i can't believe this dude is serious

sniperblp123  asked:

I honestly, honestly don't know how people can't tell you're joking, I mean, you drew Myers with fucking heelies and they seriously take that on the offensive side?

I don’t think they were serious. I honestly believe those people feed off causing trouble and trying to make people feel bad about themselves. 

They went on anon cause they knew they were wrong and would get yelled at. 

AND I KNOW LOL ITS A MEME DUDE. I made so many great friends through DBD and the slasher x self-insert stuff. I love it so much!

Just because I drew something doesn’t make it true lol

^^^^ uh oh I drew it’s canon now.

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I can't grasp why fans believe Jason Todd had a serious psychological trauma by the time he became Red Hood? I mean he died but 98% of DC dies.

the dude was low-key betrayed by his own mother, beaten to death with a crowbar, blown up, had to claw his way of out his own coffin and a whole other BS with the al ghuls, all coupled with his own pain of being in a constant emotional cycle of feeling angry, hurt, confused and let down because not only had bruce, whom jason loved, not taken revenge on the joker, he also had a new robin now


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I can't believe that people think that Louis and Harry have an open relationship. Are you serious?! Like have you seen how jealous the other one gets

I disagre.

I can easily picture them having an open relationship.

“Lou, remember to buy the milk. Ah, this evening i’m going to James. He told me he wants to fuck me raw.” “Ok, don’t forget the keys”

“Hazza, where are my vans? Ah yesterday i blowed a dude at Zayn’s party” “Cool”.

They don’t get jealous easily.

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