i can't believe that they did this to him

Things I didn’t know Desmond could do 1/? - Mah boi pulling some John Wick style right here

he’s so cute ;;


clique six dynamics (as ranked by my followers): #12 - farkle minkus & maya hart 

it’s farkle who’s always loved us and tried to protect us. // maya hart, she’s a person i believe in. 

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: during 'man up' from the book of mormon 2011, elder price sings "heavenly father why do you let bad things happen, more to the point, why do you let bad things happen to me? i'm sure you don't think i'm a flake because you clearly made a mistake!" and immediately the elders pop up singing 'turn it off', a song about bottling up the feelings that were not okay for a mormon to feel, a song starred by elder mckinley, a man that confesses to have 'gay thoughts' since he was in fifth grade but claims they have passed now, at the end of the musical, mckinley decides to finally 'turn his feelings on' and beat his internalised homophobia after a new vision of religion, but most importantly, why did they choose to reference 'turn it off' when kevin price is convinced god made a mistake with him? is he suggesting there are something Wrong with him apart from leaving his companion alone? maybe not, but then why elder mckinley has a place in price's 'spooky mormon hell dream', a scene that represents all the sins price has committed through the years? does thi-

A 5 step guide to how to deal with a kiss by Doctor Kwak & Doctor Song (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)

so my darling bf @howtheskycries sent me this shirt which exists in real life:

and said “Au where everything is the same but rhys wears this shirt instead of his other one.

and I couldn’t stop laughing. Naturally, I had to draw him in it.

I CAN’T STOP LAUGHING. Rhys tries to justify this by saying he’s tired of cutting holes in all his shirts. It gives his arm more freedom.

I am still pretty rubbish at drawing bodies and clothing, but I tried to model Rhys’ face after the way @lutnik draws him! I am obsessed with their art style. Even though it seems they don’t use tumblr anymore, you should seriously check their work out (: