i can't believe it was 2006


get to know me meme: favorite movies {4/5} » the prestige (2006)

What do you want from me?
                   I want you to be honest with me. No tricks, no lies, no secrets.

fun fact: the jonas brothers played bamboozle in 2006 and 2007 alongside these bands……

fall out boy, panic! at the disco, paramore, my chemical romance, taking back sunday, all-american rejects, motion city soundtrack, underoath, relient k, thirty seconds to mars, saves the day, say anything, linkin park, circa survive, plain white t’s, all time low, dashboard confessional, yellowcard, new found glory, and brand new…….. just to name a few.

basically, the jonas brothers were literally lumped in as just another rock/pop punk band at the time, sooo go ahead and jot that down.

But, somehow I still try to believe that I’m the one for you ‘cause I know all the dirty things you’d like to do. I’m the fear in your eyes, I’m the fire in your flies. I’m the sound that’s buzzing around your head.
—  ryan ross; monday, march 13 2006

“My favorite memory of Robin Williams was from Muhammad Ali’s Celebrity Fight Night. I was the em-cee at the benefit dinner/auction, trying to get everyone to take their seats so we could start the show but not having much success. Jim Carrey jumps up on his chair at the head table and says, “Hey!! Do you know who that is? That’s Reba McEntire! Now sit down and shut up!” Robin at the other end of the head table, stands on his chair and says the same thing but in a foreign language! The crowd loved it, laughed and found their seats. I was speechless and in awe of these very talented wonderful men.” - Reba McEntire 

RIP, Robin Williams (July 21st, 1951 - August 11th, 2014)

Sebastian Stan in The Architect (2006)

not the time to sleep (for the epic tale of a drowning man and the little girl who asked him to live)

i bet my life (riot games remix) - imagine dragons // feel again (itunes session) - onerepublic // hold my hand - the fray // a sky full of stars (orchestral version) - coldplay // ghosts that we knew - mumford & sons // glósóli - sigur rós // wasteland - woodkid // lift me up (the afters cover) - ally rhodes // stay alive - josé gonzález // i wanna get better - bleachers ft. ps22 chorus // miracle mile - cold war kids // you found me (the fray tribute) - the vitamin string quartet // tell me a story - phillip phillips // geronimo - sheppard // c'mon - panic! at the disco ft. fun. // your hand in mine - explosions in the sky

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HAPPY ANNIVERSARY SONIC THE HEDGEHOG 2006!! This was the first game I was dying to play, this was the first game I was dreaming of playing ever since I was little. This was really the game that brought my love for sonic closer, this was the game that really made me love him. And I remember the joy and happiness of playing this game for the first time, seeing one of my favorite characters on screen for the first time, for me it was pure happiness. This is definitely the game that is closest to my heart and honestly I don’t think I will ever stop loving it. And this game makes me smile so much and it brings me happiness that no other game can. And with that said I just wanna say that all I wanna do with this post is to bring joy and greatness to the Sonic ‘06 tag on here. I wanna tell people that many do enjoy this game and love it endlessly, many play it because they want to, as for me I’m done with people shitting on this game or on Sonic because of this, it has to end. Sonic isn’t about hating and making shitty memes all the time, it’s about friendship, love and just great things. And I think this game has those good qualities. And as I said i’m really done with the hate this game is receiving so I try to contribute positivity to it in any way I can, because it needs it. So if you’re reading this and like/love this game I’m really happy, we contribute both the happiness and positivity that Sonic deserves. 

And also happy birthday to my favorite hedgehog out there! I just wanna say on a quick note that I love him so much, and i’m one of those people who was really happy to have Sonic ‘06 as his first game. And what I said to Sonic '06 applies to him too. Sometimes I feel like people are hating on him or dislike him because of his first game appearence so it’s my job to bring him as much positivity as possible, and i’m very happy doing so. Anyways ending this with a little “sappy-ness”, Silver, I love you and you make me happy and you make me smile and I love you even more for that, you keep on making me happy and i’m glad to have you as my “sunshine”. I LOVE YOU

so yeah, that’s it to wrap it all up. This was a bit long so if you read all of this i’m glad ha ha. Last but not least a happy anniversary to Sonic '06 and a happy birthday to Silver the hedgehog, without them the Sonic franchise wouldn’t be the same.


Second Chance Theatre: Wanna Come With? Q&A with Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone - YouTube


Edwin Van Der Sar (29.10.1970)


Eureka pilot aired 10 years ago (July 18, 2006)

Eureka isn’t just a town, it’s an idea. A place where intellectual aptitude is celebrated, not ridiculed. Not only is it okay to be smart, geeky, or obsessive… it’s required. Don’t let all the explosions, AI takeovers, and space-time disturbances fool you. Eureka is a damn fine place to live. - Amy Berg (co-executive producer/writer)

okay, so the other day i was eating lunch with my dad. i’ve wanted to learn about hacking for a while and he works with computers, so we were talking about it and somehow the topic of hacking myspace came up. my dad was like, “oh, my friend’s friend hacked myspace once.” i was pretty surprised because, okay, who’s 48-year-old dad has friends who hang out on myspace?? anyway, apparently it’s kind of famous. the hacking is referred to as “the samy worm” or “samy is my hero” because samy (also known as js.spacehero), the guy who hacked it, basically used an xss vulnerability in the website code and wrote a script that made it so that every single person who viewed his page automatically friended him and added “but most of all, samy is my hero.” to the end of their bio. within twenty hours of the script being written, 1,000,000 people had friended him and added that to their bio. it looked like this:

so i went home and i searched it and sure enough, you can even get t-shirts. (samy’s in the middle)

there’s like an entire collection,,

you can get a thermos

you can get boxers

you can get goddamn panties that say samy is my hero. 

It was also the fastest spreading virus of all time. MySpace secured the site against it but some profiles still show it today. Samy was raided by the US Secret Service and the Electronic Crimes Task Force in 2006 for releasing the worm. He got a felony charge in 2007. And, yeah. That’s the story of my dad’s friend’s friend the computer hacker.