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#of course #of course these two cry at working girl #of course they both love this movie #/of course/ #because working girl has a romantic relationship storyline #but the true happy ending #the true point of the movie #the true love interest #is tess’s professional success #and these two women #one who is working so hard to get where she wants to go #and one who has worked so hard to get where she is #of course these two women connect with working girl #with tess #with the kind of awe tess felt at her office #the kind of awe kara feels now #the kind of awe cat experienced at some point on her way to catco #and i want to reach out and hug this show for this moment alone #for this textual connection #because so much of this season echoes working girl’s message #don’t get me wrong - james and kara’s relationship has always been an important aspect of kara’s story #just like jack with tess #but at the end of the day supergirl is about kara #just like working girl is about tess #and the fact that this scene happened #WITH CAT #who sees working girl for the romantic story it is #makes me so happy #i’ve made jokes about this scene being a romcom #but honestly? #just like working girl #it was

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"He has a monetary investment in Harry's career." that's fucking stupid, i get why people might be salty with james but stating as facts that he favors harry because has money invested on it it's just ridiculous and obviously that anon is talking out of spite, you can't say that as fact if you don't know shit and just assume shit because he didn't show the same behavior with louis

Uh the anon made an assumption, yes, but they didn’t state is as fact? Also let’s be real, I guarantee you that the anon isn’t the only one thinking this judging from the conversations I’ve had over the last few days. People might not voice their thoughts a lot around here any longer in fear of being shamed or bullied out of the fandom but I /think/ it’s not a stretch to believe he has an investment in the companies that are connected to Harry’s video and documentary and what else there is.

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I made myself a p.aranoid ford icon for Halloween

I read a short little fanfic last night about Ishigaki going over to Midousuji’s apartment to do homework. And while I wasn’t too sold on the writing for the characters, I loved the imagery of Ishigaki hanging out in Midousuji’s room watching him eat mandarins.

MY FEELINGS!!! *sigh* I just want little lizard to connect with someone guys. Then maybe he’ll be ok. ;__;

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The fact that Margot said "They can't help it, they're kinda addicted to each other" makes me so happy! Do you think they are gonna show Joker's obsession with Harley?!

I sincerely hope so. I would LOVE to see that take on their relationship.

Because Joker doesn’t really understand his feelings for her (or rather, doesn’t want to face them in basically every interpretation) I could see him becoming obsessive and incredibly controlling in a situation where he has a vague understanding that he feels something VERY strongly for her. He’s so mentally unstable that any kind of love for her could seriously cause him to get obsessive and get inevitably dangerous.

Why would he do that? He doesn’t know how to properly show affection, so it comes out in odd ways. Like wanting to have complete control over maybe where she is or who she talks to. It would be a form of comfort to him to relieve anxiety over not knowing if she’s possibly going to find someone else and want them more.

I would think a huge fear of his would be Harley ever getting interested in someone else, so it would make sense to me for him to become obsessive in an attempt to desperately be sure she can be his and only his. Harley is the only one who’s ever truly connected with him and made him feel something. Her devotion to him is important. He can’t afford to to lose it.

earlier today in chemistry I got bored and drifted off and got this really rad idea for a billdip au fanfiction. I didn’t have time to write it out, but now that I do, I figured, why not?

AU where the reason the Society of the Blind Eye never got to Dipper was because Bill was acting as a barrier for him and preventing them from doing so.

Pushing the Boundaries 

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I hate when the gems are labeled by fans as made up Tumblr genders. I don't hate the genders. I have some friends who identify with stuff like that, and I'll support them forever, but giving a sentient rock a sexuality is just kinda....ehh..It's like going outside, picking up a rock, and saying "You are now <insert gender>" I just can't really get into it. If they were actual people? I'd be more believing.

I have a bachelor degree in Gender and Sexuality Studies so I don’t find the comment about “made up tumblr genders” to be very appropriate at all. It’s actually very disrespectful.

Also, what does it matter if someone has headcannons? Media lacks diverse representation. It’s sad that people have to create their own representations to connect with because there’s such an absence of them. As I’ve said before, what does someone else’s experiences have to do with yours? If you don’t like it, don’t read it. Simple as that. Don’t hate on others for how they interact with with a program/character.