i can't believe i got to 900

why do people make these videos seriously?!

i just check and this person has close to 900,000 subscribers

he made a video about how one person who got into an early movie screening saw it and thought it sucked. one person. he’s going of this one person’s opinion and voicing it to his 900,000 strong audience.

here’s the thing: no matter what movie comes out, there is always going to be someone who hates it. this is especially true for dc movies, where people will just mindlessly hate on them because it’s cool to hate on dc atm. just because one person didn’t like it because of an alleged early screening, doesn’t mean the consensus will be the same. there are plenty of factors that impact a person’s enjoyment of the movie, ranging from the movie itself to the atmosphere you watch it in.

what i’m trying to say that makes a video that 900,000 people could see based off one person’s opinion is pretty reckless