i can't believe it took you 4 years

I work at a Dollar Tree and this happened yesterday:
  • Me: *scanning items and placing them into a bag*
  • Lady: *looks at a guy with a face tattoo* omg I could never get a tattoo on my face. Actually, I couldn't get a tattoo period. Imagine what that's gonna look like when he's 80 years old. Skin saggy, wrinkled, it's gonna look like shit. I can't believe he did that to himself. He's gonna regret that later when he doesn't find a good job. No one will hire him.
  • Me: * stops bagging and looks at her* ma'am, no disrespect, but I think he could care less about what he's gonna look like when he's 80 years old. Trust me, he knows what he did. From the size of that tattoo, it took at least 4 hours. I, for one, think he has guts for getting it. That's seriously one painful tattoo. I have 2 tattoos, and I'm obviously working. By the time I'm 30, I'm gonna be covered. Do you think I care what they'll look like when I'm older? Nah, couldn't care less. Because my tattoos represent my loved ones, my dreams, desires, passions, and beliefs. Why the hell would I regret that?
  • Lady: *pauses* guess I never thought of it that way.
  • Me: again, no disrespect, but maybe instead of judging a book by its cover, why don't you try reading it a little further before making assumptions *takes bag and hands it to her* have a nice day.
  • Lady: *leaves in a hurry*
  • Guy next in line: *watches herb leave then looks at me* that was brilliant.
Room 304, In class one day...
  • Me: (reciting) Sir, I think that sex education isn't accepted in most schools because of a cultural factor, our Filipino culture. Which, I believe that it isn't doing any good for us. It only makes us ignorant to what is inevitable and is undeniably a present phen...
  • Prof: (cutting me off) Wait, are you sure you're not South American? Or North American, cos you look like one and you sound like one too! I mean your accent is just
  • Me: (He already asked me before in class which I said no, I'm Filo w a mix of Espanyol and Chinese so this time...) Uhm actually sir, I grew up somewhere in southern (in british accent) (my classmates laughing)
  • Prof: Oh really! where? When you were a kid?
  • Me: Somewhere in Lah-goooonuh hahahaha (classmates laughing) (teacher laughing) (I can't believe my teacher is buying this)
  • Prof: No really! Where? Like when you were little? Somewhere in America or London?
  • Me: No sir seriously, I'm Filipino and I've lived all of my life here in the Philippines and I wanna get out and travel soon hahahaha
  • Prof: Aww shucks hahaha okay. (Talking to the class) I've been teaching in Canada for many years and it took a while for me to acquire an accent. Anyway, you're really good in speaking the language.
  • Me: (~.~) what. wow. really. ok sir thx so much
  • (well that was an entertaining commercial to a straight 4 hour psychology lecture class. Awkwaaaarrrddddddd)