i can't believe i get to see her

When it’s raining out but you have a magic girlfriend to keep you dry.


get to know me meme (gif edition): 1/8 musicians/bands - sara bareiles

“Realizing you are a person who reads mail on the toilet is NOT one of those moments where you’re like, "I’m awesome!”“

Raven has the softest semblance that’s been revealed so far but she still tries so hard to be edgy and I’m just like. Raven, please. We can all see right through you.

It’s kind of still an assumption that she needs to love people in order to bond with them, but it fits with the three people we know she bonded with.

I wonder if the bonding is something she has to choose to do or if it just happens. If she has to choose to do it, then I’m so ugh about her choosing to bond with baby Yang.

Even though it was LMD Fitz who brought up marriage, will the couple still discuss that on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.? — Matthew
That all depends on if and when they actually get out of the Framework, but basically yes. “He was expressing real emotion,” EP Jed Whedon says. “It could happen. If they ever get back together, that’s something that could happen in their future.”
—  EW Spoiler Room

you wanna know another reason nicole definitely realizes what she did was wrong?

because she just proved wynonna right

they were finally getting along but nicole reading waverly’s mail and lying about it is a perfect example of her being everything wynonna has accused her of: overprotective, controlling, waverly’s “keeper”

until this point she probably brushed off most of wynonna’s comments about her because she’d been doing everything in her power to treat waverly right. but now it’s dawning on her that she’s capable of being all of those things and probably hates those qualities

so now she not only has to get waverly to trust her again

but it’ll probably take twice as long for wynonna to trust her

and that matters to nicole because wynonna matters to waverly. and even though she was just talking about how hard it has been for her to fit in, she has just taken several steps backwards in doing so

GOT7 as classic quotes I've said
  • Jaebum: *looking at cats in the pet store* i love you and i love you and i love you
  • Mark: i swear i'm a morning person *presses snooze 17 times*
  • Jackson: well i can't NOT smile at every stranger i see on the street
  • Jinyoung: i can't believe i got a 95 on this term paper. why didn't i get a 100? i'm taking this up with the professor. unbelievable
  • Youngjae: that lady in this picture looks like mother jesus-- wait that's not her name... what's her name again?
  • Bambam: $300? that's not that expensive
  • Yugyeom: do birds have four arms or..?

According to the creator/showrunner of How to Get Away with Murder, Annalise Keating is pansexual!!!!!! Can you hear me screaming????? I told y'all I was ready for 2017 to be the year of pan characters and it is not letting me down!!!!!!

My simself is beautiful.

so i was rereading zou for my girl and…..

…..what the HECK does this all mean

there’s this weird and easily miss-able underlying thing running in zou where wanda comments on how the straw hats should be glad the moon isn’t out, and then later she notes that it’s a full moon but luckily it’s hidden by clouds.  and inuarashi mentions that the minks have a “trump card” and a “true strength” which i can’t help but feel is connected to the moon thing.

i looked it up and a lot of people have been theorizing some sort of….were-mink situation where the minks transform into stronger, scarier, more violent forms that kill and eat humans by the light of the full moon and i buy that tbh given how wanda was acting grateful that the moon wasn’t out yet and implied that the straw hats would’ve been harmed had it been out when they’d arrived.  not to mention there seems to be this running misconception that minks are barbarians and hate humans despite them being super nice chill people as far as we’ve seen.

and i think this could very easily connect to carrot’s role in the story, too.  i’ve seen some people express the feeling that carrot seems “too nice” and that they’re suspicious of her and while i don’t buy into that and i think she’s just a genuinely sweet person, i do see it as a strong possibility that oda is presenting her as so nice and loving to further hype the contrast between her normal state and her “full moon state” or w/e.

tl;dr we might get to see carrot go were-bunny in the future and ngl i’m so down, especially if it means giving her a more complex/tragic motivation to endear her to readers i’m obviously already completely endeared but you know, for the ppl who can’t comprehend her greatness yet

okay time to vent

this is my second time trying to write this post cause honestly i’m so mad??? and frustrated?? we gotta get something straight here. i’m on v’s route, day 7 (i’ve played all routes, all endings, secret endings), and all i keep seeing everywhere is people.. loving… rika… and i’m mature enough to understand everyone is allowed to feel and do what they want, but i can’t comprehend how people genuinely think rika is a good person???

first of all, you cannot excuse her actions because she’s “sick”. do you understand the level of maliciousness and evil this girl has inside of her?? she started a goddamn cult to work against the people who did nothing but love & support her and is doing everything in her power to get at them and hurt them. not only that, but she brainwashes people with dangerous drugs, abuses them to the point where they don’t remember who they were, tells them to embrace the darkness inside them and forces their allegiance to her. she CHOSE the darkness inside her, she CHOSE to start that cult, she CHOSE to keep the devil inside of her alive and listen to it (as she literally says in a vn- that v was drying her tears, the tears that the devil used to stay alive). now she’s even dragging mc into this when mc had nothing to do with her. and don’t even get me started on saeran?? she damaged him so badly that his own name rips him apart, he’s unhealthily obsessive and devoted to this cult, and she turned saeran against seven when his entire life, seven has been thinking about and looking for his twin brother. she is cruel and vicious beyond belief, and i can’t get behind her actions no matter what sickness she has. they were and always will be beyond wrong.

also, v loved her with all of his heart. v wanted to heal her and give his everything to help her but what did he get? blinded by his own goddamn fiancée. that was also something rika chose to do. and even better, she emotionally manipulated him so much to the point where he believed he might love her better if he was blind. he loved her like the sun, he wanted to be her sun to eliminate the darkness she claimed she felt inside of her, but instead she pushed him away for trying to get rid of her darkness and nurtured it. she broke him. she is the definition of toxic, and v deserved none of it. all of his efforts went to waste when she was literally his world. and i know she was adopted, i know she wasn’t treated well by her adoptive parents and i know she was bullied as a child.. but never did she seek help and she didn’t accept v’s help either. not to mention she was surrounded by the rfa, people who did love her and support her (especially yoosung, the boy would die for her) but of course it wasn’t enough.

so tell me again how lovely rika is?? and why i should respect her?? no, absolutely not. i do believe she needs serious help and a lifetime in prison, but at this point, no kind of help would be beneficial to her because she rejects it and she feels more comfortable in her darkness. that’s all i have to say.

maia-roberts  asked:

Okay I had no idea they had a four year age gap. I can't stand math so I'm gonna believe you lol; its funny how you really can't tell Root is that much older than Shaw. A lot of times I feel like Shaw is overall the more mature one until of course she doesn't get her way then her being the youngest definitely shines through IMO. But regarding your hc, I can see that. Shaw had amazing birthdays and Root, not so much. Shaw definitely tries to make those shitty bdays up for her though :')

Root is such a paradox in that at times, she shows this terribly heartbreaking childlike optimism and at other times, she acts like a martyr - venerable and acutely aware of her mortality. Shaw is overall the more rational one. They offset each other perfectly. 

Let us take a moment to appreciate the one (1) time that Shaw acted like a toddler. 

Are you really worried about germs from Root’s spit, Shaw? We all know where your mouth has been. 

After seeing all of the BTS for Carmilla the Movie, I noticed the lack of Danny. She wasn’t one of my favorite characters, but I still liked her and I hope she gets closure in the movie. 

So here’s a throwback to season 1 Danny pulling Carmilla out of the pit.

The Little Miracle

Pairing: Captain Swan

Rating: K+

Description:  Post 6b deleted scene, because I’m still having feelings about Captain Swan in 7x2, and I needed to see Emma telling Killian about the baby.

This fic was written as a birthday present for @kmomof4.  Have a wonderful birthday, my friend!

Emma smoothed the table cloth once again, then straightened the silverware and wine goblet on Killian’s side of the table.  She’d gotten out place settings of the fine china her parents had bought them for their wedding, gotten some of Granny’s fanciest takeout (her lasagna was her specialty), and purchased some of the finest rum The Rabbit Hole had to offer—although Killian would have to drink it himself tonight.

She wanted this dinner to be perfect.

Emma placed a hand on her flat stomach, smiling to herself as the tears rushed to her eyes once again. They’d wanted this for so long, and it had finally, finally happened.

“Your dad is going to be so excited to find out about you,” Emma murmured, caressing her belly slightly.

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s o @ticklishivories turned all the works she has written of my inquisitor into a book and I am absolutely speechless ;;

Art credit in order; @yoookissomuruschag @xfreischutz @typohime @otherwolves @prismavore

So I’m dying. I ordered these adorable little fellas from a seller on Etsy a couple of weeks ago and they just came in today. The seller has taken down the listing for now since she is in school and busy at the moment but I’ll keep checking back and post it (with her permission) as soon as I see it back up because you better believe I’ll be getting all the characters she offers.