i can't believe this is in context

Yugyeom colorist joke on V LIVE?

I’ve recently seen that people are accusing Yugyeom of making a colorist joke on vlive.
The joke in question was “what is burnt rice in English? Bobbi brown”
The joke isn’t racist or colorist, but a play on words, if you listen carefully you’ll see that “burnt rice” and" Bobbi Brown" sound really similar. 

I understand why some people may think that the joke is colorist, if they don’t know Korean. But I find this situation embarassing…

And, since I know that some of you will keep pushing this situation regardless of the explanation, I’ll also clarify two other things: 

1. Yugyeom DID NOT make the joke, his friend did. This misunderstanding could have been avoided by simply watching the vlive…
2. Yugyeom didn’t even UNDERSTAND the joke. In fact he also asked “Why is the burnt rice Bobbi Brown?”. 
But obviously this part was cut out from every screenshots and clip that are circulating around. 

This whole situation shows how antis are hitching to find a chance to drag EVERY GOT7 member. And also people in general. I’ve seen loads of tweets calling YG racist and all other sorts of name. I’m honestly tired of this, if this same situation was to happen with any other idol I’m pretty sure that before jumping to conclusions people would have tried to verify the situation, instead of believing random screenshots taken out of context. 

Anyways, have a nice day!! Except you antis :)

Also you can’t tell me smokey and doc weren’t gay or didn’t have a thing. YOU CANT TELL ME




can’t pretend anymore

grace left mississippi for a reason. she just wants to be left alone. niall is spending the summer traveling through spain searching for the perfect wave and, instead, finds grace. liam has chosen this moment to pop back up in grace’s life. she doesn’t want any of it.

a surfer niall / expat grace / tech billionaire ex liam nsfw one shot

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It’s a common point of discourse in the fandom, and I’ve talked a little about it myself, but never at length. I’ve made it clear that I don’t buy that Joseph is telling the entire truth about his affair with Robert and I often believe that most posts framing the situation ignore the context of Robert being emotionally unwell and assume that Joseph is telling the whole truth and nothing but despite the existence of the photograph, which throws doubt on Joseph’s version of the story.

The short form:

Joseph is truthful about two things: Robert propositioned Joseph, the affair ended that night. Joseph, however, leaves out one key thing: they had an emotional affair before that. Factoring in Robert’s poor emotional and mental health push him into self-destructive coping mechanisms, I frame the proposition as: Robert had a lapse (in the sense of an addiction or recovery) but Joseph made a conscious decision. Afterward, Joseph told Robert that what Robert remembered of the affair was wrong: there was no emotionally intimate relationship, only shallow casual sex—gaslighting.

The comparative form:

You know how the MC cultivates a relationship with Robert, in which Robert comes to feel he can seek emotional support from the MC and eventually be emotionally vulnerable? And, Robert comes to an emotional crisis which makes him confront his self-loathing, loneliness, and repeated failure to overcome his issues and improve as a person, and he tries to address (or not address, rather) how he feels with sex? And you can choose “Tell him what he wants to hear”, and the MC will sweep away Robert’s issues, minimize Robert’s need to get better, and lean into Robert’s tendency to use sex to cope to get laid? Then, when Robert didn’t get better, despite the MC internally acknowledging they have responsibility it, the MC outright chastises Robert and puts most of the blame on Robert—despite him taking the MC’s advice and him standing no chance without support against it all? And how it’s all generally self-centered and selfish of the MC to do this and pretend that he didn’t help point Robert toward this road and helped him get started on the path?

Well, considering the photograph on Joseph’s yacht, it’s my belief that Joseph ran this exact route and he chose “Tell him what he wants to hear”.

The long form:

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Can we talk about how after 6 years of fandom speculating as to why Emma’s heart was so special that it couldn’t be taken by Cora, shared with Hook or crushed by the Black fairy

…it was because she had a super special soundtrack in her heart?

……. never in my wildest dreams…

Can we also talk about how freaking weird it must have been for the characters to unfreeze to find Emma standing there next to them SINGING at the Black Fairy?? With absolutely no context?

dinahbabs high school AU go
•Dinah and babs , in high school, super cool cute girls who r v badass
•but they kinda run with different crowds right
•babs runs the school radio or smth
•Dinah is like in a punk band and she’s a tough girl™ but she has jock friends and stuff (cough Ollie cough)
•the school has a thing where u can talk abt ur band and they’ll play a song of urs on the morning radio if it’s deemed Ok
•dinah’s like holy fuck guys I’m entering us
•so she goes up 2 the school radio place to give the cd
•she finds her bisexual ass ASTOUNDED by the cute and bored looking radio host
•they strike up a conversation while Dinah is filling out the form •they kinda just take a liking to each other u know it’s a perfect fit
•babs calls her up again later in the week to talk abt her cd- literally just an excuse to see her oh my god she is like dying over this blond enigma with the fingerless gloves and the dark lipstick grin and the voice of an angry angel
•but this is babs she’s cool she’s always Cool so she u know makes any excuse possible 2 see her again. Cool. V slick. I mean it’s not any better on dinah’s part she just couldn’t think of an excuse to go back up there
•so they kinda end up talking abt literally everything but the cd👀👀👀 real smooth
•Dinah convinces her to come to her band’s show
•babs is usually busy what with keeping everyone’s life together but Dinah kinda helps her relax and be free for a little while
•Fast forward like a week they’re best friends now but they’re best friends who r low key flirting with each other All Of The Time
•something involving dinah’s jacket happens, babs wears it and it’s emotional and cute
•So she’s wearing it and they’re hanging out beside dinah’s motorcycle
•dinah’s sitting on the hood of someone’s car cause she’s a rebel and barbara is sitting beside her in her chair and they’re both giggling cause they just did something against the rules idk what
•babs has her hair loose and she’s wearing dinah’s jacket and her cheeks are pink from exhilaration and dinah’s losing her mind she"s so cute
•they r now kissing neither of them know how they got there but it’s soft and sweet and loving and really really good
•Now they’re dating but not much changes they still do best friend things but they do it while holding hands and stealing kisses
•Dinah’s song makes it on the radio
•And so does every song she writes about babs after that

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OMG The Broom Salesman and the Very Satisfied Customer KILLED me i love it so much and i think i just died laughing in front of my laptop lol. it cheered me up after a v stressful day so thank you so much!!!

Writing The Broom Salesman and the Very Satisfied Customer was quite possibly the most fun I have ever had so I AM VERY GLAD IT MANAGED TO KILL AT LEAST ONE PERSON WHO READ IT, THAT IS WHAT I AIM FOR


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On Gray Taking Juvia More “Seriously”

Okay, so I know that this post is long overdue and that this matter has already been addressed thoroughly, especially in this awesome post by @rieriebee, whom I’d also like to thank for all her feedback and insight (Love ya, girlie! <3), but, in my defense, I was on hiatus when chapter 499 of FT had come out and never had the chance to share my thoughts until now. Besides, considering that we’re mere weeks away from the ending of the series and from seeing Gruvia and the other ships become canon, I suppose that now can also pass off as a slightly appropriate time for publishing this post. (Let’s just call this a bit of a reflection on Gruvia’s development and use it as an excuse to drown in our feels. Okay? Okay. >_> <_<)

As usual, I’ve placed the contents of this post under the cut, in order to avoid taking up too much room and so that people who’re uninterested can skip it. The usual disclaimer/warning that the contents of this post merely reflect my opinion and that, considering I expect to be treated with the same respect that I extend to others (in the event anyone disagrees), I won’t tolerate any hate applies here as well. 

Thank you for reading! ^_^

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What D said at S Rudesky show puzzled me. He thought he can't be seen with C again after that, because their characters will be a couple? Aren't actors playing couples usually interacts more publicly because those are good promotion for their shows? I know he's partly lying and maybe misremembering, but still, their case is weird.

But that’s the thing Anon. There is absolutely nothing about them that makes sense. I believe Darren is aware that the statement does not make sense in context of the story and the timeframe. But as it is literally the only story he’s allowed to tell. I think he wants to emphasize that they were not seen after that in public because of the reaction that it would cause and the consequences of that reaction. That people would see the truth. That CrissColfer is very real and very much repressed by the very people they entrusted with their lives and well being.

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also how they managed to drop in the stereotypical ''72 virgins in heaven'' narrative? it's such a touchy subject and something from the quran that is not only easily misunderstood, but that also has been abused and misused in so many contexts. it need proper clarification and explaining, yet julie somehow felt the need to put it in the dialogue ''casually'', creating even more confusion. i can't be bothered with this show anymore, wth.

things like that can’t be used, if there’s no context provided after it. like, for people that don’t have resources or a lot of muslim people they can contact and talk to to give them an insight into what the 72 virgins in jannah concept means, how would that look like to them?

i’m just … i can’t believe they’d do this. i can’t believe they’d do this. 

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Oh Jeez the companion fic is going to kill me like... im rereading parts of umfb and i keep picking up on small instances in which yuuri Probably Most Definitely inadvertently hurt viktor and i can't believe i didn't pick up on it beforehand. for example, i'm rereading chapter 11 i think it is right now where yuuri and viktor share a bed that first night in moscow and yuuri like... scoots as far away from viktor as possible? to give him more room? but Jeez that probs hurt viktor's feelings omg.

There are so many of Yuuri’s actions that without the context of his thoughts come across very different to what he is intending!

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I believe that in the ILY scene Sherlock really meant what he said but when I try to show my friends (non-sherlolly shippers) the 'reasoning' behind it, it seems like they simply don't want to listen and therefore I lose my confidence and can't speak as I really want to. How can I make them UNDERSTAND? it's so annoying tbh

I think if you don’t see the progression between them, or aren’t interested in shipping - like, say, my husband - then that scene loses something to you as viewer. Especially if you only watch it once and don’t have all the context of their interactions in mind the way shippers do. After all, the show isn’t about romance, it’s about a detective solving crimes and having adventures. If that’s what you’re looking for, then you probably find it easy to dismiss his words as manipulative or insincere. Plus people probably use the fact that Molly told him to say it like he meant it as ‘proof’ that he was acting, just trying to save her life. What we see as her taking control of the situation, others see as an excuse for him to up his acting game.

In short, if folks don’t want to see it or aren’t interested in seeing, they won’t. Same as any other ship.

Jumin Bad Ending - Castiel x Candy NSFW

Requested by anonymous. Entire piece is below the cut, including the image that was requested as the inspiration of the piece. If you do not want to see the image for whatever reason (whether it be because of spoilers or anything else) do not hit ‘keep reading’.
Note: I have not played Mystic Messenger and I do not know the context behind the image, I only know that it is the inspiration of the piece.

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