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I had the sudden urge to draw them in Elie Saab dresses (x) (x) and I JUST—-

why do they look so good they’re illegal

the signs as things my theater professor has actually said in class, part two
  • Aries: "I want to save my bony, pasty white ass from being fired"
  • Taurus: "I once took half an aspirin and basically started drunk texting my friends"
  • Gemini: "Within the first hour of meeting her, she had already told us all about her Russian mafia fight club"
  • Cancer: "I was once almost fired for having porn on my hard drive when I gave said hard drive to a student. she thought it was hilarious"
  • Leo: "I don't want to say I was wearing a jockstrap, or a banana hammock, because I don't like those words, but there wasn't much material there"
  • Virgo: "Fuck professional development! We're serving sundaes all day"
  • Libra: "I was taken off all advertisements for the school for what I said. But I have tenure, so it's chill"
  • Scorpio: "First of all, fuck"
  • Sagittarius: "I love shopping for couches! I could lay on those mofos all day"
  • Capricorn: "Unfortunately, my friend didn't tell me that what I smoked wasn't just weed- there was PCP mixed in as well. I blacked out for an entire day"
  • Aquarius: "I propose we change the school song to just having everyone chant 'smoke dat shit'"
  • Pisces: "What if we had a required class called Marijuana 101?"

I had a weird dream… While I was walking amid the darkness in that dream, I saw a light. And I saw my dead brother… My big brother, Keicho. He asked me where I was going, so I said that I was going to follow him. I mean, my Bro was always reliable. He never made any bad decisions, so I’d have nothing to worry about. But then he said I should decide for myself. He said, “Okuyasu, you’re the one who has to decide where you’re going to go.”


wow I can’t believe I found caps from the long lost alternate ending of our man bashir where garak dabs julian and himself to safety


This is what I do, remember? When you came to me, you gave me a job. A purpose. At first, well, I had been trying to save the world for so long, I–saving one life at a time seemed a bit anticlimactic. 

But then I realized… sometimes one life… If it’s the right life… That’s enough.

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❛ better get your dad jokes ready. ❜

Brent was quick to place a finger over his lips when Valentina entered the room after a soft knock, gesturing toward the bed with his head. Barbara was finally sleeping for the first time since she had been fully dilated and the nurse would be coming in with Beau to nurse in a couple of hours. He wanted her to get as much rest as she could in the meantime. He stood from the chair and helped his sister place the various gifts that she was carrying onto the counter. Leave it to Valentina to come bearing teddy bears, balloons, flowers and a large box of chocolates. It was a wonder that she had been able to carry it all up to the Labor and Delivery Unit. 

Beckoning his sister to follow him back into the hallway of the maternity ward, he spoke once he had carefully shut the door. “The baby’s in the intensive care nursery.” Before Valentina could fret too much, he assured, “He’s fine, but there was a bit of abnormality with his heart rate so they wanted to keep an eye on his vitals for the first 24 hours.” The new parents had been assured that it was nothing to be too concerned about and that after that period, he could stay in the room with them in a warmer until Barbara and the baby were released to go home. 

He had only made a handful of calls once the baby was born. One to Valentina, another to Ruben, and then the rest to his cousins that he knew would want to hear the announcement from him. “We can go see him, if you want, since it’s still visiting hours.”

Valentina quirked up a brow, shining grin in place. “Is that even a question? What are we wasting time for?”  

Nodding as an acquiesce, Brent started down the path to the nursery. He was tired and ought to try and sleep himself, but there was a swell in his chest cavity that expanded throughout him, an adrenaline that was keeping him awake and aware of the enormity of it all. 

Waving his wrist over the sensor in front of the nursery’s door, his identification band was recognized and the lock clicked. Once they were inside, Brent headed straight to the sink to began washing his arms all the way up to his elbows. He waited for Valentina to do the same before he guided her over to a corner of the room. There were units lined up all along the room, newborns that were being fed or having routine tests run on. The one in front of them was sleeping, a light shining on him to keep him warm, swaddled up tight in a blue blanket. “Valentina,” His gaze kept focused on the baby as he spoke quietly to his sister, finding it difficult to tear his attention away. “I’d like you to meet Beau.”

“Beau?” Valentina repeated as she peered into the warmer, awe coloring her tone. 

“Mm. Barbara wanted to stick to the B scheme. Beau Griffiths.” It was a nice sounding name, pleasant in his mouth when he spoke it. There was none of the harshness that existed in Brent’s own name. It was fitting for the softer upbringing that Brent wished to provide for his son. Severing him from the Nott name was a good decision. It didn’t make Beau any less his son any more than Brent bearing Richard’s name in both his middle and last name had made Richard his father. It went beyond biology, Brent was beginning to learn. From this day forward, Brent had already made the decision that he wold only call Richard Nott by his name, not by Father as he had all his life. Richard was not deserving of the title and Brent couldn’t know if he was yet either, but if the first gift he could present his son with was freedom from expectation then he could only hope he was off to a decent start. 

Brent reached into the pod, gingerly lifting up the baby and positioning him so that his head was in the being supported by the crook of his arm. He then turned to Valentina in indication that he could pass Beau off to her. 

“He’s so small,” Valentina commented before opening up her arms, Brent settling the baby against her. As his sister began to cradle the baby and coo at him, Brent’s shoulders sagged with an ease that he hadn’t expected to wash over him. There was still a trace of apprehension, of uncertainty, but he wasn’t alone. 

He had a family. Small as it may be, its significance outweighed any other aspect of his life, far beyond his incoming N.E.W.T. scores that would determine his future career pursuits. 

“You and I are going to be best buds,” Valentina assured her nephew, little eyelids fluttering open and a tiny arm stretching outward, mouth opening up in a yawn. There was a fluttering, then, that bubbled out of Brent’s own mouth in a fond chuckle. “And I’m going to spoil you so hard and I’ll read you all the best books…” 

As his sister prattled on to the newborn who couldn’t even begin to comprehend what she was saying, Brent’s visage softened and he swallowed thickly. The future seemed to stretch in front of him in that instance, bright and hopeful. 

Valentina turned her eyes to her brother with a devious smile. “Better get your dad jokes ready.”

He was far from known for his humor and they both knew it. “I think I’ll leave those to you. You will be his favorite aunt, after all. It only seems fitting that you make him laugh.” 


Someone once told me
I was the safest place
for them to face
their own demons.
Because they knew
I wasn’t afraid
to navigate
through their darkness.
You see,
I never used to believe 
in the idea of a lost cause.
But if you had known
the me that existed
before I knew you
then you would know
why I need you to let me go.
You would see
what kind of person I used to be
and how I gave you
everything I had.
And you would know
that I never used to use
the word impossible.
But when I tried to reach you
I learned there are some things
I simply cannot do.
I don’t know
what world you see,
that the rest of us do not,
but I am tired
of tearing myself apart
to find the right lens
that will open your mind
without breaking your heart.
I am tired
of offering up my own body
as a shield to save you.
Or sacrificing my sanity
to maintain your version of reality.
So please hear me 
when I say 
it hurts to say goodbye.
But not nearly as much
as it hurt to try.
Please listen
when I ask you
to let me go.
And I hope
you save yourself someday.
—  Let Me Go, V.P.

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ok this has to be set in like. Colorado that’s a gay state.
-Saloon owner Geoff: its simple, there’s booze there, it makes sense he’d be in control of the flow of it. When he comes to this settlement, people just kind of… made their own booze and Geoff just had to help these poor people. (Also their moonshine was terrible.)
-Vigilante Jack: he blows (HA) into town fleeing the authorities and somehow just ends up staying in one of the rooms at Geoff’s saloon. Whether or not that is Geoff’s room remains private.
-Gavin “quick hands” Free: listen this boy is an awful trash child in every au, and this is no different. There’s gold out west, and despite the fact that he’s a fucking aristocrat already he wants moooore. Gets a little roughed up and finds out that Geoff has a bit of a reputation for harbouring criminals. Geoff is not aware of this reputation.
-Mogar the Kid: rumour has it he was raised by bears, and he doesn’t do a damned thing to dispel those rumours. A one man bandit ring, he sticks up banks in a streak across the west before sticking up Geoff. Geoff isn’t scared of him because frankly he’s got muscle of his own, and just pours Mogar a shot.
-Sheriff Jeremy: finally the law comes to this town, and its got the criminals that live under Geoff’s roof shaking in their (cowboy) boots. Turns out that ‘the law’ is the tiniest, gayest boy that they’ve ever seen, and its not long till they have something of a crooked cop on their hands. He tries, at first, but after the seventh time Gavin flirts with him while handcuffed he just gives up.
-Ryan 'the bull’/'vagabond’- wandering cattle rancher, and no one can figure out if his nickname of 'the bull'is a reference to his position or his dick. I mean. Some people figure out eventually.

Last night we had a campfire hosted by elderly alumni, some of whom came here as campers in the 1940’s. Part of their performance involved a post with signs pointing in opposite directions - one labeled ‘Hopes and Dreams’, the other 'The Real World’. The whole theme was about choosing between the two. They did the same thing last year and it made me so angry… I’m putting my heart and soul into these kids, the last thing I need is a bunch of old white guys telling my campers that growing up means trading in your passions and idealism for bitter realism. Fuck off!

So… there was a section of this campfire where they asked volunteers to come up to the stage and make a little speech about whether they’re choosing hopes and dreams or the real world. I stood up an announced that I didn’t see the conflict, and that the whole point of living meant discovering ways to find one in the other. “I don’t feel like this is really a choice I have to make,” I said, and walked off the stage down the middle.

150730 ☼ Accidental notebook haul ;A; Last week Kikkerland had a 65% off sale on Leuchtturm1917 notebooks, so I got these 5 for $30 and saved nearly $60. I plan on using the pocket notebook for writing down random Japanese vocabulary I see and the rest I wanted to stock for journaling. The pastel Moleskine cahiers unfortunately weren’t on sale, but I bought them because the colors were cute and I wanted to get free shipping on the Amazon order I made last week. -_- I probably won’t buy them again because the paper is a bit thinner than I would’ve liked, but I’m glad I have the chance to try them~ 

So GTW caused me to have a minor meltdown and completely re-evaluate my plans for community lots in my town. With the limited number of lots we have available to us, I had to ask myself, “Do you really need a bazillion diners? Can you be happy with one or two, and save the rest for when/if we get a proper restaurant expansion? Do you maybe want to try making lots that actually have a purpose in the game, like libraries and museums? Just how many retail lots do you need right now? Do your Sims really need to be able to buy frogs? (the answer: YES) etc.” 

I took a break from my game to ponder these vitally important questions and come up with some kind of plan. Expect some picspam and possible grousing as I attempt to put this plan into action over the next few days. And wish me luck.

So I’m leaving for Georgia next week and I had the brilliant idea that we should stop at Universal Studios while we’re down there so we can go to the Harry Potter theme park, but my family wasn’t really for it since tickets are pretty expensive. But then my dad remembered that when I was 7 years old, we went to Florida for a family vacation and we just so happened to be in Universal Studios on the day of 9/11 and they made all of us leave, but gave us complimentary tickets to come back. Well, we never used those tickets and now 14 years later, we called the park and they said they’re willing to honor them and they ended up giving us 4 free all inclusive tickets for when we go down. 


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(✧∀✧) (ps its me........... tobirawme)

send me a (✧∀✧) and i’ll randomly generate a number between 1-20. my muse will then say the following to your muse.

20: “If I had to choose between saving myself or you, I would always pick you.”

Deidara had to admit, he sort of liked Tobirama.

At first, when he had met him, he had momentarily assumed he was an Uchiha due to his red eyes, not noticing the lack of the trademark tomoe. Tobirama had given him a withering look upon Deidara declaring, “I refuse to work with an Uchiha!” and snapped a denial in return, along with “Uchihas generally have black hair, not white hair” and “shouldn’t you know who the Kage’s are?”

The start of a strange friendship. Bonding over the dislike of Uchihas - despite the large differences between them and the disapproving statements of certain other people.

Coming back from the dead and being controlled, while absolutely sucking, had its small perks. At least he finally had someone to complain about Uchihas with, someone who didn’t mind him going off every ten minutes for up to an hour about how he despised Uchihas and their eyes and their demeanor and the fact they thought they were all that just because of their lineage! It filled Deidara with rage!

Tobirama would usually nod while listening, occasionally muttering, “I knew Uchihas were trouble.”

Finally, someone who understood!

And Deidara absolutely hated himself for it, but he liked Tobirama more than he would ever care to admit. He even found himself dodging in front of things aimed at Tobirama - admittedly, this was also because he was just bored. He found a certain strange fascination with watching his body repair, much as he hated being immortal.

That’s what he kept telling everybody who dared ask or insinuate, and everybody believed him - why else would the blond do so? He wasn’t exactly known for being affectionate.

That is, everyone except for Tobirama.


Deidara’s eye twitched.

“What do you mean, ‘hm’? You don’t believe me or something?” Deidara said, slightly uncomfortable.

“Not really.”

“Seriously, hm?!” Tobirama raised an eyebrow, and Deidara scoffed.

“Fine…god.” Glancing around and hoping that nobody was hiding, because this was pathetic, why did he have emotions he just wanted to crush them and kick them away…

“If I had to choose between saving myself or you, I would always pick you. You…I like you, hm. You’re interesting. And you actually listen to me complain about the Uchihas.”

“Thank you.”

“You’re…welcome.” There was a beat.

“Are you ever going to take those sunglasses off?”

“No. I like them.”

Deidara could distantly hear Hashirama yelling in despair.