i can't believe it's been 17 years

omg i’m on the last ep of season 5 of Lost.

i still only care about desmond and jin and i’m only following with like 78% of the plot lines at any given time but i’m GONNA FINISH THIS SHOW!!!

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Idk if you know about it but theres's a cut song from ITH's workshop called Hear Me Out, and in it, Benny says that when he was ten years old, he rocked corn rows, and now I just can't get the cute image of a small Benny with cornrows out of my head.

i cant believe i forgot this!!!!!!! thank you for reminding me,, these lil bennys can be your reward

the reluctant part | waava week 2017

Title: the reluctant part
Word Count:
[The line beside them grows shorter. His legs are stiff. // “It’s for the best.” | Wan. Raava. Aye-Aye.]

A/N: This was is actually the beginning of a longer story I started waaaaay back in 2015 (that got 17 freaking pages long >.>) so since it’s be unlikely that it will see the light of day, I’ve decided to put the beginning here as a standalone since I still like how it turned out! :)


waava week 2017 // day 1 · fresh start


He never imagined there would be this many – but after ten-thousand years to come and go as they pleased, his only surprise now was how they managed to gather so quickly. It had only been a few months since Harmonic Convergence ended, and Wan had been hard at work, travelling the world to convince the spirits that it was time to go back to their real home.

Of course, many of them weren’t too eager to take orders from a human, but with Aye-Aye and the rest of the Oasis spirits at his side, he found their numbers did more than enough to persuade even the most stubborn of spirits to head south. They came across the farthest reaches of the world, stretching over the frozen hills in lines so long Wan couldn’t see the end of them.

But that would come soon enough.

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soojung’s birthday is today and this girl isn’t getting any younger. TT i remember when i picked her up when she was 16/17, now i’ve had her for about 2 years and a half.. now she’s 19!! that’s still young and i’m sure she has a long way to go in doing what she wants. she isn’t doing anything special for her birthday because she’s been so busy with the royal survival show!! ;A; but aaah she’s not a baby anymore nsadifonsdof;


On This Day in History: The WNT Hits the Links (July 17, 2012) 

20x Oscar Nominee 

Academy Award for Best Picture, 2012

“It’s alright but it would be better if I was in it. I’m a great golfer, I train really hard” - Carli Lloyd

“simply iconic” - tumblr user laurenholiday

“This video is an embarrassment to our federation” - Sunil Gulati 

up until now i honestly still cannot believe that seventeen has already finished their debut era or even debuted like these were the dorky children on seventeen tv that would do lots of weird things and play sports inside the practice room and break light bulbs and play the pulling game and kiss each other and remove their leg hairs with duct tape and refuse to wake up for school and lots more of weird moments but look at them now―they’ve entered the idol world, created an album, debuted, successfully finished their promotions like it’s just hard to believe, man. but then again it’s been like three years but seriously i can’t be the only one who think this.