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You know what sort of movie I want to watch?

I want to watch a movie where an Indian Sikh girl with cerebral palsy discovers her bisexuality and falls in love a Pakistani Muslim lesbian who is totally blind and I want this relationship to be depicted with grace and sensitivity and complexity. I want this to be a coming of age story where the main character learns of her own self worth. I want this to be a heartwarming story of family and love and the trials of being someone society considers “different.”

I know it seems impossible, but actually this movie already EXISTS.

It’s called Margarita With A Straw. It’s in Hindi so watch it with subtitles.

So go watch this movie because it’s fucking beautiful. This has been a PSA.

I just…I just can’t even believe how amazing that episode was? So we have:

  • Mac openly talking about how he’s worried if his sexuality is bothering his best friend and trying to start an open dialogue with his other best friend about it
  • Dennis finally admitting he has feelings, BIG feelings (and apparently they hurt which is something I could have gone without but beggars can’t be choosers)
  • Mac getting Dennis his first Valentine’s Day present and it’s the one thing he wanted more than anything else in the world and Mac fucking knew it because Dennis is his best friend and he knows him better than anyone excuse me while I go sob
  • DENNIS ADMITTING HE HAS FEELINGS I need to say it again because it’s just so wonderful
  • The Macdennis was strong in this episode, as was Serial Killer!Dennis (so I was a pretty happy camper especially since they came together in the most marvelous way)
  • Hell, there was even some Chardee, which I something I can always appreciate
  • Also, Dee was amazing, just throwing that out there
  • We didn’t have soft-hair!Mac, but we did get swoopy-hair!Dennis, so I think it evened out
  • Dennis was Mac’s Valentine. And the look on Mac’s face when Dennis opened the crate and found the RPG was beautiful. As was Dennis’ face when he saw his very first present, second only to his breaking voice and watering eyes
  • “I love it. You figured out the one thing I wanted more than anything else in the entire world, and you got it for me, and it’s perfect” <– That is a fucking canon quote and you can rip it from my cold dead fingers


violet: the february birth flower
᠎ – symbolizes faithfulness, wisdom and hope
᠎ – meaning: “I will always be true”

Alright, so I haven’t even reblogged art yet, but at @karamatsukid’s request, here is a Abeno/Ashiya fic (from Fukigen na Mononokean)!  It was mostly an excuse to use a LOT of flower language.  ;D  Hope you guys like it!!

The moment Hanae met eyes with his mother, he knew bringing Abeno over to visit was a mistake.  She looked between the two of them, beamed, and said, “Oh, honey, let me get you a red rose!”  I love you.

Hanae froze.  “No.  Mom, no.  A yellow rose.  Not red.  This is Abeno, my classmate.  Remember?”  Friendship, not love.

“It’s nice to meet you, Mrs. Ashiya,” Abeno said, bowing.  “Thank you for having me.”

“Oh, it’s no trouble, dear.  Where did I put that moss…  And of course, I’ll need to pick up some ambrosia for the both of you.”  His mom glanced over her shoulder, thinking.  Maternal love.  Your love is reciprocated.

“Ambrosia, like mythology?” Abeno asked, his brow furrowed.

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Hi! Could you please do a no. 10 for SuperCat? Thanks and happy new year!

(The happy new year just showcases that it’s been 84 years since I last posted anything but I thought I’d try seeing if I could still make the words do the Thing I am sorry this took so long).

10. “I just want this.”

& bonus 19. “Come home with me.”

It starts with a messy kiss on Cat’s balcony, as Supergirl tells her goodbye and wishes her luck on her latest adventure.

They’re stood close together, arms pressed against one another as they both gaze out at the city, and Cat can’t help but revel in being so close to the woman that has come to mean so much to her over the past few months.

Kara might think that Cat is only interested in the Supergirl side of her, but that is far from the truth – and Cat would tell her so, if only Kara would tell her the truth. But her final fishing attempt had been brushed off with a soft smile and an amused laugh, and Cat isn’t going to push it any further.

If Kara wants to keep up the charade, then so be it.

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You know how in the orignal version they always refer to the lions as "she/her" but like in the german version when Lance flirts with blue he refers to the lion as "he/him". Like he says "Hey Blauer, das ist 'ne echt coole Farbe für dich!" (ok, yeah, the dub is like... let's not talk about that lmao) and then he also says "[...]denn echt Mann, dein Körperbau ist überirdisch!" ("honestly man, your body is out of this world") Aaaanyways, bisexual (german) Lance confirmed lol


Are you married?
  • Jin : Yoongichi~ do you know where my watch is?
  • Yoongi : Check the box on you bedside table.
  • Yoongi : Hyung~
  • Jin : I know~ I know~ I'm making your coffee rn.
  • Yoongi : What film do you want to watch tonight?
  • Jin : let's watch moonlight~ I remember you said you want to watch it when it came out~
  • Jin : But let me go to the store first I need to get-
  • Yoongi : Dw, I already got your snacks.
  • Jin : Ahhh you're the best!
  • Bangtan :
  • Namjoon : Wait- are you guys actually married?
  • Hoseok : Yeah you guys are either too shy to suck each other for the past 7 years even tho you're madly in love.
  • Taehyung : Or you didn't give us a wedding invitation.
  • Jungkook : *gasp*
  • Jungkook : I can't believe my own parent didn't invite me to their wedding!
  • Jimin : It's because we're adopted isn't it!!
  • Jimin : *sobs* I knew it!
  • Yoonjin :
  • Jin : Where did our parenting went wrong?
  • Yoongi : Fuck knows.

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Kacchako is a disgusting ship I can't believe you ship it, guess you love abusive ships

First of all my dude, if you’ve been following me for more than a hot minute and actually paid attention to the things I post you’d know that that is Not Correct. 

Now, moving on to Kacchako. 

- just cus I ship it doesn’t mean you have to! Look at all these beautiful characters, pick two you think have good chemistry and BAM you got yourself a ship. Congrats on just figuring out what 12 year olds already know when they watch tv and whisper ‘kiss’ when their faves stand next to each other.

- Just cus you hate it doesn’t mean I have to! While I agree on being wary about power dynamics and not romanticizing abuse, I highly doubt that’s the angle you’re coming in from, in which case I have a place for you to shove your unnecessary adjectives. 

- My dude if you think that this ship is abusive then you need to go outside. Meet people. Have relationships with them (and no that doesn’t mean romantic don’t be a doorknob). Is Bakugou a massive prickly dick? Hell yeah! Does the child have a shit ton of issues to work through? HELL YEAH! As the character is RIGHT NOW he is in no state to do anything more than have rocky friendships, and not to mention how OOC it’d be for him to be seeking a relationship. 

- If your reasoning for the ‘abusive’ nature of kacchako is that they fought at the showcase then my dude. Buddy. Wet canoe. It was a fighting tournament. They were supposed to fight, and fight their hardest at that. Also there’s like 20 metas to show how their battle actually helped grow their relationship so…

- If your reasoning that kacchako is abusive is bcus you Bakugou being a giant asshole with anger issues guess what! You can’t ship him with ANYONE EVER. Bcus the dude does Not change around people, and if it’s okay that he acts the way he does with Kirishima or Deku or Todoroki but not Uraraka then my dude that’s your own bias coming through

The fandom fully acknowledges that Bakugou needs to grow up? Like legit everything I’ve ever read has been set YEARS in the future so both characters could develop and grow their friendship first, which, you know, happens in healthy relationships. 

If the ships squicks you out then let me know and I’ll tag so you can black list! That’s perfectly fine, some things just rub people the wrong way! But don’t come into my inbox with this accusatory tone and soap box when you’re obviously just a troll looking for attention and trying to shove your opinion (which I didn’t ask for btws) down someone else's throat.

BTWS didn’t mention Uraraka in the reasoning for not shipping it bcus she is the embodiment of sunshine and I can’t fathom of a way in which she would be the abuser or source of abusive in this ship, if there were any the way it’s done. 

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OUAT is the first show that I followed in real-time long term. With other shows with ships I really loved, they had already ended when I discovered them so while the binging was an adventure in itself, I never really got to experience the "omg, I can't believe it's over </3" part of it all, since I knew they all had endpoints and often was semi-spoiled by the endgame statuses of everyone. This is all new to me. How to deal? 😭 😭

But seriously, welcome to the club!!!

You’re right it’s very different binge-watching something vs making it your hobby for years and years. The latter comes with a lot more engagement and and fun. (and a lot more emotional attachment!) 

For me, I’m over the heartbreak of it ending because of how long we’ve known and the way things went down. There is nothing like having the band-aid ripped off at 5am after your OTP walks down the aisle! Wow, was that a bad morning after such an amazing evening. (The timing of that will never not suck.) Even before that we were sort of tortured and kept on tenterhooks for months waiting to hear news on renewal and contracts, and then we were tortured for months this summer waiting to hear if they were going to screw up the story we’d just spent 6 years investing in.  

So… I’ve done all my grieving, now I’m just happy about the Captain Swan happy beginning. 

Thrilled actually.

It’s still a loss though, so here are some ways to deal:

  • Silver Lining. Always remember fondly what we have! Captain Swan is the literal holy grail of ships. A blessed by the Gods, true love, end of the world or time, soul mates kind of epic love story. CS is endgame is no longer a battle cry, it’s a set in stone reality. Bask in it. Celebrate it! Enjoy it! 
  • Rewatch. The beauty is we can always revisit these lovelies. We have 5 years of slow burn goodness to watch. Along the way we saw almost every milestone, every moment falling in love, not to mention dozens of kisses, hugs and heartstruck looks.  We will always have that and you can always watch that. Tell yourself that in a year or two years you’ll rewatch the entire thing. It can be a comforting thought. 
  • Read. I don’t know about you but there is so much fanfiction I’ve missed. I keep forwarding myself rec lists I find on here. There are literally hundred and hundreds of stories I have backlogged. I can’t wait to dig in! (and if you do read please remember to reblog the story or leave a nice comment/feedback for the author) 
  • Revisit. I can go down a rabbit hole on my own blog looking at gifs and posts about this OTP. From Jen and Colin and their friendship to Emma and Hook in every single episode they shared. Good stuff. Go find something beautiful to reblog. 
  • Create. If you’re missing Captain Swan create something about them. Write a fic, even if it’s just a drabble, compose an in-depth meta or post a two-sentence head canon, make a gif set, draw or make a graphic or manip. Fanworks can be so fulfilling and cathartic and just because we won’t have new material for CS each week, doesn’t mean you can’t engage creatively. 
  • Feel the relief. Honestly the angst in S5 and S6 took a toll on this fangirl. I can honestly say last season that eps 610 & 612-615 the writers made choices that were not enjoyable for me. I didn’t like what they were resorting to in order to give CS story.  So I’m kinda glad they are out of their hands and I don’t have to think about what character assassination they might pull out because they’re out of ideas.  Now Killian and Emma are safe in Storybrooke. I’m relieved they’re safe. 

Anyway, I hope this is helpful. Stop by if you wanna talk CS, I’m always down for that. 

but seriously I just can’t believe I just watched Cyrus come out to buffy, like I’m actually tearing up a little because Buffy handled it so well and I just wish that when I came out I had a friend who made me feel okay and didn’t make a big deal about it. Like yeah, we already knew Cyrus liked Jonah because he turned back to look at Jonah, but to actually see it happen??? I’m so happy and I’m actually tearing up, I’m never one to get so estatic over things like this, but this moment literally has me so happy (wow I said that like fifty times but I’m so happy)