i can't believe i am actually posting this picture


Okay so toastyhat tagged me in this aesthetic meme where you make a post showing your ~aesthetic~ with nothing but pictures you already have on your computer and I was like there is no way I have enough pictures on my computer to do this but WOW I TOTALLY DID.


Hmmmmmm if you’re reading this and you’re not sitting up straight you are TAGGED HA GOTCHA 


So, yea. When I took that first picture, I never imagined anyone in the world would ever see it. It was one of those weekly progress photos that I take for my own personal benefit. I just noticed that yesterday’s progress photo looks eerily similar (in pose & attire) to that picture I took back in April. It’s helpful for me to see these pictures side by side, because it encourages me to keep working towards my goal and serves as… self-inspiration:)