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title: Mine Now

author: aclosetlarryshipper

word count: 32k

After Harry is expelled from private school, he joins a secret competition to get back at the boy who made it happen.


This is the story of how Harry finds himself pouting in Louis’ passenger seat with a raging boner on the way to seduce his ex boyfriend.

The dragon’s deathly fangs

Of course I needed to write something for this. It was just simply adorable. Bless Mashima, you made my weekend happy! Thanks! :3 Have fun with this rather short thingy!

“You got to be kidding me!”
“Ahanayhra—,” he answered, which made the woman on his lap hum in wonder. Lucy leaned closer expectantly as she stretched his lips further to have a better view at his canines.
Cautiously, with one hand she reached out, she touched the sharpened tooth, as if that was some kind of rarity. The top of her index finger was grazing around the fang(ish) tooth smoothly, the pointed end sinking in her skin which made her wince.
“Damn, Natsu, it’s ridiculous!”
“Iknowo,” he said, even from this, Lucy knew exactly what he meant. She nodded in approval, with taking her hands away from the inside of his sticky mouth, she wiped her hands in his trousers, leaning back to be able to lock eyes with him.
“I still can’t believe it. How come we have never noticed that you, Gajeel and Wendy, not to mention the Twin Dragons got vampire teeth? Like I mean, I saw you eat— no, it was rather shredding raw meat easily…, but.”
Inwards, Natsu was trying to hold back his immediate snicker of ‘you’ve never got bitten in the ass before with those’ while Lucy rambled further, but luckily he had the decency not to say that out… loud enough for her to hear it, at least.
“Wendy doesn’t have these…,” he murmured finally looking away from the girl, absently pointing at his mouth. Besides, after her investigation, their position was getting uncomfortable for the man, squirming under her weigh and trying not to pay much attention to their tangled limbs or the lot of skin to skin connections.
“Sooo… it’s a male thing then? Like being alpha or…?” she enquired, one brow cocked at him, clearly interested in the subject.
“Yeah something like that,” he nodded with a shrug, before landing a light hit on her tight in realization, leaving minimal proof of it there. “Oi! Don’t just talk about it like we talk about animal species!”
She giggled, never even trying to hide her amusement. “But Natsu, deep… deep down you couldn’t be… ahanayhra—!”
Chuckling delightedly at her misery, he widened the distance between his fingers which were hooked in her mouth, tears forming in her hazel eyes… Now a true grin was lighting up his face, the canines dangerously gleaming, not promising any good for her.
“As I see, you can’t be one of them, be any kind of domesticated dragon…” To her incomprehensible nonsense, he nodded with cheekily narrowed eyes, “Yeah, Lucy, I do know that word for sure!”
Natsu felt her legs squeezing around his hips warningly as she tried to free herself – or achieve anything in the fight against him –, struggling and shifting from side to side… As if she held a chance – he snorted out loud. No way she could—
Of course she could.
She mimicked his actions with sinking her nails in the inside of his cheeks, making him hurl and growl lightly. It did earn him an eye roll from Lucy as a proof of her theory. They fought further, trying to win in this weird game of theirs, all for claiming victory over the other.
However, Natsu did commit a big mistake.
When he let her feet touch the floor, she was able to gain some sort of plus strength, and with that little lean, she was able spread him on the floor, balancing over his hips and grinning down at him cockily with his fingers still firmly placed in her mouth.
She bit in his flesh warningly which made him stop, letting his hands fell near him as he stared at the goddess over his body, blonde hair curving on her shoulders, smile so mischievous that made his guts jump in his throat… And he didn’t even have time for studying the bubbling butterflies in the pit of his stom—!
Lucy bent down to his level, her front brushing against his chest, blonde her tickling his neck enjoyably as she purred in his ears, “Now, what about those teeth biting where exactly, Natsu? In my… ass maybe? Or did I misunderstand something?”
Never mind the butterflies. He got more important things to do.

super-powerful-queen-slayyna  asked:

Is Dean OCD or Germaphobic? Cuz the boy likes his stuff clean. ( Can't BELIEVE I didn't see this before)


Oh yes, there is much meta about this I’m sure! I’ll tag @mittensmorgul @elizabethrobertajones @postmodernmulticoloredcloak as I’m sure they probably have lots of stuff on this from before season 12 :)

There are a ton of points throughout the years of Dean disliking being dirty, even since the pilot lol, but that’s fair enough as he’s filthy, but yeah, disliking ectoplasm, being grossed out by witches and their ‘bodily fluids’, dirty staircases etc. Meanwhile Sam is like, whatever, I’ll just get clean later it’s cool, Dean is making faces and moaning.

One I wrote and lots of people added excellent points to was about 12x15:

Dean Germaphobe Winchester

Originally posted by itsokaysammy

Basically we got very annoyed with some people claiming that Davy Perez doesn’t know canon and can’t write because he wrote Dean as dirty and we just… no this was exactly the POINT because Dean is clearly emotionally compromised here.

Then look into the trunk in 12x04? @mittensmorgul tells me that you can’t compare Sam and Dean’s clothes in terms of tidy v messy as Sam’s was jostled around, but it still uphold the fact that Dean himself is tidy, and Davy Perez is the one who wrote 12x15…

On top of this with everything we know canonically about Dean being a home maker, a fantastic cook, loving to keep his room clean and tidy, being annoyed when Sam messes it up. 

Dean scrubbing the kitchen from top to bottom when he’s anxious is my personal headcanon.

I’m sure there’s a ton of meta out there on this and I love it, I wonder what we might see in season 13 given they hinted at this in season 12. Season 12 went back and looked at so much earlier canon and plot points, the new writers are doing a fantastic job at taking these little pieces of gold and making them relevant again and I love it :)

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Can't believe you didn't make a post about it so I'm asking instead, do you think Noro was also tortured by Eto like Kanae recently and even Seidou?

I hardly ever write my own posts anymore when it comes to TG, Anon, especially because of a lack of time and also because I have no idea whether said subjects were already discussed before since I barely track the tags. So yep, the best way for you is still to ask if you’ve got something in mind. 

As for whether Noro is similar to Kanae and Seidou or not (as in s/he’s also one of Eto’s victims), I am considering it way more now, since what happened to Kanae, than before.

To be honest, at first I thought Noro was someone who suffered in the past but who was considered as a true ally and being by Eto and Tatara but s/he might be Eto’s victim as well because of several things, most of them highlighted by Kanae’s torture session:

1) The mask

Similar big mouth for the two masks, even though Noro’s has no eyes. This could be Eto’s fashion taste when it comes to her victims (unfortunately since Seidou didn’t use a mask, we can’t exactly confirm that point). 

2) The clocks

That’s the weirdest thing and that’s what made people wondered whether or not Noro could be Eto’s victim too, because I think everybody noticed that Eto tortured Kanae amongst dozens of clocks while Noro was glued to their own clock during the Aogiri arc three years before.
(So either this is a clue or Eto was inspirated by what Noro went through when she tortured Kanae)

3) Noro’s capacities

That CCG doctor pointed out to Urie how the more ghouls gets injured the stronger they get and Noro is strong but also has fast regenerative capacities (like Uta, Sasaki and others), so s/he definitely went through a lot of pain to be so reactive to being wounded.
And in that case, torture, by Eto or someone else, seems like a good guess, especially since they’re a Rinkaku (iirc, because Rinkaku’s regenerative capacities are better) and this fits with Kaneki’s own traumatic experiences. 

4) Obediance

We will have to see with Kanae in future chapters, but Noro is extremely obedient when it comes to Eto or Tatara’s orders, so torture by Eto could have indeed led them to become really submissive to Aogiri’s 2 most powerful characters. After all, Takizawa did listen to Eto in the Auction arc and he was tortured as well, so Eto might be using the whole “carrot and stick” approach when it comes to make the people she tortured obey (unless they don’t need it because they always live in fear of being punished).

For example, I’m thinking Takizawa in the auction arc obeyed Eto because he didn’t want to get more hurt but also because he was allowed to eat if he followed Eto’s orders. It might be the same way for Kanae (but we’ll have to wait for future chapters to confirm it) and I’m thinking that in case Noro is Eto’s victim too, s/he always obeys because pain taught them better than to disappoint Aogiri’s leader.

Eto’s way is to break people before reconstructing them following her own wishes about how she thinks they should be: Takizawa as the Owl 2.0 and Kanae probably as a way to intervene in the Tsukiyama vs Haise conflict. For Noro, it might have been in order for her to get a powerful Aogiri executive who would never fail her or Tatara.

Also, the fact Noro eats a lot definitely reminds me of Takizawa, so maybe food is also a reward (the “carrot”) for Noro’s obedience while pain is in case s/he disappoints (”the stick”).


The real thing I’m wondering about though is whether Eto did it or not, since even back in TG and Aogiri’s first introduction, Noro already seemed to be Tatara’s right hand (wo)man and Aogiri was still far from the kind of organization they are in :Re: they were less famous and had no experiments or mad scientists. 

So the question is when did Noro become acquainted with Tatara and Eto and is s/he really Eto’s victim?

Well, I have one possible answer in mind, following what I already wrote here but I have no idea as to the validity of it.

Remember that haiku, Anon?

In Japanese it is : “Utai tori nodo ni koe sou tada hiero“, so “Uta, Itori, Noro, Nico and Souta are Pierrot” according to Japanese speakers (please note that I can’t confirm the translation’s accuracy either, but many people seem to agree on this version so that’s why I’m using it).

So since the haiku seems to be indicating Noro as one of the Clowns when we always knew them as part of Aogiri, one can wonder if Noro wasn’t actually sent to Aogiri as a spy (like Souta and the ghoul restaurant, or Roma and Anteiku) but Eto found out and tortured them, breaking and making them her and Tatara’s pawn, just like she did with Seidou and Kanae. 

This theory would explain the possible similarities between Kanae’s treatment and what we’ve seen of Noro’s character so far in any case, but that’s just one of the possibilities so as always, don’t take it for granted. 

Hope it answers your question because that’s all I have in mind for the moment unfortunately. 

The Period Book

So today I was looking through my bookshelf for something to read… and I saw this

I have never seen this book before, apparently my mom got it for me. I was bored so I started reading it, I was like psssshhhh I already know all this stuff

then I saw this