i can't believe its not margarine

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter, the convincing margarine, is a popular product.  With that in mind we are now unveiling a new set of related products.

I Can Believe It’s Not Butter - It’s not butter, and it tastes like it is not butter.

I Can’t Believe It Is Butter - actual butter, but it tastes like an unconvincing margarine.

I Shan’t Believe It’s Not Butter - Not butter, doesn’t really taste like butter, but marketed towards the most stubborn people

I Can’t Believe It’s Not And Also Is Butter - A quantum superposition of convincing margarine and convincing butter

Is It Butter, Who The Fuck Knows - We just put something yellow in a tub

I Can Be Convinced That This Is Butter - Tastes kind of like butter, but a bit off, but not enough to make it sure that it isn’t butter.

I Am Not Butter, You Are Not Butter, This Whole Damn System Is Not Butter  - Is butter, but marketed towards the very stubborn.

Butter Can’t Believe It’s Not Me - the butter is told it is you but it is not you it was never you not really

What Is Butter - What is I who is I who is Butter

Butter Believe Can’t Me I Margarine Believe Butter Butter - Butter? Margarine. Can’t I me?

Butter Is A Lie, You are a Lie, You are Margarine, The Butter is You, All is Butter - all hail butter