i can't believe i'm almost done with this thing

Like…the thing that really made me angry is that Barry is finally okay. And that doesn’t make me mad by itself, I’m glad he finally got closure. Truly. But what makes me mad is that other people had to suffer for him to come to terms and be at peace with his life. And now that he’s okay with his life it’s like he wants to force everyone around him to be okay with the lives he left them with because their sadness is cramping his style. 

Like wow he told Cisco to move forward but this is the same dude who almost let Cisco die twice because he couldn’t move forward from the Reverse Flash and I just…like why are these writers trying to actively make me resent this kid does he have some sort of redemption arc coming up that I am not aware of?

The aftermath of a kiss

“Why did you do that?” Snow asked, breathlessly.

He touched his fingers to his lips. Baz followed the movement, soaking in as many details as he could, just in case this never happened again- how red and wet Snow’s mouth looked, the way his hair stood in disarray, how his chest heaved as he fought to get his breath back. He didn’t even smell like himself anymore; there were touches of Baz’s scent mixed with his.

I did that, Baz thought, unable to stifle the glee that rose up at the thought. I made him look like that.

He could almost pretend it meant something.

Of course, it wouldn’t do to admit that it did. Mean something. To Baz. And that he was just as affected by Snow, if not more (it was probably more).

So he shrugged instead of answering.

Unfortunately for him, Snow wasn’t about to let it go. He barreled forward, shoving Baz against the wall, his hands fisting in Baz’s collar.

“Why did you do it?”

His face was inches from Baz’s. This close, Baz could see that he’d left a mark on Snow’s neck, a small, dark thing that was instantly recognizable for what it was. Baz was viciously glad to see it.

He did what he did best, then; the only thing he knew to do. He sneered at Snow and told the awful, horrid truth.

“Because I’m in love with you.”

It wasn’t that Snow’s eyes sparked in anger so much as his entire body; Baz could smell it, that overwhelming scent of Simon about to go off, and even if he couldn’t, even if he wasn’t a monster, he’d be able to guess from the way Snow was shaking, looking like he was coming apart from the inside out.

“Even if that were true, you’d never admit it. Not in a million years, not to anybody.”

“Of course I would,” Baz said, forcing a casualness he didn’t feel in the face of Snow’s fury.

His heart was pounding a mile a minute, thudding so loudly in his ears he could hardly hear over it, and he felt high on recklessness, high on the thrill he always got from the anticipation of watching something burn.


“Because you could tell everyone. You could say it until you’re blue in the face, until your voice is gone, shout to the rooftops that Tyrannus Basilton Grimm-Pitch is hopelessly in love with Simon Snow, even cast one of your ridiculous spells to make sure it reaches the ears of every man, woman, and child on Earth. And do you know what?”

“What?” Snow spit the word out from between clenched teeth, his face more flushed than Baz had ever seen it.

It wouldn’t be long now, Baz knew, and he considered for a moment that maybe, maybe, this time, he’d pushed too far. Snow would finally end his miserable existence, the way Baz had always known he would, and he’d be free.

It was almost too much to hope for.

He smirked, every nerve in his body feeling electric and alive, fuck, so impossibly alive in his undead body.

“Not a single one of them would believe you.”