i can't believe it's been one whole year

Wow, can you believe this has been going for 1 year now? I’d make a joke about time going quickly but that’s a little too on the nose

Regardless, I’m very pleased to have made it this far, and I could never have done it without help from a lot of people: my friends, and all my followers (and I love all of you)

And now I’m here, with nearly 1000 followers, one year on from the last July 2nd, and I couldn’t be more grateful. So, a small shoutout to my closest and dearest friends:

@darny-darnvito: a chum. a buddy. a pal. a cool friend to talk to. a good friend

@dailyhierophantgreen: Ray, you’re a tiny meme melon gremlin and I love you

@weeklyheavendio: gorgeous art. fun to talk to. beautiful personality. what more could you want in a friend

@daily-giogio: Paige we may fight over a lot of stuff but you’re still a great friend and ily

@daily-gappy: we don’t talk as much as I’d like but ya still a cool bean

@daily-caesar: we don’t talk as much as we used to but we still pals. you’re a cool dude Adam

@dailyshadowdio: Cake you’re one of my best friends and you are so important to me as a friend. your art? fantastic? your memes? dank? your self? excellent? ily

@daily-foofighters: my longest-running friend in the daily community and my absolute closest, dearest friend. Foof you are so very important to me and ily so much, i’m so glad you’re in my life

you’re all super cool and important to me and i love all of you

here’s to another year of Pucci?

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I can't believe Thor's been part of the MCU for years and no one's written the Bayreuth Festival fic where Thor sits down to watch Das Rheingold and spends the whole time grinning because the opera is basically "Loki and Odin go on an adventure together" and that's his /brother/ it's a whole masterwork people pay good money to come see and it's all about how clever his brother is.

I do love this, in spite of my reservations about Wagner in general given his, uh…virulent antisemitism. 

But actually it’s funny you should send this because @portraitoftheoddity was just talking to me about an AU where at the end of Thor 2 when Loki goes back to Asgard post-not!death Odin’s like “YOU KNOW WHAT FUCK THIS, YOU’RE COMING WITH ME” and ends up dragging Loki on the worst/best father-son road trip ever and they bond over conning people for all they’re worth, because Odin in his youth was totally more of a Loki than a Thor and got up to all kinds of shit (as he does in mythology) and it’s actually…the best their relationship has been in years, and they both discover that they actually make a really good duo of grifters

and this is an AU that I now desperately want because awkward family roadtrips and Odin and Loki shenanigans and the first time they successfully pull a con and are driving off laughing and then realize what’s happening and like. it gets super weird 

(but you know what, it was fun)

p.s. don’t give me credit for this great idea, it’s totally @portraitoftheoddity‘s this just came up in my inbox and it felt like kismet

A Goodbye
  • Naruto: Oh, hey! There you are. It's me, Uzumaki Naruto, Konoha's number one unpredictable ninja and the future orange Hokage!
  • Naruto: Wow, I can't believe it's really been 15 years--and you've been with me the whole time! I couldn't have done it without you!
  • Naruto: A lot of stuff has happened, and you were with me through all of it. The good stuff... and the bad stuff, too. But it all turned out okay in the end! I'm glad you were here to see it!
  • Naruto: I just wanted to say thank you for sticking with me all the way, and for everything else you did, for all of us...
  • Sakura: Thank you for growing up with me--with hard work and dedication you can accomplish anything!
  • Kakashi: Thanks for helping this old man finally do something right for once. Remember to always protect your comrades, no matter what.
  • Sai: Thank you for being my friend.
  • Hinata: T-thank you, for never giving up, no matter what!
  • Shino: Thank you for remembering me.
  • Kiba: For, uh--
  • Akamaru: Bark! Bark!
  • Choji: Thanks for all the snacks, and for watching me bring out my true strength when I needed it.
  • Shikamaru: For trusting me, even though it's a total drag...
  • Ino: For remembering I'm just as strong as Shikamaru and Choji and a billion times cuter!
  • Lee: Thank you all for staying by my side even when things seemed bad! You can do anything if you train hard enough!
  • Guy: For living everyday full of YOUTH!
  • Tenten: For helping me get stronger and putting up with my ridiculous teammates...
  • Neji: Thank you for letting me live.
  • Minato & Kushina: Thank you for looking after our son!
  • Gaara: For giving me a second chance.
  • Sasuke: ......
  • Sasuke: (Naruto punches his shoulder)
  • Sasuke: Hn...
  • Sasuke: ...Thank you for never giving up on me...
  • Naruto: Thank you for everything! I owe all of you a big, steaming bowl of Ichiraku ramen! And even though it might seem like it's over I promise I'll never forget you. I made a lot of new friends these 15 years and that includes each and every one of you!
  • Naruto: Let's see... did I forget anything?
  • Naruto: Oh! Right!
  • Naruto: Thank you for believing in me!

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I was initially really pissed at the ending, but upon reflection, it's incredibly sweet and tragic. Dale Cooper fucked up everything for a teenage girl that died 25 years ago. All for her. My heart is aching and it can't stop. That said, I at least want a season 4 for Audrey. But, you know what, I don't think her story matters anymore. No one's does. Because Coop screwed everyone over. For Laura. God dammit, Lynch/Frost.

I know right its heartbreaking…i like that whole cooper/laura stuff though because its always felt like thats the heart of the show, it’s always been about Laura palmer and cooper too believed that. I would have saved her too if I could. Its so sad which makes a lot of sense the ending now, its always been about the tragic life of Laura palmer and I’m glad it came full circle in a way. Yes!!! I need Audrey Horne to be okay, I need her to be happy. I feel cheated out of her story IT WAS A CLIFFHANGER IM MAD. I know I think he fucked it all up by saving her and it left me feeling uneasy and I feel like nothing matters…


when the skies and the grounds were one… #4yearswithexo

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From your experience, how do Mals and Dutchies compare? Assuming you chose, why did you go with a Dutch instead? I'm on a lot of facebook groups and I'm just curious as to what your opinion is. There seems to be a split, specifically in the working dog people; Some people say they're too entirely different breeds and others say they're the same breed, but one has stripes. To add to the different breeds part, if that's the case, some say Dutchies are slightly more chill than Mals and vice versa.

Malinois + stripes + brain = Dutch shepherd


that’s a joke. um, yeah, I think saying they are the same breed is like saying the Azawakh and Sloughi are the same breed. Or Kelpies and Koolies, etc etc. 

though I do agree they have basically the same temperament and are obviously bred for the same purposes.. (when discussing FCI dogs***) DS and mals originated in different countries, have structural differences, and are registered and bred separately soo, yeah, not the same breed. 

***HOWEVER. some people do interbreed them (which I have no issue with), typically KNPV dogs. and even though the dogs have been bred together for generations they still call the brown ones Malinois and the striped ones Dutch. admittedly I find this weird but I’m not gonna lose any sleep over it. but yes, in that case, they are the same breed lol

when it comes to individual breed differences… well, like I said, I think they have largely the same temperament. I think, for both breeds, the variances depend on the lines/what the specific breeder is going for. and just the individual dog’s own personality. as you said, basically everything someone says about DS another person will say the same for mals. I’ve seen people say mals work for the sake of the work while a Dutch works for his people. which, lol, definitely has not been my experience. and who’s to say that’s really true across the board, in general? if I’d been asked this a few months ago I might have said that DS tend to be the more calculating thinkers while mals are more gung ho head first into everything do-er types. but now I’d just rather not make generalizations like that. because there are certainly plenty of dogs of each type (and some that are in between, whatever) in both breeds. I also think getting one or the other based on the idea that they’re more chill would probably be a mistake haha. 

I like all dogs that are pushy bitey assholes both breeds and will probably own both breeds but I got a Dutch because I’d been enamored with them for a couple years prior. why not a mal? I prefer the overall look of the DS, their generally smaller size, and YES, I fucking love stripes. but anyway, more specifically, I knew I wanted a Vrijheid Dutch pretty much from the start. wasn’t really willing to compromise on that, unless I didn’t go with a breeder, because I was also considering young adult rescues (mals & Dutch). buuut I was kind of dying for a puppy… there ended up being the most ideal Vrijheid litter in the works at the right time, and then perfect little Eefje had five females so there was one for me!!! 

but yea in general Homestuck has both its shining moments and terribad ones and I can’t recommend it to everyone but I Love It A Lot as something that changed so many aspects of my life

I’m packing for a flight back to my hometown at 9am tho so like if y’all still wanna talk about it or reminisce on really fun stuff that happened a while back feel free to message off-anon and we can do that when I am less burdened and more coherent :))

| Happy 1 year with GOT7 | 

Happy one year with got7 and igot7s. It was one beautiful year and one year well spent. A year full of falling for these dorky seven boys, one year of seeing how much they’ve grown in the span of 12 months. Honestly, I still can’t believe that it has been one year since our boys debuted, the year has gone by so quick. I want to thank got7 for always working so hard for us during the past year by giving us a debut, 2 comebacks with 3 great korean albums and along with their other schedules. I want to thank them for always spoiling  us with so many releases, even having ‘I GOT7’, 'REAL GOT7 SEASON 1 &2’. Thank you, to our precious seven boys, GOT7! Let’s all continue to make even more beautiful memories and grow stronger together as a whole in the future!!!


A year ago today I was introduced to Ava’s Demon – 8/12/2013

Those are the exact words my sister used when introducing me to Ava’s Demon a year ago today! I just wanted to give a big “thank you” to her, Michelle, and the whole fandom for being amazing and making this past year one of the best ever for me. Thank you so much!! <3

Taylor I hope you see this!! ❤️

So on August 18, 2014 I had the opportunity to MEET TAYLOR IN HER HOME. I had 7302737929 different things I wanted to say and of course in the moment I could only come up with the generic “you’re so great thank you so much” speech. If I could rewind I would tell her that I had one more year of grad school left. I would tell her that I couldn’t wait for 1989 to come out to help me get through my last year of graduate school. TAYLOR I hope you get the chance to see this now because IM GRADUATING and 1989 got me though all the highs and lows of being a grad student. Thank you thank you THANK YOU ❤️❤️❤️

Hi friends, its been a whole while since I've made a follow forever, so here is a new set !! It's probably the same ass awesome people and this one is fewer than normal bc I narrowed it down, but I did add some other A++ blogs that I currently love seeing in my dash. I made this blog just a year ago and I can't believe having 15K bc i suck tbh lol but anyways, if you're on this list that means I LOVE YOU SO MUCH (ur my fav) AND YOU'RE AMAZING !!

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