’s nature.” (Eddard IX, AGOT)

These are not the words of a girl who is enthused about the man she is going to marry.  It’s not his “sleeping around” that bothers her the most (though it clearly does bother her).  Her mentioning Mya Stone is as important as her mentioning that Robert won’t keep to one bed: he’s going to abandon this bastard child because he “loves” Lyanna.  It’s his “nature,” it’s infidelity, even to his own child, (which, as we gather from the way she makes Ned promise to protect Jon, matters to Lyanna).  If anything, she does not care about love, she cares about loyalty, and she does not expect loyalty (and therefore respect) from Robert.  

Robert, in his memories of Lyanna, hyperidealizes her to justify his horrible relationship with Cersei; given that Cersei’s frustrations with Robert originated with his lack of fidelity (and I would name loving Lyanna while married to Cersei an act of infidelity in this case) and the lack of respect, I’d be very surprised if Lyanna wasn’t anticipating a similar frustration to the life Cersei lived in marrying Robert.  Cersei had no read on Robert prior to marrying him.  She idealized him; she was horribly disappointed.  Lyanna wouldn’t believe Ned’s protestations that “what Robert did before their betrothal was of no matter, that he was a good man and true who would love her with all his heart.”

I don’t agree with you that she accepted it.  I think the simple fact of her running away was a sign that she refused to accept it.

anonymous asked:

Why are people saying SS is problematic and that the source of it all is Sasuke. I'm not sure Sasuke has never been abusive to Sakura in fact he is the only character besides Ino that understands Sakura the best. Sasuke never was abusive I read it in a SS blog unfollowed him/or /her because it was awful how they depicted Sasuke as being abbusive and an absent father. I wanna know your opinion your not bias and you talk so eloquently.

Ah, the same old “SS is problematic” rigmarole. 

Yes you’re right, Sasuke is very attentive of Sakura and sees through her well. Sasuke is the source of most of SS’es problems, but that does NOT make SasuSaku problematic. Even someone as troubled as Sasuke found his happy ending, with the only girl he grew close to. And no, Sasuke has never been abusive. From the little we see of Sasuke in 700, he’s most likely NOT an absent father. Let’s get this last point out of the way first:

What is the basis of the absent father claims? He’s not in the village at that very moment? Do a few after-school instants characterize an entire relationship? 700 is the preamble to part III and the fact that he’s away is relevant to the plot. Sarada isn’t shown to long for her father, in fact, she’s noticing a similarity between her rivalry with Boruto and her dad’s with Naruto. If Sasuke were an absent father she wouldn’t speak of him so comfortably. And then, Sasuke is so connected to his daughter that he senses her exclamation. The only noises are his, the forest is static, the scene shifts toward him as his daughter is still talking, with the “…” it’s clear there’s nothing in the forest. Come onnnn. He’s clearly reacting to her. The lengths people will go to justify what they wish they saw… smh fandom. 

Part of SS’s struggles is also how Sakura thinks Sasuke sees her. I’m mentioning them, but this does NOT make them problematic. How can people call SS problematic if we haven’t even seen their dynamic as a mature couple? Almost no bond is ever the same before and after a relationship has been established. Is it okay to drop someone while they’re at their worst? How do the nuptial vows go again? “Through thick and thin (similar vows apply in Japan and other non-JudeoChristian traditions). Before getting into a relationship, Sakura reaffirms the earnest quality of her unconditional love, all this while never compromising her values. So from Sakura’s side, the love is admirable. 

The manga extends over Sasuke’s darkest years, it is not representative of stable Sasuke. Like we’ve been saying forever. Problematic/abusive relationships can be identified because the victim is unable to refuse the partner’s manipulative demands. Sasuke’s problem is the opposite, he tries so hard to escape those bonds. Never has he been controlling, never has he forced them to do something against their wishes, he never played the victim in order to gain something from Sakura or any one of his friends. Was Sakura hurting? A lot, but it was second-hand suffering because she’s very empathetic, and Sasuke’s pain is massive.

Does Sasuke have the right to be so broken? After all, Karin, Kimimaro and others lost their clan too. Hasn’t Kakashi seen his father die before his eyes? Some readers can’t forgive Sasuke for having been a thorn in the side of many, but I feel empathy for him. He was betrayed and brainwashed by the one person he loved the most. It isn’t just the tragedy of what he had to endure, but how he found the strength to survive one shocking revelation after the other. His thoughts were manipulated too many times. He could trust no one. No bond with a person so broken can be easy. Yet, this girl and team slowly gained ground into his heart, “I don’t ever want to watch those dear to me die before my eyes again” he thought could grow emotionless, he tried to rationalize feelings, but failed. That’s not how feelings work. Sakura is Sasuke’s special girl, the proof is scattered all over the manga. Even him, shattered as he was, mistaken as he was, recovered the unconditional love he had lost with his brother. Can you imagine how comforting Sakura’s love must be, for someone this hurt?

At this point we’re going in circles. Us SasuSaku shippers see an inspirational story in which a guy, who believes to have lost his right to be happy ever again, finds the truest love in someone who knows him well, who both saw him shine, and at his lowest. Despite having seen it all, and despite not approving of his choices, she still believes there’s good left in him, she wants him happy.

By rhetoric and the blindness of a bias, those who want to see evil will find it anywhere. If someone sees abuse in SS, they’re free to taint their glasses of whatever shade they choose, let them be my guest to steer clear of our fandom. Because nobody can guilt-trip us into loving this ship. In fact, guess what? THEIR persecution falls under abuse.

kawatooru  asked:

yeah but with oihina it's like...... volleyball aside: they could be so good to one another? as in: oikawa would have someone to kind of look after, since he was always taken care of by iwaizumi, but also hinata would look out for him too cause tooru can be a bit dumb sometimes? and oiks would help hina with studying and hinata would encourage tooru and be there for him and give him energy and cheer on him and just..... i'm cry

YOU’RE SO RIGHT ABOUT THIS! I think about this a lot; how good they would be for each other. These types of headcanons are exactly what I like so much about them. And I think what I want most from Oihina is for them to be able to find support in each other.

From their very first meeting during the Karasuno vs Aobajousai practice match, it becomes evident that Oikawa is impressed by Hinata’s movements, despite his lack of skill (and maybe even because of this), and this admiration is very obviously reciprocated by Hinata. I mean, when I think about why Oihina could be so good for each other, a lot of it goes back to Oikawa’s mindset and his experience that “geniuses” are the only ones who can produce results. I think Hinata could be incredibly good for him in offering a respite from this mentality. Since they’re both the type that have reached the point they’re at now because of the incredible effort they put into things and not as a result of genius, but people like Kageyama can’t always understand that.

And what gets me is that, even Hinata, who is on the same team as Kageyama and comes to rely on his skill as a setter early on, also has his points where he resents Kageyama’s genius. For example, when Hinata wants to hit the quick strike of his own free will, and literally everyone including Kageyama refuses to give him the time of day. AND THEN IT TURNS OUT that the only one who believes that Hinata can do it is YOU GUESSED IT

(Hook this entire chapter up to my veins, I’m so thankful for it).

It’s Oikawa who is the one to convince Kageyama to let Hinata truly excel and shine of his own accord. It’s Oikawa who is the reason that Hinata has not been held back by the limits that others expect and try to place on him. It’s Oikawa who believes in Hinata at a point when no one else does and THIS IS SO IMPORTANT TO ME.

SO long story short, really what I want is for Hinata to serve as sort of a constant for Oikawa; to be his personal sun when he inevitably ends up in that dark place where he’s unable to overcome walls in front of him, placed there by these so-called “genius” types. In turn, I want Oikawa to keep believing in Hinata, to motivate him to push his boundaries, and excel and become better, when no one else will. And I’m probably incredibly biased but YOU’RE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT THEY WOULD BE SO GOOD FOR EACH OTHER; PLEASE SEND HELP. I’m so far gone for this ship.

I hereby put forth a petition to start an Oihina Support Group, I will need it at this rate OTL.

Placebo lyrics sentence starters
  • "I've never been an extrovert, but i'm still breathing."
  • "I gotta get high, before I go outside."
  • "I'm in alcoholic kind of mood."
  • "I know, you've got me wrapped around your finger."
  • "I know, the past will catch you up as you run faster."
  • "I know, the last in line is always called a bastard."
  • "We were born to lose."
  • "It's either you or me."
  • "S/he stole the keys to my house and then s/he locked herself/himself out."
  • "I'm confused and racked with self-doubt."
  • "Don't you wish you'd never met her/him?"
  • "You don't care about us."
  • "You're too complicated, we should separate it."
  • "Think I'll leave it all behind, save this bleeding heart of mine."
  • "I'll take it by your side."
  • "Without you, I'm Nothing."
  • "Without you, I'm Nothing at all."
  • "Don't let me down."
  • "Your smile would make me sneeze."
  • "I'd pay to have you near."
  • "Don't forget to breathe."
  • "Another love I would abuse, no circumstances could excuse."
  • "I know I'm selfish, I'm unkind."
  • "There's nothing here but what here's mine."
  • "Never thought I'd fill with desire."
  • "Never thought I'd feel so ashamed."
  • "Never thought all this could back fire."
  • "Never thought you'd fuck with my brain."
  • "Say goodbye."
  • "You must realise that you're never alone."
  • "I'm a man, a liar."
  • "Now it takes him all day just to get an erection."
  • "Things aren't what they seem."
  • "I dream of a face that is pure as perfection."
  • "Hey motherfucker, I'm after you. I know where you live."
  • "Change your taste in men."
  • "Come back to me."
  • "Join the masquerade."
  • "I'll describe the way I feel; weeping wounds that never heal."
  • "No escaping gravity."
  • "Draw your final breath."
  • "Every time I rise I see you falling."
  • "Can you find me space inside your bleeding heart?"
  • "I was never faithful, and I was never one to trust."
  • "I'm forever black-eyed, a product of a broken home"
  • "I was never grateful, that's why I spend my days alone."
  • "I wrote this novel just for you."
  • "I wrote this novel just for you, that's why it's vulgar, that's why it's blue."
  • "Those motherfuckers got it wrong."
  • "They said I should get expensive help to fix my head."
  • "I don't care for myself."
  • "Run away from all your boredom."
  • "Run away from all your whoredom."
  • "All it takes is one decision."
  • "Run away!"
  • "You're the one who's always bruised and broken."
  • "I understand the fascination."
  • "I understand the fascination, I've even been there once or twice or more."
  • "Please don't die."
  • "It seemed a place for us to dream."
  • "Love can die."
  • "Wake up..."
  • "I've got problems with the booze, nothing left to lose."
  • "I'm faithless... I'm scared."
  • "I'm on my own for far too long."
  • "She's insane, this friend of mine."
  • "Always stays the same, nothing ever changes."
  • "Hold your breath and count to ten."
  • "Beware this troubled world."
  • "Soulmate dry your eye."
  • "Soulmates never die."
  • "Hush, it's okay."
  • "See you at the bitter end."
  • "There's something rotten down here..."
  • "Don't forget to be the way you are."
  • "The only thing you can rely on is that you can't rely on anything."
  • "Don't go and sell your soul for self-esteem."
  • "Remember me..."
  • "Well I've seen you suffer, I've seen you cry the whole night through..."
  • "I'll be your father, I'll be your mother, I'll be your lover, I'll be yours."
  • "I'll be yours."
  • "Well I've seen you suffer, I've seen you cry for days and days..."
  • "You never were a genius."
  • "Yes I know you're the jealous type."
  • "Walk away!"
  • "Protect me from what I want..."
  • "Maybe we're victims of fate."
  • "Remember when we'd celebrate? We'd drink and get high until late."
  • "Now we're all alone."
  • "Come on fallen star I refuse to let you die."
  • "I've been waiting far too long!"
  • "Be mine."
  • "I was alone, falling free..."
  • "What happened to us, what happened to me?"
  • "Baby...did you forget to take your meds?"
  • "I was alone, falling free, trying my best not to forget."
  • "I will be the one to make you crawl!"
  • "I came down to wish you an unhappy birthday."
  • "Someone call the ambulance..There's gonna be an accident."
  • "I can see in the dark."
  • "I will be the one to watch you fall."
  • "I will find you!"
  • "You're always ahead of the game, I drag behind."
  • "You possess every trait that I lack."
  • "You got A's on your algebra test, I failed and they kept me behind."
  • "I just gotta get off my chest, that I think you're divine."
  • "You let me down before."
  • "I'm medicated...How are you?"
  • "It's the pills that bring you down."
  • "It's between you and me."
  • "It's the pills that pick you up."
  • "It's the special way we fuck."
  • "Fall into you, is all I seem to do..."
  • "I'm afraid to be alone."
  • "This house is no longer a home."
  • "Don't give up on the dream!"
  • "Tear us in two, is all it's gonna do."
  • "Don't go and leave me."
  • "Please don't drive me blind."
  • "I'd fill your every breath with meaning."
  • "I'll find a place we both could hide."
  • "You don't believe me."
  • "You do this everytime."
  • "I know we're broken."
  • "Your eyes forever glued to mine."
  • "I know I broke it."
  • "I know I broke you."
  • "It's horrid to see you again."
  • "When I dream, I dream of your lips."
  • "When I dream, I dream of your kiss."
  • "When I dream, I dream of your fists."
  • "I was not honest."
  • "And I'll wait my turn,to terrorize you."
  • "Can't you see these skies are breaking?"
  • "one of a kind is all I own."
  • "I wanna try but I get annoyed."
  • "In the cold light of morning the party gets boring, you're high."
  • "In the cold light of morning,You're drunk sick from whoring and high."
  • "You are one of God's mistakes."
  • "You're a waste of skin."
  • "You're waste of space."
  • "It's a song to say goodbye."
  • "Well now you need me more than I need you."
  • "You wanna know, know that it doesn't hurt me?"
  • "It doesn't hurt me."
  • "You don't want to hurt me."
  • "So much hate for the ones we love."
  • "Tell me, we both matter, don't we?"
  • "Let me steal this moment from you now."
  • "The way you're dancing makes me come alive."
  • "Move closer, I wanna feel your touch."
  • "The way you're moving, makes you all that I desire."
  • "You are the one who took my place."
  • "And it was a leap of faith I could not take."
  • "And it was a promise I could not make."
  • "You are getting in the way!"
  • "I have nothing left to say."
  • "I will pretend it didn't hurt."
  • "You are a cheap and nasty fake."
  • "I am the bones you couldnt break!"
  • "I always aimed to please."
  • "I nearly died."
  • "For what it's worth?"
  • "Come on walk with me."
  • "Got no friends, got no lover."
  • "I've been wasting all my time!"
  • "I got no energy to fight."
  • "I don't see the point in trying."
  • "All of my wrongs, and all my wicked ways,Will come back to haunt me."
  • "He wrote all the songs I hope to write someday."
  • "Looks like the devil is here to stay."
  • "We'll kiss and tremble with the delight."
  • "I had so very much to say."
  • "I pretended I was okay."
  • "So I haven't given up."
  • "A heart that hurts, is a heart that works."
  • "No one can take it/you away from me."
  • "I long, I burn to touch her/him/you just the same."
  • "Don't let them get their way!"
  • "There is no law we/you must obey!"
  • "Damn you all to hell!"
  • "Time will help you through..."
  • "The sound of silence grows."
  • "The two of us are rebels."
  • "The payback is here, take a look, it's all around you."
  • "You thought you'd never shed a tear."
  • "This ain't no singing in the rain."
  • "You can run but you can't hide!"
  • "No one here gets out alive."
  • "Breathe me every time you close your eyes..."
  • "Taste me every time you cry."
  • "This memory will fade away and die."
  • "Just for today, breathe me and say goodbye..."
  • "How many times?!"
  • "Now I can't look you in the eye!"
  • "And I don't even want to try."
  • "Every word from you is a lie."
  • "I'm always falling on my face."
  • "I don't think that you're aware of the cost."
  • "Stupid me to believe that I could trust in stupid you!"
  • "Don't leave me here to pass through time!"
  • "I don't know where to begin."
  • "Don't leave me here."
  • "I'm sick of fighting..."
  • "The cold is biting..."
  • "My broken spirit is frozen to the core."
  • "Don't wanna be here no more."
  • "Wouldn't it be good to be in your shoes?"
  • "And wouldn't it be good if we could wish ourselves away?"
  • "You must be joking!"
  • "You don't even know a thing about it!"
  • "You've got no problem."
  • "I'd stay right there if I were you!"
  • "The grass is always greener over there."
  • "I don't want to be alone."
  • "I'm alive, so alive."
  • "I'm in a desperate situation."
  • "Now there's a hand print on your cheek."
  • "Is it my imagination?"
  • "Let me pay you back in kind."
  • "I always watch you when you're dreaming"
  • "I always watch you when you're dreaming because I know it's not of me."
  • "I smoke a dozen cancer sticks."
  • "We run for our lives."
  • "Promise me that we will make it through."
  • "Don't worry baby - it's just the end of the world."
  • "I refuse to remain in regrets."
  • "I've existed too long in secrets."
  • "Help me start to heal."
  • "Every one of my needs will be met."
  • "I refuse to be left behind."
  • "I know you want to stop."
  • "Be glad for what you got."
  • "I recognize the smile."
  • "There are some things I cannot forget."
  • "It may be for a while, I'll pretend we've never met."
  • "And maybe we will part."
  • "Will your paranoia keep you warm?"
  • "I will still enjoy to watch you fall."
  • "Stop!"
  • "I try every day"
  • "I try every day, to think of something deep to say."
  • "If I am an extra in the film of my own life, then who the hell is the director?"
  • "Show me how to live."
  • "There's a riot in my head."
  • "Let's fight until the end of days."
  • "Let's destroy and let's devastate."
  • "I know where you live."
  • "Time is money, bastard."
  • "You are so beautiful."
  • "Love claims to have the answer."
  • "Can you imagine a love that is so proud?"
  • "We are loud like love!"
  • "If you were mine, then we would know!"
  • "And with our bodies entwined we will know paradise."
  • "My computer thinks I'm gay."
  • "I got too many friends."
  • "I'll never be there for you/them."
  • "I am a small and gentle man."
  • "Hold on to me..."
  • "My behaviour is hard to understand."
  • "But I'm still doing all I can, to try and get me some redemption."
  • "And I'm knee deep in sinking sand, crying out for your attention!"
  • "Rob the bank!"
  • "Take me home, then make love."
  • "There wasn't much I used to need..."
  • "Now my mistakes are haunting me."
  • "I've lost the power to understand what it takes to be a man."
  • "You tried your best to be a friend to my heart."
  • "I saw you wanted this to end."
  • "Please no grieving, my love, understand?"
  • "Now I feel I've lost my spark."
  • "Can't you see I'm sick of fighting?"
  • "Can't you see I've lost my way?"
  • "All my dreaming torn in pieces..."
  • "As you wake does he smother you in kisses long and true?"
  • "Want you so bad I can taste it!"
  • "If I could, I would hover while he's making love to you, make it rain as I cry."
  • "Your touch, I cannot regret!"
  • "You're so my kind."
  • "You're so my kind, erotic and devine."
  • "To me you're more than a human, you are more complex."
  • "You are like a fallen angel."
  • "Look me in the eyes, say that again."
  • "Knock me off my feet like heroin."
  • "No need to disguise or to pretend."
  • "Tonight's the night that we begin the end."
  • "I tried, God knows, I tried."
  • "There's nothing you can do to change my mind."
  • "I don't enjoy to watch you cry."
  • "Blame me for the sorry state you're in."
  • "I love you more than any man, but something's getting in the way."
  • "I do you harm because I can for the second time today."
  • "When I get drunk, you take me home and keep me safe from harm."
  • "I ask you for another second chance, but then I drink it all away."
  • "I was so delicate when we began, so tender when I spoke your name."
  • "Now I'm nothing but a partisan to my compulsion and my shame."
  • "You know, I'm grateful, I appreciate."
  • "Then I run away to wonderland, and disappear without trace."
  • "Can't you see there's a world out there?"
  • "Don't be scared."
  • "Babe I'm gonna be your man!"
  • "And it's plain to see you were meant for me."
  • "I wanna be your toy."
  • "I've been smoking too long."
  • "I wanna turn you on."
  • "I'm only a person."
  • "Open up your heart, let me slip inside."
  • "Lie to me."
  • "Drink you pretty."
  • "My mother told me, that you're never lonely when you're laughing all the time."
  • "My father told me, that you're always lonely when they're all laughing at you."
  • "He tries to impress her, mentally undress her."
  • "Theres a look on your face I would like to knock out."
  • "All I want is to see you in terrible pain."
  • "Theres no light in your eyes and your brain is too slow."
  • "Fuck you."
  • "So fuck you anyway."
  • "Makes me sick when I hear all the shit that you say."
  • "Theres a time for us all and I think yours has been, can you please hurry up cos I find you obscene?"
  • "I cant wait for the day that you're never around, when that face isn't here and you rot underground."
  • "Your eyes are almost dead."
  • "I wanna be much more like you."
  • "I wanna take a bath with you."
  • "I wanna say I do."
  • "The way your smile lights up the room."
  • "To jealousy I'll stay immune."
  • "She's a faker, always let's me down."
  • "Don't you make me frown."
  • "I never wanted the real thing."
  • "I didn't mean it."
  • "I'm the one to blame."
  • "Did too much cocaine..."
  • "One more time for me."
  • "Put your hands in the air, and wave them like you give a fuck!"
  • "The only place you’re truly free is cosy in your dreams."
  • "We need to concentrate on more then meets the eye."
  • "Patience comes to the ugly, not me."
  • "Laughter comes to the lucky, not me."
  • "Where is my mind?"