i can't believe she actually did it


inktober 2017 - 31

Mystic AU Halloween

Lexa gives Clarke a witches’ hat for Halloween because she thinks it’s hilarious. Clarke actually ends up wearing it the whole day despite pretending it’s ridiculous.

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I still can't believe my boy Jon actually mustered up the courage to go to Dany's cabin. I mean, how did he read the signs lol? They always try soo hard not to show each other their attraction.

You & me both, anon.  Honestly, I was shook! I’m still shook! I can’t believe my boy actually did it. I mean they did have some solid hand holding action not long ago and Jon did try to make a move on her by silently pleading her to stay. 

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When she walked away, it could have planted seeds of doubt in his mind but it’s nice that he understood it was the timing of his move. I mean she was grieving afterall. 

Before they leave on that boat, they do have this beautiful sexually charged moment, alone. I love it almost as much as Boatsex. He publicly pledged himself to her, told her she’s not like anyone else and practically offers to impregnate her haha

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But despite all of that he really was nervous when he knocked on her door and unsure of her response until she let go of her door to let him in, then the wolf was out and howling, haha. But looking at how unsure he was, it must have taken a lot of courage to make the move. I guess, he just had it so bad for her that he just HAD to give it a shot.

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It’s a beautiful thing, I never thought I would see Jon Snow of all people pursue a woman and be this forthcoming. Just goes to show just how deeply he desired to be with her. 

  • <p> <b>what she says:</b> I'm fine<p/><b>what she means:</b> I can't believe blue is V's natural hair. It doesn't make sense- I know the Choi twins have red hair and that doesn't make sense either but at least it's somewhat acceptable. But he has blue eyebrows? What the actual hell. Did he dye them blue too? It's pretty much been blue throughout all of the routes, the flashbacks AND the secret endings. How does that even work, if it's dyed? What would he have started doing after he became blind? Would he just barge into a salon with his walking cane every couple months and think about his next course of action against Mint Eye as the hairdresser plays Frank Sinatra in the background while describing various shades of blue for him to pick from? Did he have a blue stubble at some point in his life? I have so many questions, someone help<p/></p>

they’re making a s2 of the oa and i’m gonna have to go through that mind fuck /again/

[12/05/2017]  → queen of the fairies

look. character wise i love ever’s development but. if i said her battle of fairy tail arc design isn’t my favourite one i’d be lying

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: i miss calliope torres every single day of my life. she was such a strong, independent woman who never needed anyone but herself. i can't believe we were blessed with such an amazing character for 10 years and honestly she was such an iconic and pure character. we did not deserve a bisexual latina to appear on this show but we got her and i will never get over the fact that she's gone
Bad Boy
  • *Molly's flat*
  • Molly: *nursing a cut above Sherlock's eye* I can't believe she actually punched you.
  • Sherlock: *winced* People don't like it when their affair is exposed to their entire family, even if the murderer was caught. Lesson learned.
  • Molly: *smirks* You were showing off.
  • Sherlock: A bit.
  • Molly: *smoothes his hair aside* There. Good as new. Try not to entice anymore guilty widows to punch you, yeah?
  • Sherlock: *smiles* It's me, Molly.
  • Molly: *chuckles* Still... *ruffles his hair; thoughtful* looks hot, though. I always did like a bad boy *giggles; leaves*
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: *raises an eyebrow*
  • *Molly's flat*
  • Molly: *reading on her sofa*
  • -knocking-
  • Molly: *opens the door*
  • Sherlock: *gently prodding his black eye; wincing* Didn't work...
  • Molly: *arms folded* Another widow.
  • Sherlock: An old lady. Someone tried to mug her *shrugs* I stepped in.
  • Molly: *bites her lip* Oh...
  • Sherlock: *gestures* May I...
  • Molly: *shakes her head* Sorry, yes. Right *pulls him inside* err, sit down. I-I'll just... *hurries to the bathroom*
  • Sherlock: *smirks*
RQ Characters and their reaction to the "Everything, Everything" movie
  • Mare: Why?...Why did I come to see this?
  • Farley, gets out of chair: yES! YES! GO MADELINE! LEAVE THAT HOUSE! [someone tells her to be quiet] BITCH TELL YO MOM TO BE QUIET!
  • Cal: *crying* I can't believe this.... I just cAN'T believe this
  • Shade: Finally! A biracial romance for once!
  • Elara: *gets up to leave*
  • Tinerias 6: Elara you can't leave! Not while everyone's watching! They have to see that we support the diversity.
  • Evangeline: *on her phone until she notices how much Elane likes it then cuddles with her*
  • Julian: *whispers during movie* In the book they actually...
  • Maven: *has a lot of empathy for Olly because he knows what it's like to have an abusive parent*

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with the new TV spot released did you notice they changed ethan's wig? but because the trailer was shot a year ago do you think this will be the final spongebob look? i really hope not, it's so ugly. :/ I didn't love the wig from CHI but if he HAS to wear a wig i can't believe i'm saying this but i'd rather they bring the old wig back tbh. it wasn't great but instead of making the wig better like i hoped they made it worse.

Yes, I did. I’m not loving it either. :(

You know what? Because the trailer is technically old footage (according to Tina Landau’s insta, they shot the trailer in June, she posted a behind the scenes pic on 29 June, 2016 not sure if that was the actual date in which the trailer was shot though but I assume it was) I’m hoping this will NOT be the final look. But not sure. My theory is that I’m actually thinking that look came out AFTER the look he had in the boot? I’m not sure when the boot was shot as I didn’t film it, but it’s possible the boot was filmed in early June BEFORE the trailer was made.

For example, this wig that we’re used to is pictured here from 20 June (may not be the date it was taken but it must’ve been before the 29th):


Since they had previews in Chi from June 7 to July 10, 2016 I’m not sure if they shot the trailer before or after or somewhere in between. The footage they used from the Chi news clips, however, shows his wig styled like it is in the boot. http://www.chicagotribune.com/entertainment/theater/reviews/ct-spongebob-squarepants-musical-chicago-ent-0620-20160619-column.html

The date on that article shows July though…but that may not be when those clips were shot.

So again, I’m thinking that look he has in the trailer was AFTER. That up do may end being the look they’re going for?  I think maybe the wig he has in the trailer was designed somewhere between late June or early July.

For instance, I couldn’t understand why most of the backstage pics had Ethan wearing his wig so..up…I thought he was just goofing around, but is it possible this is the look he had at one point? Were they just experimenting with the wig, trying different looks? Because the hairstyle seems to vary.

The wig is up in June 11: https://www.instagram.com/p/BGiZ8XJH9kR/?taken-by=broadwayinchicago

Then the wig here looks normal from June 18: https://www.instagram.com/p/BGz9FIxn9nm/?taken-by=broadwayinchicago

Then it’s up again. This was from June 25: https://www.instagram.com/p/BHGTRoeDqzd/?taken-by=broadwayinchicago

This was from July 2: https://www.instagram.com/p/BHXrvgHjZR5/?taken-by=broadwayinchicago

This was from July 6:

This was from July 9:

So I’m trying to follow the timeline of the wig, but it’s not consistent. Again, when the pics were posted may not be the dates they were taken, because the wig is constantly going up and down. In conclusion I’m not sure if the combed down style that we’re familiar with from the boot was the early version and the more punk rock up do is going to be the final version.

I don’t love the wig regardless but it doesn’t look like they’re gonna get rid of it, and though the one he has in the boot isn’t great like you said, I can actually deal with it. The one in the trailer is just…horrendous. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what look they decide on.

  • Neptune: I can't believe those White fang Guys! I hear a little girl got hurt in one of their raids last week. That is like, the opposite of gucci.
  • Ruby: Oh man, I just wish we knew more about them, so we could do something about this.
  • Sun: Well, we could ask Blake. After, she used to be part of the White Fang.
  • Scarlet: What?
  • Blake: UH, UM,
  • Sun: Did I say White Fang? I meant to say she's someone I MIGHT BANG yeah that heh heh
  • Blake: Yeah, exactly, I'm not a terrorist, I just might one day-
  • Blake: Actually, no, I think that's worse.

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Way back before Trump was elected president I lied to my mom about him being a Capricorn like her (she said she didn't believe in astrology) and she just kept asking "why?? No this can't be Capricorn are the best why did I have to the same sign as Trump" and basically had a small existential crisis (her eyes actually watered up) until I told her he was actually a Gemini (so much for not believing in astrology)-a (maybe) secretly evil fish


Kensi/Deeks  - Finding A Moment

So I wrote a fanfic. A smutty fanfic at that lol. It truly has no plot at all. Just Kensi and Deeks trying to finish what they started that morning before Hetty called them in. And they’re at the club with the Cupcake Girls. So…

It’s my first fanfic in many, many years. So let’s see how it goes lol.

Deeks could feel her staring at him. He was trying to dutifully pay attention to something that Tiffany, or was it Tiffani, was telling him. But he could feel his girlfriend’s hungry, gorgeous gaze on him. He peeked at her out of the corner of his eye and almost wished he hadn’t.

She was staring at him with that half-smile/smirk that always drove him crazy. As he watched, she slowly licked her bottom lip, then bit it. Deeks groaned inwardly.