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He seduced Viktor at the last GPF banquet and just left him.

The @funimation dub of Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid is out and they fucked it up

T: But I’ll let you know this one.
T: I love you, Miss Kobayashi!
K: Are you planning to eat me?
T: I don’t mean that way! I mean sexually!
K: I’m a woman, though?

Funimation dub:
T: However I can certainly let you know one thing I like.
T: It’s you, I love you, Miss Kobayashi!
K: You’re gonna eat me?
T: No, not like that, like sexually!
K: I’m not into women or dragons.

In response to people asking why this was changed to have Kobayashi saying she’s straight, the dub writer on Twitter said:

1.Proactive language (not reactive) is character appropriate for Miss K.  
2.Confusion with sexuality is at odds with timeline/dub culture.
3.Didn’t want the implication that Miss K finds something “wrong” about lesbianism. She doesn’t; just not into it personally.

It’s almost like certain people don’t understand how character growth and character development work….
Babies, be patient. Characters and stories have to start at A before they can get toZ. (½)
Sometimes the journey is scary and challenging. That’s what makes it interesting and fun! Enjoy the ride!! You’re only on episode one. (2/2)

another western release to avoid i guess

the blazing bombardier.

Idk, this is just a summery fluffball of a Sterek getting-together drabble because I’m tired of winter. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Derek fundamentally doesn’t understand people who like roller coasters.

He knows such people exist because he’s been standing in line with them for the Blazing Bombardier for half an hour now, but even when he’s looking right at them, it’s hard to believe. Seriously, why. The list of things to do on a Saturday afternoon that don’t involve screaming and trying not to hurl is literally infinite. He could be lounging around in his pjs in his dorm right now and rereading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, just for example. Or working out, or going for a drive to the beach, or watching a movie with Boyd and Erica. (Boyd and Erica are officially his favorite people right now because, unlike his sisters, they understand the basic concept that friends don’t make their friends who lose bets ride the most terrifying invention since clown costumes.)

The line moves forward, and oh god, now Derek can actually see the loading station. The seats are wicked-looking hanging harnesses painted to look like flames. He’s going to be sick before he even sits down in the thing.

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Guys I’m sobbing so hard rn he and his boyfriend should not be treated like this :( I cannot believe this has happened it’s two thousand-fucking-seventeen love is love this isn’t right and not only did they kick him out they physically assaulted him he helped me come out and people wonder why us LGBT &etc in our community love in fear ????? I can’t right now guys I’m so worried for ryland(Shane’s bf) & Shane :(

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Something I really love from Haikyuu is the amount of small details in the animation that weren’t really that necessary. Details that probably don’t even appear in the manga at all. The small gestures, both in the faces and the bodies of the characters. Small actions that add nothing to the plot but that add an interesting layer to the animation and the story.

I mean things like this:

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There really was no reason to animate the gets his bag with such beauty and fluidity, but it is there and it’s gorgeous.

Or this:

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Just an example of the many scenes I’ve seen in which, when a character in front is doing something, there are also characters in the background actually moving and doing stuff. Here it is a meaningful action (although it could have been skipped) but many times I find characters in the background moving when there is no real need to animate them.

Haikyuu is full of these moments and as a person who had always watched rather low quality anime in the past, finding this treasure makes me feel so grateful. I could find many more examples, but I’m sure you get the point.

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prompt: oli, sunset colors, kinda roughed up - i threw in a bonus tasos standing over him ;) even though all you can see is the tips of his shoes, lmao… suggested by @owltrocious

went ten minutes over my half hour coloring limit with this one but whatever, inventing dramatic lighting is hard lmao


“And like a rook, I mate for life

K and I are getting married on Friday. Somehow we ended up with a Mass Effect themed wedding. 

These are the place holders I made for the top table (nicer cards than the ugly cardboard will have peoples names on them). I painted a little treasure chest in the N7 colours to hold our rings for the ring exchange.

We also have a Mass Effect themed cake and that blonde and brown haired Shep at the back are K and I (though our uniforms are hidden by EDI).

I’ve seen some really vile comments regarding Barron Trump, so I feel the need to remind everyone to have some empathy. It’s not like Barron asked to be Donald Trump’s son–can you please find it in your heart to separate your feelings about the President from your feelings about his 10 year-old kid? All he probably wants to do is play Minecraft and eat pizza rolls tbh, not dress up in a tuxedo and stand around at boring ceremonies.

You wouldn’t make horrible comments about Sasha and Malia, would you? So can we please treat Barron with the same respect?

I just always love this class so much honestly

Kim: “askjdhkajshkdjhs I’m gonna ask out Chloé”

Max: “I can’t believe Kim’s gonna ask out Chloé… he doesn’t love me…”

Juleka: “Kim your hair looks stupid”


Buffy Summers Appreciation Week
 Day 5: Favorite Character Strength - Resilience

“She stopped everything that’s ever come up against her. She’s laid down her life - literally - to protect the people around her. This girl has died two times, and she’s still standing.”

It’s such a disappointment when you defend someone for so long thinking they’re different and then they turn out to be just like everyone said.
—  I knew you were different than the others because you hurt me more than they ever had // Natalee M.C. // (via @these-teen-heartaches)