i can't believe i just started watching this now

listen nothing on this green earth will ever be as funny to me as “roonil wazlib.” I could watch a million comedy shows and not laugh as hard as I do when I think about that. I’ll be on my deathbed and start giggling and my great-grandchildren will lean down and ask me what’s funny and with my dying breath i’ll wheeze out “that’s my nickname”

  • Namjoon: Hey Jungkook.
  • Jungkook: What?
  • Namjoon: Can I share something with you from earlier today?
  • Jungkook: What is it?
  • Namjoon: Well, I sent you a text...
  • Jungkook: Mmhm.
  • Namjoon: ...Early in the morning.
  • Jungkook: Yeah.
  • Namjoon: Because I have to go out of town for one weekend this month, and so, I was like, I won't give specific dates, but "Do you have any preference whether I go this weekend, or the next weekend?"
  • Jungkook: Mmhm.
  • Namjoon: Your response...
  • Jungkook: *Starts laughing*
  • Namjoon: At 9:30 in the morning..."Motherfucking Jesse Eisenberg Jesus Christ fuck dude motherfucking Facebook movie bullshit Jesus can you fucking believe this shit"
  • Jungkook: *Laughing louder*
  • Namjoon: ...No punctuation ...Random capitalisation. So I respond, "I have no idea what we're talking about right now." Forty-five minutes pass. I get a text from you: "Goddamn created Facebook and fucking lawyers and shit right fucking Winklevoss twins goddamn rowing the boat fuck yo shit I can't even fucking believe this shit have you seen this shit fuck I just watched this shit fuck Jesse Eisenberg man"
  • Jungkook: *Laughing even louder*
  • Namjoon: I respond, "Jungkook, you're scaring me." An hour passes. You respond, "Motherfucking Spider-Man Spider-Man you put in the time fuck put in the time motherfucking build shit with his bare hands fucking best friend shit Jesse Eisenberg ...I'm very tired"
  • Jungkook: *Crying with laughter*
  • Namjoon: I'm just like, "No problem, man. I'll do most of the talking at the interview today." Immediate response, I'm talkin' like five seconds later: "No man I'll just talk about the Facebook movie all day shit man you have to be so interested in the shit I have to say about the Facebook movie fuck dude I just watched it a year and a half ago fuck Jesse Eisenberg man he fucked over Spider-Man crazy Winklevoss twins rowing Trent resin or did the soundtrack fuck this guy who invented Facebook I don't like dying I cant think of who the fuck invented Facebook all I can think is the guy who played the guy who invented Facebook who the fuck invented Facebook" And then, in all capital letters, two hours later, "MARK ZUCKERBERG"
  • Jungkook: *Hysterical laughter*

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God, the picture where Emma is feeding the baby and Marinette is on the phone, I can only imagine she's calling her maman and her papa and telling them the news. And Adrien is just staring at his baby girl all grown up. He's watching her feeding her baby, starting her new life, and he just feels this swell of pride. He's just remembering when he was bottle feeding her and now... Ugh I can't believe I'm crying over sims.

:^) im in immense pain :^)

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OMG that thing that you just reblogged with Johnny scating to Agape...... I watch it 2 times with stunned face and after the third time tears started to running down my face.. I'm seriously not making this up... I mean this music and moves that we love so much brought to real life... WOWOWOW I LOVE YOI SO MUCH I CAN'T EVEN BELIEVE IT ( I just really needed to take it off my chest)

THIS KLASJDFJKLASDF IT HECKED ME UP????? AND NOW HE HAS DONE EROS IDK IF YOU SAW???? It’s absolutely incredible! And I feel the same way about YOI omggggggg

Do you ever just remember that ninjago started off as a little card game with spinners and now it has a tv show with multiple seasons, one of the most popular lego lines, and a new movie and you just

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the more i watch the scene from the most recent ep of preacher the more i notice how emotional cass is when talking about denis and i just watched it on my computer and realized that he's starting to cry and like... the most emotional we saw cass last season was after he was burned i think and this is just such a new level and i can't stop watching the part where he rests his hand on denis' chest and he's sniffling and that alone could make anyone believe what he's saying.

it was completely genuine. while neither tulip nor cassidy say it out loud, there’s a very real possibility that they’ll all die here, denis most of all without his medicine. cassidy was never planning to say denis was his son probably. he only mentions it now because tulip sees how he cares about him and wonders and so he tells her the truth. that of course is a natural reminder of both her own lost biological child and perhaps the abandonment of her relationship with Allie. she takes the initiative and goes to speak to the Saint as a result, and Cassidy, who normally would have followed her, stays with his ailing son bc he could die at any time. 

joe has said many times that jesse’s mission of redemption is what drew cassidy to him in the first place - he was a bad dude trying to be better, and cassidy saw himself in him and as such, the possibility of righting his wrongs. and this is what compelled him to go to see Denis when they were in New Orleans - as joe has also said, cassidy deliberately seeks out the ghosts of his past in the city while tulip tries to hide from them - bc like ruth said, tulip is afraid of change but cassidy “wants to evolve.” they could’ve stayed anywhere else, easily, but he insisted on this in the interest of trying to do SOMETHING for Denis while they were in town even if it was too little, too late. yeah it’s bc of his guilt in part, but guilt presupposes love. you can’t have guilt without love. and even terrible fathers can still love their children. his love for Denis doesn’t make up for anything, but it is love nonetheless and he is trying.

it’s surprising to me that not everyone sees that. if it wasn’t evident from the show itself, you can look to joe’s actual commentary on the episode and the season as a whole, which makes it crystal clear. 

5SOS Preference #15: Restless Nights (His POV)
  • Calum Hood: "He's still fighting?" I ask my wife as I lean against the nurseries door post. (Y/N) nods her head as she rocks back and forth on the rocking chair with Ryder on her chest. She rubs our six month olds back soothingly as he moans sleepily into her neck, trying his best not to fall asleep. We both been trying to put him to sleep for about two hours now. After he would fall asleep, us two would have our time alone but guess not. I sigh and walk towards them. "Want me to call mom?" I whisper as I take a seat on the foot rest of the rocking chair. "I don't know." (Y/N) says, her voice cracking. "He's not running a temp. I don't know what's going on." She places a kiss on Ryder's cheek and I notice that this is stressing her out. "We'll figure it out baby." I say after I place a hand on her knee, giving it a reassuring squeeze. (Y/N) looks at me with teary eyes. "Let me take him." I reach my hands out and she places him in my arms. "You're a fighter, little man." I say with a chuckle after getting him situated in my arms. Ryder looks up at me with sleepy and teary eyes. "Go to sleep, Ry. You're not gonna miss out on anything. Just close your eyes." I begin to rock him slowly, his eyes start to blink heavily but he still doesn't budge. "Sing, Cal." (Y/N) whispers and I can't believe I didn't think of that earlier. I nod my head and then begin to sing quietly a slower version of "Amnesia", earning an eye roll from my wife. She's probably over the song by now. Ryder watches me with heavy eyes and a miracle happens. His eyes close fully. I look up at (Y/N) as I continue to sing and she sighs in relief. She signals me to keep going and I do. I stare at our little, handsome prince as he snores quietly. After awhile, I stop, just waiting for him to wake up. But he doesn't. I get up slowly and walk towards his crib while (Y/N) follows. We each give him a gentle kiss on the forehead before I lay him down. "Thank you, Lord." (Y/N) praises after she covers Ryder up with a blanket. I smile and wrap my arms around her waist. "I believe it's our time to relax now, Mrs. Hood." I whisper before pressing my lips against hers.
  • Ashton Irwin: "Mommy!" I hear Austin scream for (Y/N) for the fifteenth time tonight. My bride sighs a little before getting out of bed again to go see our two year old. "There are monsters again!" Austin cries, clearly frightened. I get up and sit on the edge of the bed, rubbing my eyes. It's gonna be a long night. "Baby there's no such thing. You're okay. Everything's alright." I hear (Y/N) say, trying to soothe him. I look over to the clock next to me. 12:13 a.m. He's been going at this for an hour after he woke up from a nightmare. I breathe in before getting out of bed to go see them. "Shhh baby. Daddy's trying to sleep. He's got a big day tomorrow." I hear (Y/N)'s muffled voice through Austin's bedroom door. My heart drops when I hear his crying as well. "What's going on?" I ask as I open his door. They both sit on his bed, covered in a big blanket. (Y/N) leans her aching back against the wall, her growing stomach hides under the blanket, as Austin leans into her, crying into her side with her arm around him. "Daddy!" He cries once he sees me. I smile a little at my exhausted, little bug. I walk towards the bed and crawl onto it, joining them. "Daddy there's monsters." Austin says as (Y/N) rubs his arm. "Really?" I gasp and he nods. My wife shakes her head at me. She obviously doesn't want me to pretend that they are real. "Where?" Then Austin points under his bed. I nod my head before getting on all fours to check under his bed. "I don't see anything bud." I say. "Are you sure?" My son asks with concern eyes and I nod. "There's nothing. Don't you worry. You got me and your mommy. We'll protect you. And soon, you'll have to protect your baby sister or brother too." I say with a smile. Austin smiles widely and looks up at (Y/N) and she smiles down at him as well. "I can't wait." He says with a yawn. (Y/N) kisses his curly head. "I'm glad, kiddo." She whispers against his head. "Get some rest champ." I say as I get up. "You're going to see-" I stop once I turn around to see Austin sound asleep against his pillow. (Y/N) gets out of the bed slowly. "Well done baby." She whispers, giving me a kiss after closing Austin's door.
  • Michael Clifford: "Relax, baby girl. Just close your eyes. Daddy's got you. Shh." I coo as I rub my almost two year olds back. I rock back and forth slowly on the rocking chair while Aubrey holds my neck for dear life as she cries. "Mama! M-Mama!" She sobs into my neck. "She'll be back, Aubs. Mama will be here very soon. Just go to sleep, baby, I got you." I whisper. (Y/N)'s out for the night with the girls. She was hesitant to leave me with the kids but I insisted she should go, saying that the four of us would be just fine. She deserves it. She's been busy with work and taking care of her three boys and little girl. She deserves to be out for awhile. "I want mama now!" Aubrey screams, making me jolt a little. "Aubrey, what did I tell you about screaming?" I warn, thinking about her brothers sleeping peacefully in their room next to hers. She cries more, her tears soaking into my t-shirt. I pat her back gently while humming a nursery rhyme. Aubrey cries "mama" over and over again shakily and I feel like I've been sucking at being a parent. "Hey, hey, hey." I hear my wife whisper loudly. I relax and sigh in relief when I see her at the door. My hero. "Mama!" Aubrey squeaks out while getting off of me and running to (Y/N). She crouches down and opens her arms for Aubrey. "You should be sleeping little one." She says while kissing Aubrey's cheek after they embrace each other. "Why'd you go m-mama?" She sobs into (Y/N)'s neck. "Shhhh Aubs, you'll wake Zach and Nick." (Y/N) whispers while picking our little princess up. She walks over, giving me a smile and then mouthing a "hi" to me. I give her a small smile before getting up so she can sit down. She sits down and begins to rock back and forth. "Shhh baby. I'm here. A princess like you deserves her beauty rest." (Y/N) whispers to Aubrey. "L-like Princess Aurora?" Aubrey asks, referring to the princess from Sleeping Beauty. (Y/N) smiles. "Like Princess Aurora." She whispers. Once Aubrey quiets down, I walk out of the room to see the boys, making sure to close the door behind me so Aubrey can fall asleep without the light from the hall bugging her. After awhile, I watch (Y/N) walk down the stairs. I get up from the couch before she pecks my lips. "I'm a terrible dad, aren't I?" I mumble against her lips. "You mean awesome, right?" She asks with a smirk before I kiss her.
  • Luke Hemmings: "Luke, leave her be. She has to learn." I hear my wife mumble sleepily as I get out of our bed. "You know I can't do that." I whisper back gently while walking towards the door. Once I heard my little Ella's muffled cries coming from the baby monitor, I had to fight the urge not to get up and help her right then and there. After a good thirty minutes of her crying, I couldn't take it anymore. I walk down hallway to head towards Ella's nursery. "Daddy's right here, pumpkin." I say as I walk through her door. I frown a little at my almost one year old through the cribs rails. She sits on her bum with wet tears running down her red face. "D-daddy." Ella cries in relief before standing up and reaching for me. "What's wrong, huh?" I ask sadly while picking her up. I kiss forehead before she wraps her little arms around my neck. She tries to find her breath. "Breathe sweetheart. You're okay." I start to run my hand up and down her back slowly, trying to calm her down. I check to feel if she needs a diaper change but find out that she doesn't. She rests her head on my shoulder and cries more. "Someone's a little sleepy bug I see." I state with a smile before sitting down on the rocking chair. "No." Ella mumbles her new favorite word into my neck. I chuckle and begin to rock gently. She holds on tight to me, never letting go of me. "Daddy's not going anywhere, Ella. I'm right here." I coo. After a few minutes of doing rocking back and forth and rubbing her back, she quiets down and then cries again, trying to stay awake. "Don't fight it El." I whisper quietly. And then, just as I command, she quits fighting. Small snores escape her mouth. I keep rocking in case she wakes up again but she doesn't. I get up gently and walk over to her crib. I lay Ella down slowly as possible, very careful not to wake her up. "Sweet dreams pumpkin." I whisper after placing the blanket on her. I tense when I see her squirm a little but then she relaxes. I sigh and smile down at her. I turn towards the door and jump a little when (Y/N) leaning against the door post. She gives me a small smile as she reaches her hand out for me. "Come back to bed, Mr. Hemmings." She whispers as I place my hand on hers, then she pulls me back towards our room. I close Ella's door gently behind me, completely hypnotized by my wife's actions.
  • Rantarou: Hey, Ouma? Can I share something with you from earlier today?
  • Kokichi: What is it...?
  • Rantarou: Well, I sent you a text early in the morning, because I have to go out of town for one weekend this month. And I asked if you had any specific preferences on whether I go...this weekend or the next weekend.
  • Rantarou: Your response
  • Kokichi: *Already laughing*
  • Rantarou: At 9:30 in the morning....
  • Rantarou: "Mother fucking Jesse Eisenberg Jesus Chirst fuck dude mother fucking facebook movie bullshit Jesus can you fucking believe this shit"
  • Kokichi: *Starts laughing*
  • Rantarou: n...no punctuation...random capitalization.
  • Rantarou: So I respond "I have no idea what we're talking about right now"
  • Rantarou: 45 minutes pass. I get a text from you.
  • Rantarou: "God damn created facebook and fucking lawyers and shit right fucking Winklevoss twins god damn rowing the boat fuck yo shit i can't even fucking believe this shit have you seen this shit fuck I just watched this shit fuck Jesse Eisenberg man"
  • Kokichi: *Heavy laughing*
  • Rantarou: I respond "Ouma, you're scaring me"....an hour passes. You respond-
  • Rantarou: "Mother fuckin Spiderman Spiderman you put in the time fuck put in the time mother fucking built shit with his bare hands fuckin best friend shit Jesse Eisenberg" ... "I'm very tired"
  • Kokichi: *Starts crying while laughing*
  • Rantarou: I'm just like..."No problem man, I'll...I'll do most the talking at the group meeting today." Immediate response, I'm talking, like, five seconds later-
  • Rantarou: "No man I'll just talk about the Facebook movie all day shit man you have to be so interested in the shit I have to say about the Facebook movie fuck dude I just watched it a year and a half ago fuck Jesse Eisenberg man he fucked over Spiderman crazy Winklevoss twins rowing Trench Reznor did the soundtrack fuck this guy who invented Facebook I don't like die I can't think of who the fuck invented Facebook all I can think is the guy who played the guy who invented Facebook who the fuck invented Facebook"
  • Rantarou: And then, in all capital letters. Two hours later
  • Rantarou: "MARK ZUCKERBERG"

and finally, after much pain and struggle, it’s complete.

i rewatched anastasia a few nights ago, and i must say, I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT. i loved it when i watched it as a teeny kid, and i love it even more now. it’s just gorgeous, and i just really wanted to draw something from it!! this was definitely a challenge!

MC Today (October 5), Jumin's Bday
  • MC: *patiently waiting for Jumin to arrive at his apartment; laying on his bed <del>possibly wearing lingerie or something</del>
  • Jumin: *sighs as he pulls open the door* "Elizabeth, I'm home! I can't believe it. No one--not even Jaehee--wished me a happy birthday today."
  • MC: *holding in all her might to not run into the living room and greet Jumin*
  • Jumin: *shuffling his feet across the floor* "I guess I'll just sit in bed tonight and watch some dramas and catch up on the stock market..."
  • MC: *best ~demure~ face* "Happy birthday, Jumin!"
  • Jumin: *taken aback (in the good way)* "M-MC! Oh thank god. I went all day without hearing from you and I was starting to worry. You...You remembered it was today."
  • MC: "Jumin, how could I forget a day like this one? Now...come here a-and--"
  • Jumin: "You don't have to tell me twice!"
  • MC: "Happy birthday, my love. To many more."
  • Jumin: "Until the end of time."
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It Wasn’t Me - Shaggy ft. RikRok live at Michael Jackson: 30th Anniversary Celebration



Some of my favorite parts in this -

- At the beginning when the song is starting you’ll see Michael say, “I love this song” and it kills me

- Chris Tucker @ 0:54 (when he throws his hands up and says, “It wasn’t me” lmfaoo Chris is a trip, love him.)

- About 1:29 Shaggy goes over to Michael and says, “Check it out check it out. Yo’ Mike, (RikRok in the back, “Mikey”) you The King Of Pop my brother, and I heard this song, is one of your favorite songs. *Michael nods his head and says yes* You the original banger you dig that! (and right after he says that Michael’s reaction makes me laugh 100x more) you dig that! But if you get caught, this is what you have to say..”


Michael is like: “Shaggy, I already knew that” and you notice how the crowd starts screaming after Shaggy says that? The fans know exactly what’s up. We done knew that, shiiiiit.


(If you have never heard this song and don’t understand why I can’t believe Michael likes this song, listen very closely to the lyrics.)

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I can't believe I actually thought phil watched battle star galactica alone. I should have known better by now tbh

whenever dan or phil tweet about a new tv show or anime series that they’ve started watching it’s almost guaranteed that the other is watching it with them bc they’re just gross like that


Take Marinette to the moon for him, Adrien.

I got inspired from this post I re-blogged a while back. (x) I decided to make everything a simple drawing, believe me, I wasn’t just being lazy.

And I just thought, what if Felix were just watching everything, and seeing everything going on as he slowly faded away from importance? Eventually accepting that he’s not the one meant to be with Marinette and, now this was more disheartening to me, Plagg?

It hurt me so much, especially since I did like Felix. Maybe he was a cliche, maybe he wasn’t that interesting, but well, he’s what this show started on and I think that is something special.

Take care, Felix.