i can't believe no one thought about this before

So I just tagged my uncle in a post on FaceBook because he and I are such One-Punch Man nerds.

And what he replies was actually really cute??

Like, I just love how Genos wants to know every little thing about Saitama and would records it and I never really thought about it before until my uncle replied to my post on FaceBook. Why the Hell is this so cute???

I was literally just trying 2 take a shower when a song gave me nurseychowder thoughts, and, well, i’m so sorry, but,

- nursey’s probably super affectionate and chowder doesn’t mind at all. except when nursey macks on him in front of the entire hockey team (“jeez, nursey!!!! not in front of jack!”)

- they really do have a good dynamic because nursey likes chowder’s eagerness to everything; it’s really refreshing. and chowder loves how nursey really, actually listens to him. 

- nursey’s moms (yes, 2 moms, yes, my gay little hands are taking everything they can grab) love chowder. like. l o v e. if nursey is busy w something and they call, him answering is a perfect alternative and they’ll talk for 20 minutes, or until chowder says something embarrassing about nursey and he loses phone privileges 

- they’re always tired and yawning, yet somehow always excited and getting caught messing around on the ice 

- nursey usually instigates it. chowder’s just trying to get through practice without him dropping a puck down his jersey. 

- cute cuddly naps together on the green couch. poor bitty is always disgusted but it’s still cute

- nursey’s totally written poems for chowder and chowder’s tried to do the same but they were a little… they aren’t the best,, but nursey keeps every single one 

- also chowder wearing nursey’s sweatshirts and nursey leaving cheesy love notes in the pocket for him to find, he would totally do that he’s such a hopeless romantic I fuckin love it

- they probably text and face time and snapchat constantly over break. nursey sends a pic of cooking dinner w his moms, chowder sends a video of his sisters singing in the car ride to in n out, nursey sends a vid of his cat attacking his leg, chowder sends a pic of his meal, and so it goes 

- speaking of which his sisters love nursey and have jokingly offered to drive them to las vegas to get married more than once

- nursey loves being taller than chowder and gives him piggy backs pretty often

- seriously a force to be reckoned with during games, but at the same time nurse would totally pull up chowder’s helmet to kiss him after a win still on the ice and chowder would die 

- they’re so good

- i’m so gay

okay fuck off disney channel

So in the books, it says that the werewolves didn’t have the right to a wand or any part of the magical community, right? 

So why was Remus Lupin the exception? Why of all the werewolves in the UK was he singled out as the only werewolf child– ever, it sounds like– to be granted a hallowed spot at Howgarts?

My headcannon is that Dumbledore knew he’d eventually need an ‘in’ with the werewolf packs. They tended to keep to themselves though, so he needed someone unaffiliated with werewolf culture. 

I won’t say that Dumbledore asked Fenir Greyback to infect Remus, since I see Dumbledore more like a vulture than a hawk; he’ll benefit from the roadkill, but he won’t do the dirty work himself. When he heard there was a young wizard with lycanthropy, he swooped in.

Mr. & Mrs. Lupin were shocked. They knew werewolves weren’t supposed to have any prospects. They were probably so grateful, they didn’t even question Dumbledore’s “generosity.” After all, trying to raise a young werewolf must have been a huge burden. Dumbledore was, in a sense, taking Remus off their hands.

So little Remus went to school with a Hagrid-like awe of Dumbledore’s generosity and greatness, but also a deep sense of his own unworthiness. In school, he studied as hard as possible, became a prefect, and got tons of NEWTs, always trying to prove himself to be as good enough to deserve such a blessing. When Dumbledore said he had need of his ‘special abilities’ to infiltrate the werewolf packs after graduation, he jumped at the opportunity. No one else cared like Dumbledore did, so he should repay the favor. 

But Dumbledore didn’t care. He didn’t think twice about his young protege after the death of Lily and James. What use did he have for a wizard with a furry little problem now that Voldemort was gone? But when it was clear the Dark Lord was coming back to power more than a decade later, he went and whistled for Remus right away, promising food, shelter, and most importantly, wolfsbane. Something he’d never thought to share before now, since it had never been convenient. 

Everything Dumbledore did for to Remus was to control him and create a sense of dependancy. Remus would be homeless, friendless, purposeless without Hogwarts, without the Order of the Phoenix, without Dumbledore, or so Dumbledore would have him believe. That way, whenever he needed a spy among the dark creatures, someone who could blend in and send him intel, he would have one at his beck and call, ready and willing. 

i love driving???? Like I honestly thought I’d get bored of it before I starting learning and then while learning I didn’t have any opinion other than frustration because I wanted to master it as fast as possible but then as my lessons with my dad went on like we’d be driving and he’d be like okay let’s go home and I was like ??? What why ?? And then he’s like dude it’s been two hours when I genuinely thought only twenty minutes had passed and now that I’m better at it I love it?? Maybe it’s because I’m a new driver and haven’t 100% gotten it yet so it’s a lot of critical thinking but idk


Hey guys! This is my new Jane and Lisbon video! I’ve been waiting MONTHS to make this video with this song,especially waiting for the final episode of season 7 so I could edit the video. You can see my struggle. 

I wanted to post this a day after to the finale. Unluckily, my parents renovated all my room so I couldn’t use the computer for more than a week :/ . 

I’ve seen other people have already posted their videos with the same song, and for a moment I thought there was no need to make one on my own, but as I said before, I’ve been waiting months for this so I said : 

What the hell, girl? Just do it!

So here it is. Just finished recently.

Hope you like it!

PS: If I have time, I’m thinking about making a tribute video, but it will take time to do it all. 

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OH MY GOD Nursey writing children's books gives me LIFE!!!! I can't believe I've never seen it before, it's PERFECT!!


I have two thoughts on this.

1) Nursey writes chapter books for kids, like the ones you would read in elementary and middle school. He would definitely focus on teaching kids about being accepting, how everyone is different, and possibly even touch on racism (and other important topics), but like in a kid friendly way. There would be lots of books about hockey. And also maybe a mystery novel about a kid growing up in New York City and his pen pals from Cali and Maine and they like solve something together through writing letters and skyping and sleuthing around. (There’s also probably one really steamy romance novel about a hockey player falling in love with one of his teammates but he wrote it under a different name because HELLO children’s books cannot be written by someone who wrote a very detailed locker room shower sex scene okay).

2) For Nursey’s final project in one of his classes, he decides to write a children’s book - but this time like a picture book? He asks Lardo if any of her art friends would want to illustrate it for him (it’s only a couple of pages, and he’d only need sketches, he promises) and she’s like “bro, I’ll totes do it for you.” So that’s how Nursey and Lardo do their first book together. They actually have a ton of fun (and you know, sometimes smoke a bit before they brainstorm or whatever) and it sort of becomes a thing with them? they keep in touch after Lardo graduates, and when Nursey graduates they use a combo of Shitty and Jack’s connects (lawyers + Alicia Zimmermann okay) to get their original book into the hands of a publisher. It’s an overnight hit (partially because Jack ends up doing a segment thing for the Falconers where he reads it to a group of children - but it’s also just good) and suddenly people want more books? And it’s kind of like a dream come true, because Nursey gets to write and Lardo gets to draw and they get to write/draw stories together and base characters on their obnoxious friends and also teach kids things and it’s just THE COOLEST. They also DEFINITELY write/illustrate a series of books along the lines of Go The Fuck To Sleep that becomes a cult hit among parents. Nursey problem comes up with the idea after his partner (husband. grumpy ginger husband) does something silly/obnoxious/ridiculous with one of their kids. OR it’s completely inspired by Shitty interacting with one of his nephews. Or Chowder’s children. I feel like Chowder’s kids would be so CUTE but like SO MUCH TO HANDLE ALL THE FUCKING TIME. No that’s definitely where Nursey gets the idea. 


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I can't believe some black/poc in this fandom calls nb dirty and stinky!!!!! I thought we all suffer from racism!!!! now we call each other this instead of standing up for each other!!!! wow

Well, nobody is obligated to embrace Naughty Boy. But yeah, the name calling coming from other POC is uncalled for and disappointing. I’ve blogged before about how “dirty P*ki” is very much a real slur in the UK. I even posted a bunch of examples at one point. Among racists, it’s very much a thing to insult people of Pakistani heritage as “dirty”, “filthy”, “stinking”, “nasty”, etc. I don’t think everyone is aware of this. But that’s why it’s best to attack an issue and not the person. 

So if he’s said stuff that people find offensive, call it out. But don’t jump on the bandwagon since there’s definitely people throwing those words around who understand the racist subtext of it. And no one should be aiding the enemy in that way, but especially POC. Let’s at least respect each other’s racial/ethnic identities.