i can't believe im actually posting this

“What do boys taste like when you kiss them?”

It’s hard being the only openly gay kid in school… Especially when you’re the catcher on the baseball team with a hopeless crush on your pitcher, who is not only the straightest person you know, but also happens to keep asking you questions about your sexual preferences…

So… I may or may not be writing a fanfiction, but I’m also the worlds worst writer, so we’ll see where this goes ~


Happy birthday you adorable sea otter! ヾ(〃^∇^)ノ [6/12/15]

me: *decides to look at new kpop groups*
me: *jammin*
me: *scrolls down to see comments*
person 1: omg i can’t believe im actually older than someone
person 2: omg i know its the first time i am too
person 3: yeah it’s so weird i was born in 2002

Supergirl’s costume is great and I’m a huge fucking nerd

HEY THERE FOLKS haven’t written an actual post on here in forever but I need to share an instance of me being unforgivably and accidentally nerdy.  Here. we. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

So, Supergirl is currently one of my favorite tv shows ever and I’m in hell until Season 2 comes out.  A bit back, me and a friend made plans to cosplay CBS versions of Supergirl and Superboy for Katsu 2017 or something.  I was gonna design a Superboy suit that was based primarily on his early-2000s outfit pictured below:

It’s goddamned HIDEOUS and also my favorite outfit Superboy has ever worn.  So I brain-stormed a few ideas with terrible doodles and my inability to draw, and pretty quickly finalized a design using a blank “superhero body template” I found on google and MS Paint.  BEHOLD.

Okay cool, I’ve got a really cheesy design that I like and will be really fun to make when it comes time (I even snuck super-undies into there!).  But, I wanna go a step further and get custom spandex printed to match the texture patterns of the Supergirl suit.  Yeah it’ll cost extra but I love the Superkids so it’ll be worth it.

Now before I go further, I need to point something out.  Look at the red sections at the top of the Superboy design, front and back.  Notice anything about their shape?

No?  How about….NOW.


But anyway, that was deliberate nerdy-ness, I intended that.  But then I found the hi def image.

Okay cool let’s focus on just the suit.

Hey wait…what’s with those weird circles or whatever on her skirt?

Wait no those can’t be…


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okay can y'all stop overanalyzing yixing for the 100th time if i see any more sob posts or thinkpieces im going to explode

people keep painting him into, for lack of a better word, a sap who always gets the short end of the stick and is always put down…can you chill out? end the pity party for him, if you actually cared and paid attention you would see he’s doing really well … it’s really clear that you don’t know as much as you think you do

stop projecting onto him, he’s not just ‘the lone Chinese unicorn who gets two lines uwu, he’s so loyal protect the baby T_T’ he’s a grown man and can take care of himself why are y'all treating him like this

he doesn’t need to be shielded from the world and coddled just support him lol…why do y'all keep doing this

i am trying to be some semblance of normal, trying to stop crying every time i get alone
trying to pretend you are not so thoroughly art
that I have a hard time comprehending you
and once you’re gone everyone will tell me you weren’t real
and we of course
are not real
and do you know how many times this week ive tasted my heartbeat

I am worthless tonight,
bad at everything—at being anything.
to anyone.
and i switched out her mix at a stop sign because i needed a piece of you
to stop the hole in the hull,
and that makes me the worst person alive.
i am alive and i am alone and you are fucking beautiful.

—  may 6, 2015, 10:10pm