i can't believe she has two of these either

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You always say you're a fan of Elise and Natasha but you seem to make fun of Elise's career suggesting she's not going anywhere and it's a bit??? No hate just wondering why you think she's not going anywhere? She's filmed more this year than Natasha has

wait what? when? how? I personally believe, of the two, Elise is better at acting so why would I think that wtf ._.

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For Femslash February I chime in with either Yui and TOSHINOUUUU KYOUKOOOO or some good ol fashion ZweiWings because someone has to uphold this brand and evidently that is still my job (also hi dl i hope ur having a good day ilu friend)

The one time Kyouko gets Yui to laugh is probably the only time she wasn’t expecting it