i can't believe i seriously posted this

YOI ep 10 has still got me awed at how amazing this anime has progressed. But one thing that got me really intrigued, is where it was set: Barcelona.

Now, I remember reading a post somewhere (I’ll edit this once I find it) that Kubo-sensei and a friend traveled to Barcelona to look at monuments and places for the anime etc etc

Of course, I checked her IG and I found these gems:






#and this, ladies and gentleman, is what i call - development

A lil help, maybe?

Does anyone know where I could find that video of Adam singing Ignition (Remix) + Sunday Morning at a Voice event, a couple years ago? I’ve been looking for it like crazy, since it’s been deleted from youtube (all the ones left are in bad/moderate quality).

This was the day: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3yZHmhoB9tg


Me @ Yoshikage Kira Just Wants A Quiet Life, Part 1: Hahaha wow okay he’s too much of a creepy weirdo even for me, thank god

Me @ every single other episode since: Shit. Fuck. Goddammit. God fucking dammit, fuck, crap, SHIT, FUCK

a short text on why brazil is fucked up and may elect a brazilian version of trump in 2018

because the answer got too long, so i decided to make a post about it @parabatied

and also this is important because apparently the media outside brazil is not talking about it at all. which is freaking terrifying. so please, please, if you see this, at least read it. here we go;

the students here are occupying federal universities campi, federal schools and such as a way of protesting. they’re protesting because the people in charge of our country right now (the white straight rich men who impeached our previous president) are pretty much like trump! they’re fucking us so badly; so far they have;

  • a project to freeze ALL investments on education and health and all public services for twenty years, because that’s money they need to “save” so they can restore our’s economy 
  • AND even if the economy get’s better in like 5 years? STILL NOT A PENNY WILL BE REDIRECTED TO EDUCATION ETC!!!
  • but they are spending money with useless things?? like SO MUCH money!! they are spending (so far); 500 thousand reals on a concert???, 283 thousand reals to reform the chief of government’s office????, so far the ministers had traveled 238 times with an airline without paying anything which is SO illegal it hurts,  they are changing all the government’s softwares to windows, which is gonna cost nothing less than FIVE HUNDRED MILLION REALS!!!!! AND IS SO UNNECESSARY!!! and not a single penny of all this money is going to education or health care or any public service!!
  • and they just decided to pay more for all the cops (a raise of 47%!!!!), because they know they’ll need them on their side if this all goes down in civil war!! 
  • and the senators and governors apparently are going to get a raise too!! how fucking unbelievable is that?? 
  • there’s also another project that cuts philosophy, sociology, etc out of the schools’ obligatory classes, because this way people will come out of school knowing enough to do their jobs like fucking slaves, but not conscious enough to rise against the state. 
  • in my state, TEACHERS ARE F O R B I D D E N to discuss politics, sociology, religion, SEXUALITY AND GENDER DIVERSITY in schools! THEY ARE LITERALLY FORBIDDEN TO DO SO and it’s illegal to do it! all they can do is literally teach what’s in the books and that’s it. they can’t tell their students they’re free to be who they are, or believe in what they want to believe, or how fucked up their country is.
  • AND MY FAVORITE ONE!!: the table of men who literally run this country is ALL composed in it’s MAJORITY (if not entirety) by white, rich, straight, catholic men! guess what? ALL OF THEM are being charged with crimes of corruption! how beautiful is that? one of them is even the lawyer of the others!!! THESE are the people ruling a country that was supposed to be secular (free of any religion influence). 

can you seriously believe in that??? THAT’S NOT EVEN ALL!! 

  • a brazilian version of trump called bolsonaro (or as we prefer, bolsoshit) is running for presidency in 2018 and he has a LOT of supporters so far, and now we are all terrified cause trump winning might give this piece of shit some influence. 

  • on the audience to vote for the impeachment of our previous president (i miss her so much, she actually cared about all minorities), he fucking praised a guy who was a colonel or something during the militar dictatorship (which is by far one of the worse things that ever happened to us, brazilians!), claiming he was a hero! W T F?
  • he hates woman, and thinks lgbtq+ people are the way they are because they didn’t get beaten enough!!!! 
  • he literally says that! that we all deserve to get spanked in the streets by random strangers!!!!!! and he alongside his catholic trash white straight rich men believe in the conversion therapy, as in being gay has a fucking cure????? and they want to fucking execute it as a law or something?

so yeah, the students decided to rise on their own, because no one here has our backs! and seriously every time i have to explain this to someone i get shocked? because we are literally broke, in the edge of a civil war, and apparently the media is not saying anything about it? 

Fun and weird marriage proposal.

Just imagine this:

Gideon Pines and Pacifica Northwest, with the help of Will, foiled the plans of the Gleeful twins. They were being corrupted by power mystical amulets.

The trouble is that the twins still have some power and are looking for revenge.

But they have not realized that the three are leading them into a trap, designed by Stan to save his nephews.

The problem is that … the trap is still not finished and the two boys and crybaby demon are cornered by the twins.

Stan asks them to improvise something for him to have time to finish it.

They improvise several acts of theater, magic and even dance! That only makes the twins get angry more and approach with the intention of destroying them.

Running out of ideas, Will just think its a unique opportunity.

Will: WAAAIT, Wait, wait, wait! Hold on a second!

Gideon: Uhh Will… what are you doing?

Will: *Bows.* Dipper Psychopath Sadist Crazy Gleeful. Would you do me the honors of becoming… my bride?

Pacifica & Gideon: *Mouth hanging wide open.*

Dipper: *Confused look* I don’t think so!*Comes closer.*

Will: *Backing away.* Dipper, please. I know what you’re thinking, we’re too different. It’ll never work! What will the children look like?

Pacifica & Gideon: *Still has mouth hanging wide super open.* O_O

Dipper: *Coming closer still and with an even more sadistic look* Oooh, that violates so many laws of nature!

Will: *Backed up against the wall.* Listen the idea of a couple of wacky kids like us don’t amount to the mighty termites into this circle of life. So I ask you, if not now, when? If not me, who? I’m lonely.

Pacifica: Can I be your best man?

ahhh~~~ just imagine this: X


..meanwhile Nyota ‘doing my job first, wonder woman later’ Uhura..


So tumblr totally showed me my own post for their new ‘search’ feature. I really dislike this change a lot, btw.

skateboards and snapbacks: part two

so the other day i posted part one of this au, which at that time was untitled, because i didn’t expect it to garner any attention at all. and then it turned out to be the most popular piece of writing i’ve ever posted on tumblr. so i don’t really know what to say, apart from thank you! i hope that you enjoy the follow up just as much as you did the start.

shoutout to ananbeth who by total fluke knew exactly where this was going (and whose fic helped inspire this in the first place). i can guarantee that the rest of your tags will also hold true, eventually.


Despite her better judgment, Annabeth told Piper about her encounter with the hot skateboarding stranger. The more she talked about it the more idiotic she felt, and the more unattainable he seemed to become. Piper was of an entirely different opinion, her eyes lighting up at the mere mention of her friend meeting a guy. She was probably already planning double dates with her and her crush Jason by the time Annabeth had finished the tale.

“How many Percys can there be at this school?” Piper said brightly. “He can’t be too hard to find.”

“I’m probably never going to see him again,” Annabeth said, aiming for casual indifference and instead hitting sad desperation. She sighed. “I made an idiot of myself, anyway, it’s probably for the best -”

“Whoa, wait, did Annabeth just call herself an idiot? What’s going on in there? Is the world ending?” Rachel stuck her head around her bedroom door, one earbud dangling in her hand and charcoal smudged across her cheek.

Annabeth huffed. “I did not call myself an idiot. I meant that I acted like an idiot.”

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Happy birthday~~!! O(≧∇≦)O

(((*GASP* 24/08/2015 was the day I started this askblog?? It’s ALREADY been a whole year??? omfg I can’t believe I actually managed to keep this for so long! I thought I would give up in a month oTL
The main reason I created this blog (other than the fact I LOVE these four dorks, of course) was because I wanted to practice drawing with a tablet and the asks would FORCE me to stop lazing around….. AND IT WORKED! It’s thanks to this ask blog that I was able to gain enough confidence to create an ARTBLOG !!! SO THANK YOU! It’s thanks to everyone’s support, reblogs, likes, caring messages that I’m becoming a better artist today.
Thank you~~)))

A Philinda hand “touch?”

People, people. Let’s be real here and call it what it is.

That was a straight up Philinda hand CARESS. 

lucilaura  asked:

Your character development has me shook. I read it with my mouth open (not just because I'm drooling over Rafe). Seriously I am amazed !

you don’t know how happy this makes me. you’re such a sweetheart. i worked really hard on that thing and i actually was pretty proud of it when i finally got it posted. to have you say that it has you shook is such a flattering compliment. thank you so much. 

me: *decides to look at new kpop groups*
me: *jammin*
me: *scrolls down to see comments*
person 1: omg i can’t believe im actually older than someone
person 2: omg i know its the first time i am too
person 3: yeah it’s so weird i was born in 2002

hi guys! so i recently reached 500 followers, and i just wanted to say thank you so much, i honestly can’t believe i have this many. i started out last year with like 18, so this is a really big and wonderful surprise. i appreciate each and every one of you! to show my gratitude, and also to thank my personal favorite blogs, i decided to do my first follow forever in order to celebrate! thanks for following me, and of course, thank you for loving park bom ♥. 

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So I’ve bought this book recently, Unnatural Selection

…and it’s very, very interesting to read about the early versions of the script, and scenes that were shortened or cut. One of the things that changed the most is the concept of the Infotainments made by the DJ in Light City.

One particular version of the concept has to be seen to be believed ; it took me a while to make that post, but Yellowbessie recently got the book too and we briefly talked about that particular version yesterday since we were both baffled by it, so yeah, here goes nothing.

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STOP shipping real people

STOP telling people how to define THEIR relationship when I’m pretty sure they can tell just fine what their relationship looks like on their own (and they do not have to share it with the rest of the universe if they don’t want to).

STOP trying to put a title to their relationship just because you want them to be together or act in a certain way with one another. Only they can define their own relationship. You are not a part of that relationship.