i can't believe she's in the new york post


                                          DO NOT REBLOG

         Anzu’s instagram, obviously, has a lot of photos. She likes to document her life; especially after she moves to New York. It’s a good way to keep in contact with the gang back in Domino while giving them a glimpse into how she’s doing overseas. She takes a lot of selfies, and you can bet when any of her friends come to visit or she makes trips back to Domino, there are lots of photos with them uploaded. She also frequently posts photos of scenery or what she’s eating and generally just anything she finds cute or worth a quick photo. 

        She gained a bit of a following after word got out she’s dating the KING OF GAMES. As long as they’re nice and don’t leave hateful comments, she doesn’t mind them, although it’s still a little weird sometimes. She gets a little of her own fanbase down the road when she’s promoted to Principal Dancer and becomes more noticed by the public. ( templates: x x )