i can't believe it's been 6 months

Holy shit dudes. 

Happy 17th Birthday, Matsushima Sou \(^O^)/

Happy 11th Anniversary to Super Junior! #11YearsWithSuperJunior 🎂🍧🍨🍦🍰🍾

The first song that I ever heard from you was “Sorry Sorry” - I still remember when I heard it at school and @cericebelle got very excited - even more so when I told her that I actually liked the song so much that I downloaded it from iTunes haha. At this point, she decided that it would be a fantastic idea to drag me down the bottomless abyss of KPop! Needless to say, my life was never the same again and my musical tastes now revolve largely around KPop.

Kyuhyun was my first SJ bias and I mistakenly thought that his personality would match his angelic voice, and I was incredibly shocked when @cericebelle told me that he was, and remains to this day, the ‘evil maknae’. My second bias was Ryeowook - he has such a unique voice and I still remember the exact photo of him that caught my eye! Last, but certainly not least, I watched my first KDrama, ‘Panda and Hedgehog’ in 2013, and my goodness, that was when Donghae became my ultimate bias! I immediately set out to download all of his photos, and rewatched all of SJ’s videos to find his camera moments and fangirl over them.

Nevertheless, as the years went by, I found myself gradually loving each and every member because of their talent and Super Junior would not be the same at all without any one of their contributions. Each and every member is valuable, and although I could not quite fit SJM’s eras in this set, I love and treasure Henry and Zhoumi as well.

While I still hope that I may one day be able to see Super Junior in person, if I do not, know that I am thankful that I have at least been able to enjoy everything that Super Junior has done from afar in the last few years as an ELF. I may not have been there from the beginning, but I will always be there until the end.

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How did you get into BNHA?

I started reading BNHA on May 19th. Man, let me tell you I caught up at a very stressful time within the manga. There were 91 chapters out at the time. I read 45 chapters that day then the other 46 the next day. All for One and All Might were just beginning their battle. And so began my anxiety for the next month. 

I’d spend every morning on the way to class talking about All Might with my brother. How cool he was and that he was my favorite hero. I told him about how All Might was in a pinch and that he was fighting one of the most powerful guys in the series. My brother was convinced that All Might was going to die, but I kept saying he was going to live. With each chapter that came out, I explained what was going on to my brother.

I was so nervous I succumbed to reading spoilers before the chapters came out. That was my mistake. I read fake spoilers that showed All Might’s death. It was horrible and honestly it felt like my heart had been ripped from my chest. My brother was sympathetic when I told him about what I’d read. I said “He can’t die! I just spent all this time getting to know him! He’s All Might damn it!” I considered dropping the series right then and there because my favorite character was about to be killed off and I honestly didn’t know if I could take it. 

Luckily the spoilers turned out to be fake and here I am today 6 months later. 

Anyway that’s the story of how I got into BNHA, I’d love to hear yours! (still trying to get my brother to read it. He still hears all about it though haha)