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I’m gonna make you hungry today, because I can ! MWOUAHAHA!

So, it was my dad’s birthday today and instead of buying him a cake… I decided to make one myself. It might not look pretty, but I’m actually a good cook so I baked him a cake made of chocolate and beer… and guys… it’s so freaking good that when my bro told my uncle that I made a cake, the guy just crossed the street (He live in front of us.) and asked to try it X’D

So yeah… I kinda mostly baked today, and I’m kinda happy I did XD

ikon as preschoolers

jinhwan- paints/draws inside the lines, acts cute 24/7, says ‘no’ but then changes his mind, keep an eye on him bc he will fall at some point and will need a bandage ASAP

june- listens rlly well, do not give him sugar tho if you kno whats best for everyone, just does his own thing, likes to sing during activity time, and doesn’t rlly make a mess

hanbin- hates playing by himself, knows weird animal facts and will randomly bring them up in convo, never remembers how to get down from play structures, and runs everywhere

donghyuk- always willing to help, wants to read books out loud to everyone, always tells you his opinions abt colors, crouches down to point at things, picks flowers alot and just hands them out to everyone

yunhyeong- hates getting in trouble, friends with everyone, always knows what day of the week it is and is super excited to tell you, gets upset if his parent doesn’t say goodbye

bobby- LOVES show & tell, “is it snack time yet, teacher” , will always somehow end up with paint on his face, rlly mischievous but still listens when you tell him to stop

chanwoo- says ‘wow!’ at everything, loves plants, always smiling, needs to hold someones hand, and is fasinated by clouds

anonymous asked:

I know this topic is getting old but a lot of people are saying that Gillian knew the paps were there in Italy because she was looking at the camera and was followed for days. And so she let it happen. Can you please address this. You are sensible and have a good way with words.

Do I think that Gillian wanted pictures to be taken of her exposed body while she was on vacation with her boyfriend, even inside her hotel room is what I’m now hearing, and published on the internet and in tabloid newspapers all over the world for people to gawk at? No. I do not. 

Loath as I am to address even one corner of this ridiculousness…anyone looking in the direction of a camera can appear to be looking AT the camera. That doesn’t mean that they know the camera is there. And, to make another obvious point, anyone whose livelihood comes from taking secret pictures of celebrities pulling their bathing suits out of their butts while on vacation is going to be good at staying hidden while doing that. 

Lana is right with us, cluster. She sees how much noise we have made, and is so moved by it. Oh, and she also is fighting right along with us for a two hour special. Right now, the only hope is for Netflix to agree to do a two hour special!

But family, Lana is fighting hard for us. We should keep fighting, too, because if she still is? Heck, I’ll do it until I don’t have any fight left in me.

Hello lovely people! We recently passed 300 followers and I’m still shaking haha, thank you all so much for following me ♥ So, I didn’t do anything for 100 or 200 (because I was so clueless), but I really felt the need to do something this time, so blog compliments it is!

To get a compliment just follow this:

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And that’s it! I’ll be tagging these with #kawaiinotes300 if you wanna blacklist, and this will be going until July 10th!

I really hope to get to know a lot of you better and find some new blogs too!

We pretend this didn’t happen if it gets bellow 10 notes >.<

In other news, @shinyphan is incredible and sweet and she’s legitimately making me sit here and just smile like a maniac.
Lana has a wonderful blog, she makes gorgeous GIFs and she is an exceptionally kind person, so go follow her if you aren’t already. You won’t regret it, trust me.