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heeey ! 120 or 142 ? (i can't choose tbh, i just want something fun to read) i really love your hc and drabbles <3

Aww thank you so much my love 💜 It means the world to me. 

Okay so I have chosen 142 because ahhh I got a cute idea. I hope you enjoy this <3

142. “Hold my hand so he gets jealous.”

Even was lying on Isak’s bed with his feet crossed as he scrolled through netflix on Isak’s laptop, trying to choose the next movie he was going to open Isak’s eyes to. 

Isak was in the kitchen getting food when a notification popped up on the laptop

JulianDahl liked your photo

and then another

JulianDahl commented on your photo “lol Isak your so funny. 😂”

Even squinted his eyes at the little window before it floated away. Who the hell was this fool? and why had Isak never mentioned him? 

he was going to just let it go when another one popped up 

JulianDahl liked your post

Even’s thumb accidentally bumped the keyboard and clicked on the window which magically took him to Isak’s Instagram page. 

he scrolled through the notifications and saw a million of the same thing 

JulianDahl liked your photo

JulianDahl liked your photo 

JulianDahl commented on your photo “You look nice here Isak 😋” 

Even slammed the laptop shut and shoved it to the side. Okay who the hell did that dude think he was and what was he doing commenting on how nice his boyfriend looked wearing a scarf. 

That was Even’s job.

Not yours Julian. 

Even felt an odd feeling creep up into his veins. it was uncomfortable and slimy in his chest and the only time he remembered feeling like this was at the Kosegruppa meeting when Emma tried to partner up with Isak and during the Kosegruppa party when she had her face on the man of Even’s life’s face! 

ugh. Even ran his hands through his hair and jumped up just to pace the room like an idiot. I mean it shouldn’t upset him at all but-

no! He had every right to be upset. some kind of…some Julian Dahl was clearly obsessed with his golden haired angel and he obviosuly didn’t get the memo that Isak already had someone to tell him he looks nice. Not just nice Julian. Isak was so fucking hot. 

“Hey baby we literally had no food but I managed to throw together some cheese toasties, did you pick a - what’s wrong?” 

Isak looked at Even in confusion as he watched the older boy pout and puff his chest out. He was being so exaggeratedly annoyed that Isak couldn’t help but let out a little giggle. He looked like a cartoon character. 

Even tried to play it cool but it didn’t last long. 

“Who’s Julian Dahl and why does he like all your photos?” 

Isak blinked at him for two beats before doubling over in laughter. 

“Oh my god I can’t believe this is happening!” he shouted in between giggles as Even lifted his eyebrows in question. 

“Oh so he’s funny huh?” He pulled Isak towards him and kissed his neck 

“am I funnier?” 

“Yes Even. You’re hilarious.” 

Even grinned before remembering what this was about “Then who the hell is Julian?” 

Isak smiled and waved his had dismissing every single thought that came with Julian Dahl’s name. “He is just some guy who has been liking all my photos and sending me messages since first year. I don’t even know him!” 

Even pulled back and smiled brightly “So you have a secret admirer? Aww Isak that is so cute.”

Isak rolled his eyes. “Well you’ve certainly changed your tune. And it’s not a secret if we know his name.” 

Even grabbed his phone and pointed it at them “I think we should take a selfie to send a little message to your admirer. Let’s see if he still looks nice in my arms Julian” 

Isak shook his head and laughed “You’re unbelievable. You know that right?” 

“Quick! hold my hand so he gets jealous.” Even said, grabbing for his hand and winking at him cheekily. 

“Wow you are literally a 12 year old girl. This explains so much.” 

“Hush baby smile for the camera.” 

Isak spoke through his teeth “The Gabrielle obsession, your love for Leonardo Dicaprio and the fact that we always have to watch a god damn romance before falling asleep.” 

Even snapped the photo. 

“You look nice here Isak.” Even said looking at the photo. 

Isak smiled and shoved his arm “shut uuuupp” 

“You shut up” Even retaliated smiling as he pressed his lips against Isak’s. 

Isak gave Even his open hand “okay gimme.” 

He looked at the photo and smiled before posting it. 

He threw his phone on the bed just before Even lunged and wrapped his arms around him, kissing Isak’s throat. they were all lips and and limbs before they finally fell onto the bed in a bunch of giggles. Suddenly Isak’s phone dinged. 

Even picked it up and howled in laughter. 

“What? What is it?” 

Even passed the phone to Isak 

JulianDahl liked your photo

Isak groaned. 

There was another ding and before Isak could look, Even was taking it from him. 

he smiled before typing quickly. 

“Even what are you-”

“Done.” Even said, giving Isak his phone back. 

Isak looked at what he just did and choked on his own breath. 

JulianDahl: nice

IsakYaki: Thanks Julian. Don’t you think my BOYFRIEND looks nice? He is very nice. I have a very nice BOYFRIEND. Your approval is appreciated.

Isak whacked a laughing Even on the chest “You are the biggest dork in the entire world! I can’t believe you!” 

Even grinned and pulled Isak towards him “Believe it. I’m just soooo nice.” 

“Ugh I hate you” Isak mumbled in his chest, feeling Even tremble against him in laughter.

“You love me.” Even replied. 

and Isak responded by biting his neck, because yes he really really did. 

Ahhhh What did this even become? I hope you liked this 

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Flicker - Ch. 4 (Final)

Kim Junmyeon/Reader
Word Count: 2,903

Previous Chapter

As soon as the doorbell rings you rush to open the door to find two of your closest friends behind it, smirking with bags of beer and snacks.

“Don’t give me those looks,” you immediately snap at them.

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You Can Bring Me Back to Life

Summary: Dan, an unhappy columnist, and Phil, a struggling cartoonist, are strangers on the same flight when their plane is grounded indefinitely in New York City. While going through his luggage, Dan realizes that he lost a ring given to him by his grandmother and Phil offers to help find it.

A/N: First and foremost, thank you so much to my amazing co-writer phansdick. It was an honor to work with/get to know you even more than I already did, and you’re not only extraordinarily talented but a fantastic writer as well. Thank you to constellationspng, you’ve been an amazing beta and it was an immense pleasure to work with you.I owe a massive thank you to bubblebuttbarakat for stepping in at the last minute and creating some of the best fan art I’ve ever seen. Thanks to you all this was the best first PBB I could’ve asked for.

Word Count: 16,046

Warnings: depression, cussing, mentions of minor character death

Song Creds: Dead Inside by Muse

Link to Art


phansdick writes Dan’s POV

whalefairyfandom12 writes Phil’s POV

Part Two 

Dan wouldn’t admit it, but having Phil with him, trying to look for his ring with him, was actually extremely comforting. It made his anxiety go down slightly whenever Phil would say that everything was going to be okay.

He didn’t know what he would have done if he hadn’t had Phil here with him, in all honestly. He probably already would have been laying face flat on the ground whilst sobbing violently. So having someone there with him made him feel slightly better. Not to mention that Phil was the type of person that made him want to write stories about the colour of his eyes or the smoothness of his skin whenever they brushed hands.

He almost told Phil his thoughts, but stopped when he realized how embarrassing that would be.

So instead, he just settled with, “I suddenly got in the mood to write.”

He saw Phil glance over to him, a small smile on his face. They were currently browsing one of the small gift shops, trying to pass time while also asking around about a ring. No luck so far. “Well why don’t you then?”

Dan shrugged, pursing his lips as he picked up a candy bar with the name, ‘Whatchamacallit’. Beside it also sat a 'Thingamajig’. America is strange, Dan decides. “I left my laptop with information, remember?”

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For the Someones...

A woman in a dark suit was speaking, but Maddie couldn’t hear her. She didn’t need to; she knew that the words would be pretty, but ultimately meaningless. She hadn’t known him, after all. To her, he was just another name on a sheet of paper, a list of personal details to touch on, a memory belonging to other people. A box, a speech, and a stone.

Maddie couldn’t feel the fingers on her right hand anymore. Sophie had squeezed them to tingles. She was still squeezing them. Sam was on her other side; Maddie could hear the tremor in his breathing as he tried to control himself for the sake of little Delia and the even tinier Andel, who sat between his new siblings and his adoptive grandpa, watching everything with a vaguely bewildered solemnity that didn’t belong on his six-year-old face.

Maddie tried not to look his way, because whenever she did she saw “Tyrone Pines” at the end of their row, black-suited and straight-faced, staring at the speaker and the box and the hole in the ground as if none of it even mattered.

“…beloved son, brother, father and friend…”

Well, Maddie thought, bitter ice spreading with every breath she took and numbing her heart and mind, there’s three out of four, at least.

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Grocery Shopping // L.R.H

“Luuuuuuukee,” you whined. You had just come back from a dinner party at your parents house, and you and Luke had decided to pick up some ice cream at the store for when you got home. Unfortunately, the freezer section was all the way at the back of the store. And Luke’s long legs could move a lot faster than your much shorter legs, heels, and aching feet could.
He stopped and turned around with a questioning look.

“Slow it down, Usain, not all of us have 8 foot long legs,” you smart-assed as you caught up with him. He pulled you into his side and kissed the top of your head.
“Sorry, princess. How else are you going to get your exercise?”

You smacked his chest, then grabbed his hand so he couldn’t run away again. But as you started walking again, you still found yourself struggling to keep up.

“Okay, Gigantor, this isn’t working.”
Luke stopped and seemed to be thinking of a solution. After about 10 seconds, he turned around and bent his knees so he was about your height.
“Jump on.”

After making a fool of yourself struggling to climb on his back, you were finally successful.
“Wow, you’re heavy,” Luke joked as he adjusted his hands on your legs.
“Keep making comments like that and I’ll strangle you. I already have my arms around your neck so watch out,” you said, unable to stifle your laughter.

Then, without warning, he took off running down the aisle. You almost fell off but Luke tightened his grip on your legs as you tightened yours around his neck.
Luke slowed down as he came to the end of the aisle.

“You’re… choking me….” he gasped.
“I told you to watch out,” you laughed, but you loosened your grip.

You got a few funny stares as Luke and you made your way to the ice cream section. You really didn’t mind because honestly you were too relieved to be off your feet and too excited for ice cream.

“What flavor?” Luke asked, stopping in front of the freezers and stepping back so you could see all the options. You rested your chin on his shoulder,scanning all the flavors and brands.
“But no peanut butter because we get it every damn time and I swear to god-”
“Luke you asshole, I was gonna say mint chocolate chip if you would let me speak.”
“Good. Hop off.”
“Excuse me?”
“Get off, princess. Unless you want me to drop you, then you’ll have to go to the hospital instead of going home and eating ice cream.”

You climbed off his back and felt the pain come back to your feet almost immediately.

“No need to be insensitive,” you grumbled as you pulled off your heels.
“Just telling the truth,” Luke said while grabbing two small tubs of mint chocolate chip ice cream.

The two of you walked back through the store to the check out, you barefoot and Luke whining about how cold the ice cream is.

As soon as you finished you walked back out into the warm August night.
“Want back up?”
“Hell yes. My feet still hurt like a bitch.”
Luke laughed. “I think you need some new shoes.”

With the bag in one hand and your shoes in the other, you jumped as high as you could with your crippled feet (not high enough). Within seconds, Luke was racing across the nearly empty parking lot to your car.

You screamed, trying to hold the bag so it wouldn’t hit him in the face.

All of a sudden, he took a sharp left turn, almost falling over.

“SHIT LUKE SLOW DOWN!!” you screamed. It seemed to go in slow motion as the bag with the tubs of ice cream in it swung up and collided with his jaw.
He came to a stop and put you down.
“Luke are you okay? Damn, it looked like that hurt.”
“It did,” he groaned as he squatted on the ground, his hands holding his face.
“Are you okay? Is it broken?”
“I don’t think so… but I can’t… BELIEVE YOU FELL FOR THAT,” he yelled as he stood up and took off running.
“LUKE YOU ASS YOU SCARED ME! GET BACK HERE,” you yelled after him, dropping your shoes and the ice cream (carefully) and chasing after him.

You ran as fast as your throbbing feet could carry you, but his long legs unsurprisingly could move much faster. He finally made it back to your stuff about 20 feet from your car about 3 seconds before you caught up to him.

“Stop… doing that… to me…” you gasped, leaning over and putting your hands on your knees.
“Lesson learned…” Luke panted, just as out of breath as you were.

“Now I really need that ice cream,” you laughed.

“You’re right. Let’s go home.”

“So what movie will it be tonight?” he asked as the two of you climbed into the car. “The one that makes you cry? Or the other one that makes you cry?”

“Shut up, Luke, you love my movies. And don’t act like they’ve never made you cry before.”

“Maybe I just act like I love them. Just because I love you.”

“Think what you want, Robert.”

Fanfic - You Can't Be in Love - 1/1

Title: You Can’t Be in Love

Summary: Blaine was eight years old when he fell in love at first sight. Unfortunately no one believes him. Kid!Seblaine AU.

Pairing: Seblaine

Rating: PG

Word Count: 1865

Blaine was eight years old when he fell in love for the first time.

It was your typical Wednesday morning in Miss. Pillbury’s third grade class. Blaine was in the middle of working through his multiplication table when their principal brought in and introduced the new transfer student. The second Blaine laid eyes on the boy he was completely lost.

They boy, who he later learned was named Sebastian, was the most perfect thing Blaine had ever seen. He was taller than most kids in their class with his long arms and legs lanky on his still growing frame. His thick auburn hair fell over a pair of green eyes. Even the freckles dotting along his arms, neck and cheeks Blaine loved. But it wasn’t just how he looked, there was an unmistakable pull that drew Blaine to him.

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