i can't believe im posting this


I’m still recovering from this

Pidge is probably ecstatic to learn that they aren’t the youngest paladin anymore. Like now whenever anything inappropriate (cussing, talking about kissing, sex etc) comes up in a conversation I bet Pidge jumps up to cover Shiros ears and just screeches “NOT IN FRONT OF THE BABY!!!”

data (about his child): “i am incapable of giving her love”

also data: *literally names his child “beloved”*

Based on this post by @vikturi-katsforov

Ok now, I’m sorry I swear I didn’t know what was I doing, or maybe yes, just for to do something but study. Aaaaand that post inspired me really hard… lol


okay so i have a theory….
henrik posted this sappy instagram post today spreading his love to his skam fans, also using the hashtag “420.” he also goes on private and deletes photos so his posts, followers and following will all be “420.” THEN, he starts following the nrk account and a couple members of the cast puts the skam website in their instagram bios…… so what i’m thinking is the trailer (or season premiere of the show) could drop on 4/20 (April 20th) with potentially even as main since he’s doing all this shit?? even though this is probably not the case and henrik just enjoys getting high and is extra for putting 420 everywhere it still got me thinking. now that I’ve typed this out i think im actually crazy and skam is making me so desperate that im coming up with theories for the smallest things. im truly so extra and desperate call me even bech næsheim.