i can't believe they did this lol

I had the sudden urge to draw them in Elie Saab dresses (x) (x) and I JUST—-

why do they look so good they’re illegal

  • me: constantly criticizes others for not using logic in their arguments and advice.
  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: why didnt faberry ever happen? quinn was obviously so in love with rachel. in season one, theres a shot of quinn drawing an ugly drawing of rachel and yet she adds hearts around it? rachel always looked out for quinn, especially during the pregnancy. she gave away a pair of her panties just so the school paper wouldnt write about quinn being pregnant. in season two, in the scene at prom where quinn slaps rachel across the face, she feels so sorry afterwards. and even though shes just besn slapped, rachel wipes away quinns tears and holds her hand. like what the hell? when rachel wants to get her nose job, quinn is the only one who takes her seriously. shes the one who goes with rachel to the plastic surgeon and is supportive of rachel's decision. plus, it was quinn's nose that rahcel wanted. and in season three, quinn says the words "you were singing to finn, and only finn, right?" like she wants rachel to be singing to someone else, ie, her. how gay can you be quinn fabray? and quinn is so adamant about not wanting rachel to marry finn. she tells rachel that shes a star and doesnt need to hang onto the boys in high school, that she needs to let go and be her own person. quinn is the only person who truly recognizes rachels talents and capabilities and appreciates her drive and ambition. plus, quinn gives rachel metro passes so that the two of them can keep in touch. after giving her the passes, the two hug, and the pain in quinn's eyes is so clear. her gay little heart was in love with rachel throughout the entire series and yet it was never explored.
  • Yoongi: *sees Hobi's tweets for his bday*
  • Yoongi: ...
  • Yoongi: I- I need a moment
  • -8 hours later-
  • Yoongi: Ok, I'm fine, everything is fine
  • Yoongi: *sees Jungkook's tweet for his bday*
  • Yoongi: fUCK

I have way too much time on my hands, so I decided to figure out what an Ephraim!Lucina would look like stats-wise in Awakening.

I am by no means a math person so please correct me if I’m wrong. I rounded all numbers down.

+6 Str
+4 Skl
+1 Spd
+2 Lck
-3 Res

Growth Rates
(Without factoring in class)
HP 43%
Str 43%
Mag 20%
Skl 41%
Spd 38%
Lck 68%
Def 31%
Res 18%

Base Stats as a Lvl. 10 Lord
(With Chrom as a Lvl. 20 Great Lord and Ephraim with max stats)
45 HP
24 Str
15 Mag
19 Skl
20 Spd
22 Lck
24 Def
19 Res

Lucina basically becomes more of a phys tank. She trades away some skill, speed, and luck to have more attack and defense. She also really isn’t equipped to be a mage and is now more susceptible to magic.

On the bright side, Great Lord allows access to both swords and lances, meaning she can equip both the Parallel!Falchion and Siegmund.

because not even the smoke from 1000 cigars infused into my lungs or various drugs messing with my head could influence me the way she did, and man, was I addicted.
—  she’s my addiction // D.P

y'know it’s no damn wonder why every other team’s fans hates pens fans because a lot of you guys are so whiny and bigheaded

like with the whole Sid and the reckless plays he did, I’m pretty sure no one here is blind and saw that as unfair. He’s a great guy and a great player, I get that, but at the end of the day it was careless play that should have been penalized. Not ignored.
A man’s broken finger or fucked up groin shouldn’t be ignored.

Or with Ho-Sang using Lemieux’s number, is it so hard for you guys to have some decency for once. Even Lemieux said he was ok with it. Ho-Sang saw something that Lemieux did with putting others before himself, and took him as an inspiration, so to go out and be offended by that and call him out as someone awful is really ridiculous and stupid.

Not only that, you’re putting a bad image on the team. You’re trashing on every other team and every other fan and last time I checked, that’s not what a penguins fan was meant to look like or simply be. Or any fan of any team for that matter.
You’re supposed to reflect the team, that treats everyone like family and is respectful to one another despite differences.
I’m a pens fan, and even I know where to draw a line.