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Hey just letting you know your tags made me cry for my fic bc that's literally the nicest shit anyone has ever said about my story thank you. Honestly ;~; thank you

…. okay i’m not going to scream but oh my gosh

@kimseokjinsthighs first of all thank you for writing such an amazing fic!! words cannot express how much i love it, 10000/10, my favourite taejin fic by a mile and in my top 5 bts fics of all time for sure!

 it’s the first fic i’ve actually wanted to actually tell people (like not just people who like bts but like, everyone) about and discuss with them like seriously i was so hooked. for that whole entire week the first thing i did when i got up (like literally as soon as i opened my eyes) was check to see if you had updated and every time i saw i new chapter i nearly cried (idk what i would have done if you didn’t update as quick as you did, probably cry some more). i would read your fic sneakily in lectures (which i never do bc i’m hella shy and scared of being caught) but dude,,,

i usually don’t get this way over fics (i’ve read it three times now which is impressive considering i barely ever read the same fic twice) and i wish i actually commented on your story (something i also never do bc i’m trash) but i’m so glad i have a chance to tell you now how i feel bc damn i have so many emotions i literally wasn’t joking when i said i could probably write an essay on your fic that’s how much it affected me. i write too so i could tell a hell of a lot of effort went into the fic and it shines through in every chapter. i swear to god there were moments i got chills and had to stop reading for a minute (this has literally only happened when i’ve read like proper novels and omg i just realised i must sound like such a kiss ass but oh well this is your fault anyway so sorry for the word vomit)  the characters were so compelling and unique i’ve never seen a relationship like theirs before and i found it so so enthralling. and i think you also wrote one of my favourite version of jin i have ever seen. i write bts ff too and i read a lot of it and i feel jin is usually the one who gets stereotyped and kinda forgotten or dismissed and poorly written jin is one of my pet peeves and you made him so interesting and complex (it was so interesting to see the one who is usually stuck in the ‘motherly’ roll act the way he does in your stroy and it made my heart sing) and tae omg my poor baby he was hurting so much, they both were and you did such a good job of getting in their heads and letting us understand why they acted the way they did (i saw you explained jin’s charcater and motivation at the very end but personally i didn’t need that bc i thought it was very clear from the way you wrote but it was interesting to read none the less) you had me rooting for them to work out (which is quite a feat considering how messed up everything was) 

your writing style was quite simple imo but so so effective and at times really beautiful and atmospheric and idk how to describe it but it felt clean and neat like it wasn’t cluttered with needless words which is how good writing is supposed to be, you take out the unnecessary fluff and you’re left with the best bits. i loved jk in this and his relationship with taehyung. it was plotted so well and i was so happy with the ending seriously i don’t think i wanted it to end any other way. it was just so satisfying and perfect like i hate when ending so get it right like an itch i can’t scratch and it bugs the shit out of me.  

like i said i write too so i know how important feedback is and how rewarding it is to get comments (well for me anyway) so i am sorry i didn’t go out of my way to tell you how incredible your fic is but i hope this embarassing mess of a reply gets across how i felt and yeah

just thank you and everyone go read this fic~ 

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THE HO’S, a Hoseok fansite, has passed away due to a cerebral hemmorhage

While I will not be translating the full post, I wanted to let ARMYs beyond Twitter what has happened…

Her sister uploaded a statement saying that it has been a while since THE HO’S has passed away because her family needed time to handle the issue, but she wanted to let fans know of what has happened to THE HO’S,

It is not stated specifically when this occurred, but she collapsed due to a cerebral hemorrhage and was later announced brain dead. It was also stated that she previously had not had health issues and that this was a sudden event.

According to her own wishes, she has donated her organs to two individuals and has saved their lives. 

Her fansite friends said the last message they received from her was “What would be a good present to give to Hoseok for his birthday?” They all said that she always put others and Hoseok before herself and was always smiling. Truly an angelic human being.

As she had launched a photobook project, her first and last photobook, her sister and family will be carrying on the project as they know how hard she worked and how excited she was for this project.

Please make sure to send messages to her account @THEHO218 on Twitter. Even just a few words of “Rest in peace” or other words of condolence would mean a lot, especially as her sister is still running the fansite for her.

She always uploaded such beautiful pictures of Hoseok for ARMYs and wanted to share her love for Hoseok and BTS with us. I am always grateful for her and will never forget her. I hope that she is in a better place now. Thank you, THE HO’s, for all of your hard work. May you rest in peace. 

- Kylie


Wes Gibbins deserved better.

I can’t believe that Trump actually won the elections. I’m not American, but I don’t understand who someone like him (racist, homophobic, who discriminates women in every every way we can imagine, ect) can get to president of a country. I don’t know what to think anymore to be honest.  

P.S: I know that not every American is like Trump. I know that this is a sad day for a lot of Americans. I’ll keep you in my prayers. Don’t be ashamed of who you are for a man who doesn’t know what he is saying.