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Hey @war-blade I was your Secret Santa for the @voltron-ss !! When I saw Shklance as one of your requests I just…had to do it. I have always wanted to draw these three and I’m so glad I got to draw them for you <333 I hope you like it and Happy Holidays!!<3
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(Assuming you're still taking requests. If you're backed up and don't want to do this, it's fine. <3) Could you draw some Dipper and Ford fluff? Also, what you're doing for everyone is so kind. You and your art are absolutely wonderful!

Thank you so much, I’m really glad you appreciate it/find it helpful!! 

Dip’s showing him some spots where he’s seen weird stuff so they can go check it out together!

Prayer Request

I don’t know all the details yet, but my mom just came in and broke the news to me. Her brother (my uncle) is currently getting a plane ticket to Italy to pick up my aunt, because it turns out her husband has been having an affair, and their marriage is now officially over. This is a HUGE shock to me, as I always thought he was one of the sweetest guys ever, and we all thought he adored my aunt.

But now she’s coming back to the states with her dog, and I’m sure she’s completely heart broken. She’s prone to depression, and is incredibly sensitive and I can’t even fathom how hard this must be for her. I’m personally crushed, and am in disbelief. I don’t know what’s going to happen, but please, please, if you could keep her and my family in your prayers, that would be wonderful.

I Want to Make You Smile

HELLO!! I have so many Solangelo fanfic prompts and it makes me soooo happy. So this is one that @disenchanted-rose sent me where they slept together but one of them left before the other could wake up and now they don’t know what to do. Sorry @disenchanted-rose but if u wanted NSFW content I rlly don’t like to do that so this is free of it. Let’s just keep it at midnight kisses and shirtless boys :D 

 Idk if I messed up the ages, but I know Nico is currently 14 and Will is 15.


 Nico di Angelo’s life was always a mess. His mother, his sister, his father, the fact that he was the gayest person in the word. Life just hated him. He went through puberty and it just dumped whole new problems on his shoulders, giving him nightmares, causing him to raise the dead when he had surges of anger, giving him suicidal thoughts. He thought the world would be over when he found himself falling for a certain doctor at the age of eleven. 

 When he was twelve, the boy with golden hair started to show concern for him. He was constantly showing up in Nico’s cabin, making sure he was taking his medication and that he was alright. Sometimes he would stay and they would talk well into the night. Whenever Will left, it was as if a part of his soul was ripped away as his footsteps echoed through the empty room. He was surrounded by darkness, and his light left. 

 When he was thirteen, almost everyone found out. Percy, Jason, Annabeth, Piper, Leo, Reyna, Frank, Hazel. All of the people who where remotely his friends. Will was the only one who didn’t. Frank and Hazel, bless their souls, let him be and didn’t force him to do anything. Percy, Jason, and Leo where constantly asking him questions, telling him to just ask Will out. Piper and Annabeth where constantly playing matchmaker dropping not-so-subtle hints to Will. Reyna assured him that Will liked him even though she has no idea who this boy really is. They where in his hair, holding their breath for the moment. 

When he was fourteen, it happened. Fourteen was a young age, and it wasn’t an age for serious commitment. But sometimes things happen and you find yourself in awkward situations. Maybe fourteen was the worse time to do it, maybe he should’ve waited, but words come out of your mouth, you do things without thinking, and it just happens. 

 Will came in for another check up. They where side by side on Nico’s bed and the light was fading outside, making it hard to see Will. But Nico memorized the lines of his face. He could see him, even now. He saw Will’s easy smile and shining eyes. All he wanted to do was kiss him. Nico must have been making a face, because Will stopped smiling. 

 "Nico? Are you okay?“ 

 "Ummhumm,” Nico said, pursing his lips. He wouldn’t get upset as something as stupid as this. It didn’t fool Will, who has been treating him two years. Will puts his fingers on Nico’s chin and turns his face towards his. 

 "Nico. Really. What’s wrong?“ Nico wasn’t in his right mind. It was 1am and his eyes where starting to itch with sleep. So that’s why he planted his hands on Will’s thighs and pushed himself up so he was kissing Will Solace. Will was so surprised by this action that when Nico pushed, Will was pinned onto the bed. When they fell, Nico let out a startled "oomph”. They where splayed not so gracefully on the bed, and Nico felt himself blush. Will just giggled. 

“I guess I literally fell for you,” he says between giggles.

“Your a dork,” Nico says as if it’s a fact.

“I know,” Will says with a cheesy grin. Then, oh gods, he puts his hands on Nico’s cheeks.

“Let’s try that again with a lot more passion and a lot less surprise,” Will says, pressing his lips to Nico. Nico, being the awkward Son of Hades that he is, falls on Will again, knocking their foreheads together with a loud thump. Will giggles again as Nico apologizes and pushes himself off, but Will grabs his arm before he can take off and pulls him onto the bed beside him. They both lie on their backs now, staring at the ceiling of the cabin. For the first time ever, Nico notices the cracks in the roof that show glimpses of the stars outside as moonlight trickles in. Another beautiful thing he took for granted. 

“The stars are beautiful, aren’t they?” Will says dreamily. He takes a deep breath.


“You know who else is beautiful?”

“Gods, Will. If you say ‘me’ like in those memes I will–”

“You are, Neeks. You are the handsomest person I have ever met.” There is no stopping the heat that creeps into his cheeks, somehow making it’s way to his ears. Nico hides his face in his black hoodie, having no intention of coming out. 

“What are you doing?” Will says.



“Just shut up.” Nico feels Will maneuver himself on top of Nico on his hands and knees. 

“How am I supposed to kiss you if you’re hiding?” Will asks. Nico pokes his eyes out, and his eyes out only. Will unzipped Nico’s hoodie so that his face was showing. Will leaned down and pressed a kiss to Nico’s lips, and Nico responded by pushing back harder and harder, lifting his head up to meet Will. He then grabbed Will’s shirt and pulled him beside him so they where facing sideways and kissing. 

They moved closer and closer, relying on each other for heat as cold winds drifted through the cracks in the roof. Will’s hands where clenched in Nico’s hair as he kept pulling him closer and closer. Nico decided to place his hands around Will’s neck. Just to experiment, Nico slipped his hands under Will’s shirt and started to feel the lean muscles of his back. Will seemed pleased with this arrangement and Nico tried letting his hands travel up Will’s shirt instead of down. He honestly wasn’t sure what they where doing, but he almost died when Will let his hands slip up his shirt. They made trails of fires that created hidden scars on his back and it made him feel alive. More alive that Nico has ever felt. It made him feel less like a walking corpse with no soul and more like a person. For a moment, he forgot who he was. He was with the boy he loved since he was eleven.

Eventually the kisses slowed as it neared 3am. Both of them where bare chested and falling asleep. They stopped and Nico curled into a ball; his natural sleeping position. He was out in seconds, and was shivering. Will draped the covers over him and then climbed in with him, lying beside him and petting his hair. Nico murmured words of delight and occasionally said things in italian that Will did not understand. One phrase caught his attention though. 

“Ti amo, Will.” Will’s eyes widen. He has a basic understanding of languages to know that “amo” probably means “love”. 

Will fell asleep curled around Nico. 

Nico woke up first that morning. Sunlight was filtering in and Will’s golden curls shimmered. The drowsiness that caused his actions the night before was gone and he realized just what he did. I kissed Will Solace. Nico couldn’t believe it. It was too good to be true. Which means it wasn’t. It was something that may or may not have happened. Maybe they both fell asleep while talking and Nico dreamed all of those things. Maybe this was a one time thing that Will would yell about when he woke up. Of course he would yell at Nico and ask him what in Hades was he thinking. He would ask how he, the son of the god of the Underworld, could possibly think he’d have a shot with the boy made of sunlight, son of the god of the sun. How he could possibly think that the smile Will flashed could be his. He would say this was a fluke, and there is no way it could possibly happen.

So that’s why Nico maneuvered himself off of Will ever so slightly, creeping like a shadow without actually turning into a shadow. He threw on one of his black t-shirts and went down to the pavilion to try and act like everything was normal and avoid Will the entire day. The good thing was that people expected Nico to be lurking sadly in the shadows, so they didn’t notice the tears that streamed down his face. 

Nico was picking at his breakfast, having no intention of eating when a tray slammed down on the table, causing Nico, and the table to jump and Nico’s silverware to clatter to the floor. 

“What the hell, Nico?” Will shouts above him. Timidly, Nico lifts his eyes to Will’s angry blue ones. He was very aware of every eye on the two of them. 

“Are you really that cruel? Are you really as cold as you lead everyone to believe?” Will shouts. Nico finds himself shrinking smaller and smaller. 

Will,” Nico whispers urgently, “people are staring.” 

“I don’t f**king care if they’re staring. I can’t believe you left me alone! After everything!” Will’s face was red with anger. One of the campers drops their glass of orange juice on the floor. This outburst is outrageous. Maybe it wouldn’t be that bad if it was someone else, but it was Will Solace. Will, who had the voice of an angel that would sooth people into recovery. Will, who has never once said a curse word in his life, swearing at Nico. 

“I-I-I-I was s-s-s-scared,” Nico managed to tremble out. 

“Scared? SCARED? Of what? Me?” 

“Of course I was scared of you, Will,” Nico says, standing up as well. “Did you ever think of what I must be feeling when you bursted in here? I was scared, Will. I was scared you’d reject me. I was scared you where playing tricks on me. I was scared that you would laugh in my face and call me names because that’s all anyone has ever done! DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND? I COULDN’T FACE YOU!” Will was silent for a moment. Everyone held their breath. To be honest, this was everyone’s ship, even if they didn’t know about Nico’s crush. 

“I thought you didn’t want me….” Will whispers.

“Of course I want you, Will. You’re all I ever wanted, ever since I was eleven.” Will looks like he is choking on tears.

“You too?” he says.


“Three years ago. You wanted this for three years.”


“I’ve loved you for five.” Nico let that sink in. Will liked him before Nico was even aware of his feelings. Not liked, loved. Ten-year-old Will Solace had a crush on Nico di Angelo. He fell in love with Nico when he was unstable and mourning his dead sister. He loved him even when he was a bigger mess than he is now. He loved him when they where just edging their way out of youth into the teenage life. 

“Why?” Nico finds himself asking. 

“Because. I knew there was a boy underneath all of those shadows. And I wanted him.” Nico reached over the table to hug Will, burying his face in his shoulder. Tears where cascading down his face, soaking Wil’s shirt. Will didn’t seem to mind. He let Nico cry as he petted his black hair. 

“Gods, I love you, Will,” Nico says.

“I do too,” Will says, smiling at Nico. The hall cheers, nearly scaring Will and Nico. Everyone has been waiting for this for so long, it’s a miracle it finally happened. Seeing Nico’s alert expression, Will took him away from the pavilion to the fire pit. 

“This was where I fell in love. I saw the firelight dancing over your skin and your eyes that held a ghost of the boy who was. A boy who would smile. I wanted to make you that boy again.” Nico collapsed on the ground.

“Nico, are you okay? Do I need to get a medic?”

“I’ve never been better,” Nico says, giving his first real smile in a while. It makes his eyes brighten in a way that makes Will smile even brighter and Nico is hit with the fact of how much he missed smiling like this. Goofily and joyfully in the face of those he loved. 





Request by Anonymous: “Hi! I loved “Cuddle Buddy”-would you be willing to write a part two to it?”

A/N: “CUDDLE BUDDY” has been a huge hit!  I’m so glad you guys liked it!  Hope you enjoy the sequel!

Bucky x reader

Word count: 711 (this one’s a bit short, but still just as sweet!)

Summary: (Y/N) is off on a mission, leaving Bucky alone in his cold, empty bed.

Warnings: mild angst, mentions of PTSD and panic attacks, but it all has a fluffy ending!


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my first prompt for the kiss art challenge! just going super simple with this - i told myself i was just gonna do linework, but of course i had to go and lay down some quick colors. this whole challenge is basically just an excuse for me to practice drawing interactions between characters without being as much of a crazy perfectionist as i usually am in my finished/polished pieces (and also, bonus, i get to draw cute people kissin’ each other). so thanks for sending me prompts, everyone!

this one was requested by the lovely @andrewminard, who wanted to see noah and gansey for #12 - a kiss on the hand. :’)

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Hi! I have a play coming up on friday and I was wondering if you knew of any good wolfstar theatre au fics? If not that's fine, and I hope you have a good day!

I know your play has come and gone, but I promised a more extensive answer in this post, so here you are!

*Updated 1/15/16 with the last two fics*

Theatre AUs:

  • Likewise Variable by ssstrychnine– 29k, T, non-magic high school modern AU. “James has plans, Peter is the nurse, Sirius keeps fake blood up his sleeves, and Remus just tries to stay alive.”  Remus and Sirius star in a production of Romeo & Juliet. TW for references to self-harm, child abuse. Angsty with a happy ending. 
  • *Cue, Love, Go by lelamore– 27k, T, modern non-magic AU. “When Remus decides to assistant stage manage the show “The Importance of Being Earnest”, he never thought he would end up falling for the supposedly egotistical actor, Sirius Black.” I like the techie representation in this :) Also it’s very very tumblr and very very theatre.
  • *Chemistry by lumoscrimsom– 2k, G, non-magic university AU. “Remus is directing the university play, in which the lead actor is extremely gifted.” Very nice, much sexual tension.
  • *Hear My Voice by Badger Chamomile– 25k, T, MWPP era. “While doing a production of the musical Bare: A Pop Opera for class, the Marauders discover alarming parallels between themselves and the characters they play…” Quite angsty at times but also plenty of fluff.
  • Year the Sixth: Muggle Theatre by Naissus– 5k, T, MWPP era. “Sirius is swept up into the bizarre world of Hogwarts-style muggle theatre, which also brings him to the strange and wonderful Lily Evans. Remus watches miserably from the sidelines.” Sirius and Lily do a production of Sweeney Todd. Beginnings of Wolfstar & Jily.
  • Theatre, Apparently by Quicquidlibet– 1k, T, MWPP era/parallel universe fic. “The Marauders, Lily Evans, and Severus Snape are transported to another dimension via potions accident where they are all Muggle American high school students who are heavily involved in their after school theatre program…” Very strange but very theatre. 
  • The Marauders Play Macbeth by The Marauder Named Prongs– 3k, T, non-magic historical AU. “In 1600 Britain, Sirius is frustrated by his lack of success as a dramatic actor and vows to act in a Shakespeare play.
  • Over analyze again, would it really kill you if we kissed by badasskorra– 402 words, G, modern AU. “Sirius has to rehearse his lines but since his co-star Lily isn’t around he asked the stage worker, Remus, to help.
  • *A Study in Multimedia, Theatre and the Definitive Argument that Tea Should Not be in Bag. by iLoveSourWorms– WIP~ 5k, M, non-magic modern AU. “In which Sirius is a theatre actor, Remus has the misfortune of being an amateur play critic (but is really just a tumblr geek), James and Lily fall in love and Peter just tries to survive.

Aaaand I couldn’t make this list without self-rec’ing my little wolfstar techie AU ficlet:  part 1, part 2

So like, with Zootopia out I’ve been seeing a lot of furries on my dash and it’s kinda gotten me back into a furry mood. But the thing is.

I don’t have a fursona. I haven’t had a proper one since I came out as trans. I’ve come back to the question a few times over the years, but I’ve never been able to come up with anything satisfying. Cause like, anytime I want to make one, I can come up with some cute concepts I like, but  none of them feel like me. Cause, like, Daydream is Me.

And it wasn’t until today that I realized that still gave me a good option.

So I just drew anthro Daydream like I should’ve been doing the whole time.


rebekah + klamille  3.09 “savior”

requested by geektastic08



Yay! Thank you! This was the first thing I thought of when I got the request! I hope it’s okay! I tried! It was gonna be up earlier! I'm sorry it took so long. >.< Thank you so much for the request! It means a lot! <33 X3


ot4 + storm

//request for ziamwillow

Gavin asked more about Drake tonight. When I answered him for the tenth time he said, “I’ll just see Drake later”. I had to explain calmly that he wouldn’t. “We can watch videos or look at pictures of Drakey, but we won’t see him anymore”. He went quiet… I repeated that it’s okay to be sad and that if he missed cuddling Drake that he could ask me or Daddy instead.

Later when I managed to get him to bed, he requested his stuffed toy “Little Drake” - the one I mentioned on a Langblr post - and when I put him beside him G moved Little Drake to his pillow/on his head, a classic Drake position.

18 | “This is without a doubt the stupidest plan you’ve ever had. Of course I’m in.”

summary: Hak has to call on his sworn frenemy for his plan to work out, but he’d do just about anything for the Princess. Implied HakYona.
notes: Someone requested this. I don’t remember who but…here! It was probably one of those stacked requests where there was more than one prompt on it—and I only ever really respond with one request at a time, haha. Sorry, just an organizational tick of mine. Enjoy anyway!
10for10k: 732 (cumulative 10,232)

Jae-ha knows his ego will be fed from the moment Hak approaches him.

“I’ll…” and then before admitting the rest, he turns his head off to the side, speaking through his resistant lips, “…need some of your wisdom.”

“My wisdom, you say?” Jae-ha repeats, with a controlled smile on his face, legs crossed over each other and his arms crossed over his chest.

Hak’s eyebrows furrow, unhappy because he knows that Jae-ha is enjoying every moment of this.


Jae-ha’s smile breaks, and his grin stretches wider across his lips. “Well, well, Hak-chan, I’m so honored that you came to consult me first. I really am not all as intelligent as you think I am.”

The Thunder Beast is about to call off the entire plan but it involves Yona, and for her, he’d even go through suffering Jae-ha’s pleasantly stroked ego. He chews on his lip for a long while, trying to get a hold of himself, and finally explains.

What Hak says is so earnest that Jae-ha almost feels bad for the ex-general.

“I was thinking of….celebrating…the Princess’s accomplishments,” he says, eyes still not willing to meet the green dragon’s gaze.

“Ah,” Jae-ha says. “Do go on.”

And so after the former pirate earnestly listened carefully to Hak’s plan, he nods.

“This is without a doubt the stupidest plan you’ve ever had,” he admits. “Of course I’m in.”

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