i can't believe i noticed this

i was about to make a short, sad post about how bad i am at interacting w/ people and how much i annoy people and say the wrong things, etc., etc., cause of an interaction i had w/ a classmate earlier that wasn’t bad but it left me feeling kinda rotten. most extended interactions w/ people who aren’t my friends leave me feeling this way, and i was kinda spiraling by thinking about the upcoming task of making new friends in a new city. and then i got back to my room and saw someone had left me chocolates outside my door, and that made me smile, and then i got into my room and a friend had slipped a note under the door that was just them talking about how i’m a good person and everyone likes me and stuff like that?? and i don’t know how anything that perfect can happen to anyone.

Ok I just saw this… And before now I genuinely didn’t know why this was the case. I assumed that it was to do with Elsa being enchanted or maybe the aesthetics of the animation or the catchy songs or something but it’s just hit me.

guys I am in shock I’m finally watching the English dub of Rogercop and Hawk Moth’s opening lines have me appalled

“Parent-child relationships can be so complicated, and a perfect breeding ground for stress. When there’s no more law and order there’s only chaos left.”

well wouldn’t YOU know Gabriel ditched-my-son’s-career-day-to-make-akumas Agreste???

anonymous asked:

Do you think or do you saw something that make you think Ash and Ali are dating?

Yeah I was watching Ash doing GK training and then all of a sudden I felt something hit my toe and I looked down and there was a penny. It was heads up so I was like “omg!” and bent down to pick it up. Upon closer inspection, I noticed the head on the penny was moving. Thankfully I had my trusty magnifying glass in my back pocket, so I held it over the penny and GASP!!!! Instead of Abe Lincoln’s face it was actually the face of one Miss Ali Krieger! Not only that, but she was winking at me as well. I couldn’t believe my eyes, so I did what any world class inspector would do; I held the penny up to my ear. And that’s when I heard it, like a faint whisper in the Southern Californian wind, it said to me “Krashlyn is real.”

That’s when I knew.


Here I was thinking I wasn’t making any noticeable gains or putting on mass… then I decided to look back at pictures from mid December (when I started Crush) and I almost screamed. I can’t believe how much I’ve grown, especially my quads??? Same pants, same lighting, same poses, 1.5 months apart. Trust the process. @crushfit

*Small Update on Ash*

Today I finally noticed how we human beings take life for granted. We forget that we may leave our homes following our daily routines and come back safely but there is also the possibility that we may not. As easily as life is given to us, it can be taken away.
One of my ultimate heroes once said: “When Life Flashes Before Your Eyes, Makes Sure It’s Worth Watching.” Today, I saw my life flash before my eyes and for the first time in my entire life; I was frightened of death.
I am what many call a ‘nerd’. I study until unholy hours, I don’t like parties, I have not been tempted to have sex with strangers or non-strangers and I do not drink. Even when I have gotten beaten up, I have forgiven my aggressors and treat them with my usual smile. I cannot say I have been 100% good but I have not been bad.
I have never believed that I have made a difference in anyone’s life. I usually think I’m just a passerby that provides with smiles at the time of need and then I am forgotten like a flower that bloomed once in a garden but was ignored for the new ones that continued to bloom.
Today, I can add to my life experiences something that will forever haunt me during my lifetime.
I am a surviver of a drunk driver accident.
Today, I followed my usual routine to go to my class; something completely normal. I fed the dogs, I switched my books for the ones I would use today; I picked out clothes, brushed my hair and set my glasses in their rightful place. I grabbed my keys, set the house alarm and rushed to my car. I called my aunt and told her to keep me company as I drove but she was busy, so I set music.
Completely normal.
I leave my neighbourhood and set onwards to University. Not even 4 minutes since I left my home, a drunk driver invades my lane and collides, head-on, against my car. I saw the man switching lanes, going in zig-zags. My driver reflexes tell me to slow down and throw myself towards the farthest part of my lane; but not even that saves me from what was coming.
I saw everyone who I wanted to say that I adore them flash before my eyes as my car spun and re-crashes against a tree and the airbag exploded on my face. I shut my eyes and prayed that my glasses had not taken away my eye sight. At first, I think that maybe it wasn’t that bad, but the moment when I try to get out, I am trapped; I knew it was bad.
At least a hundred people stopped and asked whether the driver of the bright, red Nissan had passed away and a thousand pairs of eyes widen in shock as the girl in the oversized hoodie raised her shaky hand and responded: ‘I’m here’.
I was not meant to survive the accident. I was supposed to be bloodied and with a paralyzed heartbeat; or so everyone said. I left the scene with bruises and slight internal injuries. Nothing too serious. The interior of my car was intact while the exterior was completely destroyed.
Paramedics, police officers, the man that collided against me, everyone was in complete, utter shock. Everyone patted me on my shoulder because I was a shaky mess but I was standing and pacing around, desperately calling my dad. It was the worst experience of my life. My very first car, the same one I treated with such care, avoiding tickets and accidents, was destroyed minutes after I left my safe haven.
I don’t want pity, nor I want people to praise me. I want everyone to keep in mind that accidents can and will happen. You may be a survivor or you may be confined to a gorgeously decorated coffin until you decay.
Please, before you go anywhere or before you go to bed, tell all the people you care about how much you love them. Tell them how much they mean to you. You never know if those will be the last words you tell them.
Please stay safe and don’t worry, not even this will stop me from keeping up with the blog.

Additionally, I have to thank all you lovely family members that have been following us! Woah! 10k this is outrageous! I can’t believe it! I think it’s time we give you guys a fandom name because we have a freaking army here!(Se what I did there heheh~) let’s see what we come up with!

Also! I am working on personal works aside from the ones on the blog. To keep it as professional as possible, I will not be posting them here. I will be posting them on my personal masterlist. It would be amazing if you guys followed out personal blogs for personal updates and other stuff aside from here. Sky’s blog is @whymeth and my personal blog is @satansoodeliveries or @healing-unicorn-nugget. Fan fiction updates will be on this masterlist satansoodeliveries.tumblr.com/masterlist

I’ll be posting chapter one of (draft title) You’re My Mystery very soon! Keep an eye out for that!


umm you guys!!! i am dying right now -

i was at the supermarket and saw a guy who looked so much like how i imagine adam parrish??! he was like. kinda tan and tall and lean and had the dusty blondish-brown HAIR!!!! and blue eyes and some freckles!!!!! and rly nice cheekbones!!! i legit stared at him for like a solid minute and then he noticed me being a creep and then smiled (!!!!!! a rly nice smile) and gave like. a little nod? and then he went back to selecting some apples. i live in LA so i’m just gonna pretend that he thinks i mistook him for a celebrity and that’s why i was blatantly staring. i mean. adam parrish is v important so it’s close enough

and it turns out that i also completely forgot to buy bananas which is literally the reason i went to the store in the first place… lmao and now i can’t make the smoothie i wanted to make. this is your fault, adam lookalike