i can't believe i had never seen this before

Promp: Wander Wonder

“I wanwonder what’s underneath this shirt? Nothing I have never seen before I’m sure…  “

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53/ Jamilton ✌

I can’t believe I’ve never done an office au with these two before that’s crazy

53. “I’m flirting with you.”

Hamilton could feel Jefferson’s presence behind him without turning around. The man was like a bad smell; he just had this unique aura that Hamilton could sense and cringe at from miles away.

It was probably his ego.

“Hello, Jefferson,” Hamilton sighed, refusing to turn around and be forced to look up at the taller man. “Are you still sore after this morning’s meeting?” Hamilton had humiliated Jefferson by eloquently refuting every argument he had against Hamilton’s new financial plan for the business. Hamilton 1, Jefferson 0, he thought smugly as he left his office, leaving Jefferson to follow behind.

“Not… not as sore as I’d like to make you,” Jefferson replied, the stuttering slightly reducing the full effect of the statement but not by so much that Hamilton didn’t stop in his tracks, choking on air, as soon as he understood what Jefferson had said. He whirled around to finally face the Virginian, shock plastered on his face. Jefferson appeared to be trying to pull a straight face, but there was a very clear awkwardness in the way he stood, almost folded in on himself as if he wanted to disappear. Funny that that was exactly what Hamilton was feeling.

Hamilton took a steady breath and turned back around, deciding to play this to his advantage. “Yeah, there are times when I want to slap you stupid too, but you remember what happened last time Washington caught us fighting in the break room.” He could hear Jefferson sputtering behind him, and the smug smile returned as he continued down the hallway. However, this was soon wiped off again when he felt a hand grab his wrist and drag him into the nearest supply closet. “What the hell?” he exclaimed as the door closed, plunging him into complete darkness.

“We shouldn’t be disturbed in here,” a voice that was distinctly Jefferson’s said before a dim light flickered on. Hamilton swore that he could see a blush on Jefferson’s face. But maybe his head was still spinning from being SHOVED INTO A SUPPLY CLOSET.

“What the hell, Jefferson?” Hamilton repeated, invading Jefferson’s personal space so that the taller man was pressed up against the wall.

I was flirting with you, dumbass!” Jefferson exclaimed, squirming in discomfort.

“Yeah, I got that! You’re trying to psych me out so that you have the upper hand in tomorrow’s meeting! Well, joke’s on you because I’m not gonna fall for it!” He stuck his tongue out at Jefferson before going to open the door, but the other man’s hand shot out to block him.

“You really think I would be so mean as to play with your emotions like that?” Jefferson asked, his voice suddenly soft.

“Well, that’s the only explanation I’ve got,” Hamilton replied bitterly. In truth, he did feel hurt that Jefferson would do something like that. In their years of working together, their mutual dislike of each other became a mutual trust. Now Jefferson was breaking that trust.

“Hamilton, I like you.”

Hamilton stared at Jefferson. The Virginian was still pressed against the wall, now clearly blushing, and looking more awkward than ever. “You’re… telling the truth?”

Jefferson nodded. “Do you, uh, do you want to go to dinner? With me? Tomorrow night?”

Hamilton had to steady himself on the door. Jefferson liked him? He liked Alexander Hamilton, notorious workaholic who survived off coffee and vending machine snacks? “Your flirting was real?”

Jefferson scratched the back of his neck sheepishly. “It was pretty bad, huh?”

Hamilton had never seen Jefferson this embarrassed in his life. It was kind of endearing. “Okay. I’ll go to dinner with you. But don’t think I’m going to go soft on you in tomorrow’s meeting.”

Jefferson chuckled, a relieved smile flooding his face and making Hamilton’s heart leap strangely. “Oh, I wouldn’t dream of it. I want to win fair and square.”

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i can't believe i never asked if you do yanderes, could i ask for yandere HT UT UF and MT sans relationship headcanons

There were multiple headcanon asks about the yandere skeles before I had any posts out, so to inform y'all in case anyone hasn’t seen in yet; I have already done the Underfell and Horrortale yandere skeles, both including Sans x3 just go to the bottom of this post and click/tap the tag “fyhc” to see them!


++ Sans ++

•Has the creepiest insane expression whenever he gets angry
•Cheshire smile gets super creepy too, especially when his sockets go dark
•He lets you go around Papyrus, but he scared Pappy a lot
•Has a shrine for you. Yes. A literal shrine. Think of something like yandere simulator if you’ve seen it/played it, Classic even keeps your bandaids and stuff
•He’ll hug you and tell you he loves you every day
•Has learned a thing or two about knives throughout the genocide runs, is REALLY good at wielding one now
•Is actually one of the more calmer yanderes, despite his high creepiness and obsessiveness
•Super cuddly and lovey and soft with you
• “I love you so so so so much, and you better not leave me.. okay..?”


++ Sans ++

•Teaches you how to use guns, but scares the fuck out of you by demonstrating on you. He doesn’t shoot you, of course, but it gets pointed at you a LOT, and it’s not empty
•Shares everything with you. EVERYTHING.
•Doesn’t trust his brother with you at all
•Afraid you’ll leave him for Lucky
•Doesn’t let you talk to anyone else except family, and even that’s limited
•Speaks for you in public situations
•Stares at you with a very lustful expression, but treats you with kindness
•If you don’t talk to anyone else and don’t make him upset, your relationship is actually normal
• “I taught ya howdda use dese for a reason, k babe? Don’t make me have to really use em’ any time soon. Love you, sweetheart.”

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idk if you've seen Sophia Walker (who's playing cat) before in Carmilla but she LEGIT invented acting and was playing a hundreds year old vampire on that so I'm so pumped for how she's going to play Cat!!! There's a periscope she did where she's so incredibly funny but also clearly puts SO much thought into her characters and I'm already ready to be complaining every episode of season 3 she's not in lmao. I can't believe Cat is finally here and Madzie is back idk what else happened

i’ve never seen carmilla before but i’m so!!!! I’M SO READY TO GO BECOME SOPHIA’S BIGGEST FAN BECAUSE SHE KILLED IT IN THAT ONE SCENE SHE HAD OH MY GOD! but honestly me, madzie and cat came on and the rest of the episode was done & finished for me. my life had been made, i was truly done! cat as a series regular please and thanks


So I thought I wouldn’t be doing something like this, but I feel like this needs to be seen, mostly since a number of my followers are getting into Dragon Age to rp.

So I’ve never really done this before so please excuse me if I seem scatterbrained. 

At the end of last year (December) and the start of this year, 2017 I had a bit of an issue with another rper, who seemed to have mostly DA muses and fandomless OCs. At first, it was their ruling about smutting with 17-year-olds when confronted they told me it was an error and fixed it.

However, they kept cornering in what felt like a forced ship with Ras and their muse. And they seemed to have this actual dislike for female muses that overall I felt uncomfortable even though I am clearly playing a male muse. I told them I couldn’t rp with them anymore and unfollowed. They blocked me and later unblocked me and merely made it so I couldn’t send them messages. Whatever it was done. 

During all this, they moved to a new blog and in the first screenshot in the series, I’m posting you can see them (the supposed dead mun of over a year) link me to the new blog at the end of last year/ start of this one. Keep that in mind.

screencaps under a cut because it’s long:

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What are your thoughts on all of the stuff that happened at Gullruten? I still can't believe their interactions were like that. I mean, I always felt they were close but that is a whole new level. I feel like I'm still trying to process everything.

I think a lot of people knew they had good chemistry as henrik said, but we’d never seen it between them off-screen since tarjei has no social media. Many people assumed because of this that tarjei and henrik didn’t have much of a connection outside of filming, but tarjei made it clear that he adores henrik and vice versa. I saw many people were shocked by it. There were a lot of memes before this showing tarjei annoyed with henrik talking about the ‘natural connection’ in these interviews, but in reality he embraced it and even went further than henrik in some cases. They certainly didn’t hold back on the kiss cam. I’d say that kiss was the most full on kiss I’ve ever seen from tarjei. Henrik was very protective of him the whole night which was sweet. He kept a close eye on him and made sure interviewers were asking appropriate questions. I feel like there is a definite attraction between them, but I can’t say how that translates for them. We don’t know what their situation is, but tarjei did return to jodel today to confirm that he wasn’t lying about not having a girlfriend. Got it T. 

Thousand Foot Krutch Lyrics Starter Sentences
  • "I'm not trying to tell you how to live your life."
  • "It's not over, you don't have to throw it away."
  • "I'm a monster if that means I'm misunderstood."
  • "I've been changed, and now I can't stay the same."
  • "Sometimes, I feel like a monster, and times, I feel like a saint."
  • "Look to the sky because it's almost over."
  • "Don't talk if you aren't going to tell me the truth."
  • "I know we've tried this thing a million times."
  • "This time I'm letting go, 'cause I can't take it anymore."
  • "We need your help, 'cause we've got nothing left to lose."
  • "Stand if you're gonna stand, everybody's here."
  • "You could try to turn a lie into the truth."
  • "I don't know why it's so hard to swallow our pride."
  • "Sometimes it just feels so good to cry."
  • "That's all I need to know."
  • "There was a world full of kings and queens."
  • "I had a dream."
  • "I don't think I need you anymore."
  • "We can all be kings and queens."
  • "It blacked out the sky and all the sunlight."
  • "We were making the bullets to a broken gun."
  • "Would I be able to accept what I can't control?"
  • "Would I share what I saw?"
  • "Haven't seen you before?"
  • "If we can just learn to believe..."
  • "They want to bite us."
  • "What are we waiting for?"
  • "I'm tired of bein' ordinary."
  • "Just tryin' to wake the rest up."
  • "I'm fine."
  • "Well thanks for the push 'cause you all were wrong."
  • "I'll never bow 'til I'm six feet under."
  • "I was born to set it off."
  • "You'll never take me down."
  • "Listen to the sound of rolling thunder."
If/Then inspired Sentence Starter Meme
  • "What if I fall off a cliff?"
  • "Each choice that you make is kind of a loss."
  • "But tell me what if I'm meant for disaster?"
  • "This is gonna sound like a line, but I feel like I've seen you before."
  • "You've always had the right dream, we've always made a tight team."
  • "You never know how badly this could go."
  • "I'm the one who has to live this life."
  • "Another day of saving the planet, one more night of nothing but tears."
  • "What the fuck?"
  • "Can't I ever just feel what I feel."
  • "I'm accomplished and I'm funny. I've got wisdom and wit. And a taste for certain men who'll treat me like shit."
  • "I don't believe in moderates like I don't believe in bisexuals, pick a side!"
  • "I'm not one for fortunes, or wishing on a star."
  • "Still here I go."
  • "Why I don't know."
  • "You're not some romantic, you know that's no surprise."
  • "You're no good at small talk or little loving lies."
  • "I'm awkward, ungrateful, and sometimes I'm hateful as you know. Still here I go."
  • "No more wasted time."
  • "No more standing still."
  • "I've dreamed of building cities and now I think I will."
  • "We need a new attack."
  • "You don't need to love me."
  • "Don't make me any promises, just promise we're not through."
  • "If both of us can walk away, it doesn't matter that I won't."
  • "Move in with me."
  • "It just seems so traditional."
  • "Hey babe, you're in a real life couple, try that on for size."
  • "Sorry I missed the surprise."
  • "Not entirely, I'm pregnant."
  • "You're teeny tiny swimmers, they're determined little guys."
  • "What do you want right now?"
  • "All the time that I'll adore you is how I know we're not too late."
  • "Hey kid."
  • "We're both delighted though that may not seem so clear."
  • "So I'm fine with all the doubts."
  • "It's not that I don't love you. Cause I do despite my fears."
  • "We don't know what we missed. Or don't know yet."
  • "I didn't go to Vassar but to Smith or Yale or Brown."
  • "Those lives are lived somewhere by some other me."
  • "Some other me is homeless. Some other me is queen."
  • "If I met her I would ask her that one question we both fear."
  • "How do we end up here?"
  • "I didn't chase my glory days long after they were done."
  • "Now we're old enough to know that one road ends where one begins."
  • "The moment where the what might bes turn into might have beens."
  • "We forgive but don't forget."
  • "I'll be the best worst mistake you've ever made."
  • "I hate you....I love you....Don't go.....I know."
  • "Don't say that you love me cause what does it matter?"
  • "You're going to leave me so leave me whatever."
  • "It's not like I need you. I need you don't leave me."
  • "You know I'm not selfish but me me me I I I need you to stay. Okay?"
  • "Lets look at this calmly, discuss how I hate you."
  • "You're making me crazy so go!........ Wait, no!"
  • "You learn to take your coffee black, you learn to drink your whiskey neat."
  • "You tell yourself your rich at last in money and in time."
  • "You sit a spell, a queen upon her throne, you go to bed alone."
  • "You see him in the faces of the boys he left behind."
  • "Die a bit with every tiny smile but only for a while."
  • "You learn to count the quite winds an hour with no unprompted tears."
  • "You learn to live without."
  • "Yes essentially I am saying have you thought about how your personal heartbreak will affect me?"
  • "Love while you can."
  • "Our love belongs to everyone who loves us so it's not just you and me."
  • "Love doesn't make us perfect. It just makes us want to be."
  • "I can't let you go."
  • "I still love you so."
  • "Love wherever and whenever and however you feel."
  • "It's fear that hides the heart away. It's love that forgives."
  • "Thank you for finding me and thank you for the care. And fuck you for making me think that this life might be fair."
  • "You promised to love me, a promise you kept."
  • "Am I always starting over every brand new morning?"
  • "My new life starts right now."
  • "What if?"