i can't believe i didn't make the connection before

mortem-misery  asked:

As soon as I saw younger Theo standing over the bridge watching his sister die, "psychopath tendencies" flew into my brain. I can't believe I didn't make the connection that if he CANNOT feel guilt, then he can't have blue eyes!

It would make so much more sense!! Also, in the flashbacks, Peter already had blue eyes so it can’t be because of killing Laura. It had to be something before the fire. And would Peter really feel guilty of something like that?? This was BEFORE Paige too, so it can’t be that.

Oh yes, Theo does display a lot of the common psychopath traits, so I wouldn’t be surprised at all if he’s one. It does fit with the theory Stiles had of guilt being the reason for the blue eyes. He’s uncannily right about a lot of stuff usually, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it was true. He never did believe Peter’s explanation back in 3x08 anyway, and when Stiles is in doubt then I am in doubt. 

(also why I don’t think Parrish is “bad” and connected to the doctors, but rather connected to the nemeton (he was drawn to it after all), and I don’t think the Nemeton is all bad. Stiles is also connected to it, which might be why his instinct is to “want to keep” Parrish. And Stiles also don’t trust Deaton. But all of that is another meta altogether) 

Regarding Peter, I might remember wrong, but did we ever see young Peter’s werewolf eyes? I thought we only saw now!Peter’s eyes, he did show them when he told the story and told Cora and Stiles about what makes the eyes turn blue. 

We don’t have much footage of flashback!Peter. I would include the things below if I could but I’m on my parents’ computer without access to my archieve of caps and gifs. 

  • 1x10 Flashback of Peter in the fire and what I believe to be Eichen House. 
  • 3x08 Visionary. I’m pretty sure we don’t see young!Peter’s wolf eyes in this episode
  • 4x02 in the flashback with the triskelion and Derek having issues with control. No wolf eyes.

If I’m right then we don’t really know how long Peter’s eyes have been blue. There’s also the theory that Paige wasn’t really Derek’s story, but rather Peter’s, if so then the story of Paige is how he got the blue eyes. Derek would still have blue eyes, because he’s responsible but not culpable for the Hale fire, and we know he feels guilty about that. 

Peter killed a lot of people when he was alpha, but most were in retaliation for the Hale fire. I think Peter feels justified for that and wouldn’t feel guilty about those. Knowing that he killed his own niece however might tug at his guilt strings. 

Cora: Uncle Peter who killed sister Laura. 
Peter: Mm, not my finest hour, no

Not really an admission of guilt, but it’s implied. He admits it wasn’t his best decision and if you regret something, you usually feel guilty about it as well. 

This is in relation to this post btw :)