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au where bakugou is embarrassed each time uraraka wants to cuddle or just kiss him in public because he's not used to it but after some months he starts to get more confident around her and he's the one who hugs her from behind when he finds uraraka in the hallway or sitting on the sofa, cooks for her when she's nervous, helps her studying (with more patience than he used to have with kirishima lmao) - their classmates just can't believe their eyes, so every time they try to say something funny+

so this seems like a good ask to post these silly, old doodles in lmao

anyway yes this is perfect and i love it

i actually had a doodle of Bakugou hugging Uraraka from behind from forever ago, but i never finished it b/c i couldn’t get the pose right. but i imagine that it’s like the only way he feels comfortable showing emotion–at least for a while. he buries his face into her shoulder b/c he’s still embarrassed and flustered but he still holds her close

i love the idea that Bakugou cooks for Uraraka and helps teach her how to cook (b/c being self-sufficient is important to her), and he occasionally makes her mochi after study sessions or when she’s down. he doesn’t even say anything, just sits next to her and hands them over, and maybe holds her hand

anyway yes kacchako fluff

Bakugou threatens death on anyone who teases him 

(it never works)

Patience Is for the Slow - Otayuri Assassin’s Creed AU Ficlet

Sooo, I saw this art by @neveraines, and I’m a sucker for AC, so I couldn’t help myself!

1.3k, Mature.

Otabek shifted slightly on his feet. “Those two guards to our right have an irregular patrol pattern. We’ll have to—”

“Yeah, yeah,” Yuri replied, his gaze still fixed on their target. “I saw them earlier.”

It was clear he was already growing impatient. They had been tracking him for too long, and now that they finally found him, it was obvious that Yuri just wanted to rush in and get it done. He was masterful in skill, but far too impatient. A constant headache.

“Patience,” Otabek murmured, turning to look out again. They could approach over the rooftops to their left, but they were low. The chances of a guard looking up and seeing them were too high. They couldn’t afford to let the target get away again.

Looking behind them, Otabek started formulating an alternate path. Yuri had greater speed on his side. If he doubled back, and around, he could approach from the North-West, and Otabek could cause a distraction to cover his approach. They’d still get their target before he moved on into the crowd again.

But that still left those two guards. They were constantly watching the target, and even though they’d been watching the large square for some time, Otabek had yet to discern any pattern to their movement.

“We can take eight guards,” Yuri muttered. “Four each. Perfectly acceptable odds. You could take six of them by yourself.”

Otabek grimaced. “But in the time it takes to eliminate them, the target is alerted to our presence, and escapes again,” he chided. “Rushing in is not the best solution.”

Still, rushing in was Yuri’s favoured strategy it seemed, and Otabek was always left protecting his back from an influx of guards.

Yuri stood from his crouch, his eyes still fixed on the target, and narrowed. Otabek watched the change in his posture, and groaned.


“I’ll rush along the rooftops there,” Yuri said, gesturing to their left. “They’ll spot me, but not fast enough. He’s standing in the perfect position to get him from above. I’m not wasting the opportunity again. You have my back, right?”

Otabek reached out, but Yuri was already gone, leaping down to the balcony below, and launching himself across the street to the set of buildings to their upper left, getting a handhold halfway to the roof. 

Read the rest on AO3

Sorry for keeping you waiting!

Just putting out a little update and apology here for my inactivity; I’ve been super busy packing this week because I’m moving to university this weekend, and then most evenings I’ve been spending with my family, so I haven’t had much time to answer my inbox.

Thank you all for sending asks and for your continued patience and support. I’ll be answering them again as soon as possible, and I’ll answer as many as I can since the move in weekend will be very busy! I hope your weeks are all going well 💜 you’re all awesome

I just checked out his mentions. Jesus fuck all the transphobic comments. 
Cecil has way more patience than me; I would tear everyone a new one. I know his way is better though.

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Hey just saw you were in Paris at the FT4. That's soo cool! Hope you had a great time! Can you maybe describe how your interaction with the cast was? I heard Lana was really bitchy and arrogant sometimes and I kind off can't believe that. I trust you so what's your take on this?

Yeah I did and I had an amazing time thank you!

So wherever you heard that it’s bullshit. I had three pics with Lana and one autograph and she always was super nice and kind. She was very down to earth so bitchy and arrogant would be the last words I’d use to describe her. That woman had a patience that was amazing. She didn’t even stop to eat lunch (she had lunch shortly after my group pic at 4.30 pm that’s damn late to eat anything) always trying to give as much time to her fans as possible till they told her to speed it up.

My entire interaction with the cast was great. Bex was very funny and I had a short time to talk to her and Greg at the Duo op and both were very nice. Sean was very charming even when you could feel that he got tired. Colin was a bit shy but also very sweet. Amy was energy pure and Liam was a lot of fun. Always making us laugh.

My entire interaction with the cast was truly great and I would say I had my biggest fun with Lana and Bex. So yes Lana is truly as amazing as everybody thinks. Maybe even more so, so don’t listen to those stupid rumours.

Everybody loved Lana at the con. People went crazy for the cast but for Lana…that was a whole new level of batshit crazy. So to sum up everybody had a fucking great time

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I tried finding a picture you posted a while back ago of how you looked before you grew your eyebrows out but I don't know how deep it is in your archive. Would you mind posting one? I can't believe you had patience to grow your eyebrows for three years!

hmmm idk which one you mean but here is me in 2010 with a puppy and i would consider these brows very tragically overplucked 

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"Ren," Hux said with strained patience to the black-hooded, feral thing perched above him, "I can't believe we have to go through this again, but - get off the refrigerator."

No,” the voice rung in Hux’s ears, resonating like a chorus of bells in an empty cathedral, “you do not control me.

“I do not – but this is my house, and if you insist on taking up permanent residence here,” Hux had resigned himself to this fact many weeks ago, “you will abide by my rules; and my rules say that you will keep off the kitchen appliances.” It was ludicrous to have otherwise and Hux would simply not put up with that sort of lunacy on top of everything else.

Ren smiled with all of his teeth – so, so many, all glinting in the shadow of his hood – and slid off the fridge in a wave of darkness, slick and smooth and easy. He crowded up against Hux, leaning into his space; he was taller, so tall, and he always smelled of ash, ozone, and dust, “Fine, but now you owe me something in exchange.” 

(i’m totally having this take place in the universe of what’s real with monster!kylo – and oh my god i want to add it to the story so fucking bad i love this so much.)

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