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Me @ Yoshikage Kira Just Wants A Quiet Life, Part 1: Hahaha wow okay he’s too much of a creepy weirdo even for me, thank god

Me @ every single other episode since: Shit. Fuck. Goddammit. God fucking dammit, fuck, crap, SHIT, FUCK

February Writing/Art Challenge: #13 - Unrequited Love

So @radchita tagged me in this post like 3 weeks ago and I haven’t been able to work on it much until now. It’s not finished but I felt anxious so I posted part one. I don’t really know how many parts there will be but there won’t be many and I’ll try and get them out as fast as possible.

Anyways, this is my first fanfic that I’ve actually posted anywhere, so I would appreciate any feedback or constructive criticism on how to improve my writing. :)

Fandom: Fairy Tail

Pairing: One-sided NaLu

Part: 1/?

Rating: K+

Word Count: 1091

Natsu had seen pretty girls before.

I mean, it was kind of hard to miss the over-sized lingerie advertisements on the side of the road, although those meant nothing. Nothing compared to her.

She was beautiful.

Her silky blonde hair cascaded over her shoulders and fell just above her waistline, bouncing behind her back as her body shook from laughter. The heart shape of her face matched perfectly with the curve of her jaw. Her smile stretched over her cheeks and met her eyes, causing them to crinkle cutely at the corners. They were casted downwards to a petite girl with blue hair, Natsu recognized her as Levy, but her barely paid the smaller girl any attention. All of his focus was on the woman beside her.

His green eyes stopped her brown ones, and they stayed there. Natsu could only stare.

A blush coated the pink-haired boy’s cheeks. He tried to look away, but it was as if she had caught his eyes in her gravitational pull. Suddenly, her eyes met his, as if she knew he was there, and the girl sent a little wave with her hand his way. He made no move to reply with his own. He just kept staring.

Her smile fell, causing Natsu to snap out of his reverie and realize that he had probably started to creep her out. He tore his gaze away, while his cheeks darkened in colour and his hand managed to give a response.

He didn’t look back to see if she had saw.

What a way to make a first impression, stare her down until she feels uncomfortable” Natsu chastised himself. She probably thought of him as a strange pervert now. He didn’t want that.

“Way to go Flame Brain, you totally freaked her out.” A deep voice came from behind him. It was Gray. That bastard always had something to say.

“Shut up ya damned pervert. Go find a shirt, no one wants too see that.” The black haired teen looked down in surprise as his upper torso was suddenly exposed to the air. Though that didn’t stop him from saying one more thing to Natsu.

“Ha! How am I the pervert in this situation exactly? You were practically drooling.” With that, Gray had started to leave, only to be stopped by Natsu’s words.

“At least I’m not secretly drooling over the girl who openly loves me ‘cuz I’m a damned coward and is too big-headed to confess!”

“What did ya say?!”

“You have ears Ice Freak, I’m sure I don’t have to repeat that!”

“You little- “Gray didn’t finish his sentence, and let his fist communicate instead. He swung his arm towards the shorter boy’s face, only to be stopped by the palm of his hand.

Natsu was quick to retaliate, as he quickly swung his arm back so he could gain some force in his punch. Although, his arm had already hit something.

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The old days - Kagerou project Drama CD


This took 15 DAYS to finish UGH I hope you guys like it~~

Thank you @squigstuff for the translation!!

I hope I didn’t get too biased with the drawings… UGH This drama CD SCREAMS shinaya so much … it hurts me a lot. It hurts even more when you remember what will happen to them in the future “ I’m sure there will be lots and lots of happy things to come for you” AYANO DON’T SAY THAT SO EARLY MY BABY


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Here’s a little sneak peak of my SAVE piece for the @saveerasezine (undertale fan zine!) So happy how this turned out// (*´∀`*) The zines will be free for all to see and download so watch out for it’s release around march!! 

I’m really glad to be a part of this project! So hyped to see everyone’s full pieces hhhh *passes out* o)-<

You Make Me Better

It’s been a long time since I have done digital art. And this is the first time I have posted any of it here. Most of it is lurking in the archives of deviantart, circa nearly 10 years ago. But I couldn’t help it. Septiplier Away! This was inspired by the red bodysuit that jacksepticeye wore in a recent video, and the tweets that soon followed. Finally getting the courage to post it. :) 

I love septiplier, in the just for fun way. I have nothing but love for them and their girlfriends, but this ship is just too fun. 


THIS IS THE END omG NO  \(;´□`)/
I CAN’T BELIEVE IN IT!!!!!!!!! :_С
I love GF so much, I’m so sad SOOOO sad omg i was crying when i watching the finale episode  (´╥﹏╥ )
(i can’t even draw normal art, my arms are shaking)
it will be the saddest week..month.s of my life  (┳Д┳)
Thank you Alex Hirsch for amazing cartoon!
(sorry for that post, i’m just really sad :CCC)