i can't believe people are still hating on chloe after this

Imagine: Marinette with the Butterfly Miraculous instead

I have no idea how this would work but bare with me.

So instead of Marinette gaining the Ladybug Miraculous, she gets the Butterfly Miraculous. Maybe the Ladybug Miraculous is being wielded by the bad guy in this one (Sorry Tikki!)(#FreeTikki2k16).

Adrien is still our lovable flirty mess of a black cat who has only met the mysterious “La Mariposa” in person a few times but she made one hell of an impression before they both agreed that keeping her behind the scenes and away from the actual battle would be better.

So Marinette creates “Champions” as the Miraculous is supposed to be used to fight evil. She finds people who are willing to help. 

Sometimes they are sad (Mariposa gives Kim a pep talk as Kim/Cupid helps with the latest battle). 

Sometimes they are angry (Lady Wifi had to be talked out of going after Chloe but Mariposa was stern and spoke to Alya about being the better person. Though Mariposa did speak to the Principle about getting Alya’s suspension revoked). 

Often they are scared (Courage was Mylene’s Champion form and gave her the strength to help her friends.)

As La Mariposa, Marinette is able to help people overcome the negativity in their lives to become better people. It also helps her control her own emotions resulting in less spazzing around Adrien, less overthinking and generally helps her maturity develop.

Chat uses the Champions as temporary teammates…

And of course, as a means to flirt and interact with La Mariposa, no matter who the champion is.

Just Imagine during alternate episodes:

Alya/Lady Wifi: Is he … always like this, Mariposa?

Marinette/Mariposa: *resigned sigh* Believe me. He gets worse.

Nino/ The Bubbler: Dude, did he just…?

Marinette/La Mariposa: Tell him if he says one more pun, you’re punting him into space.

Nino/ The Bubbler: I don’t know. It was pretty good. I’d hate to burst his bubble.

Marinette/ La Mariposa: Mon Dieu, don’t you start!

Mylene/ Courage: Um, Miss Mariposa, why is he flirting with you through me?

Marinette/La Mariposa: Frankly, at this point, I don’t even know what goes through his head. 

*About Theo/Copycat* 

Marinette/ La Mariposa: Nope, I refuse to deal with two of you. One is bad enough.

Adrien/ Chat Noir: You just can’t get enough of me, can you My Lady?

Just imagine a Butterfly!Marinette doing her best and a Chat Noir!Adrien who gets to interact with all these people (improving his social skills) and still know at least one person has got his back.