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Take Poppy with you everywhere you go on your cellular telephone! Watch Poppy on the internet website YouTube.com! Never forget how much Poppy loves you. 

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aizawa totally uses hello kitty bandaids and keeps some on his person at all times

they are shamelessly pink and cute and adorable and some of the Hello Kittys are dressed up as heroes (there’s All Might Kitty, Present Mic Kitty, and even the occasional Eraserhead Kitty)

i bet he also has rare Chococat bandaids that he uses for special occasions 

one day he sees Keroppi bandaids at the store and buys them b/c they reminded him of Tsuyu. no one finds out about it until he Tsuyu gets a cut one day during practice and Aizawa hands her a Keroppi bandaid. she loves it and gives him a happy, contented frog daughter smile

he, of course, pretends it was a just a spontaneous decision and that it was totally a coincidence. no one in Class 1A believes him

additionally, everyone in Class 1A has had a Hello Kitty bandaid on them at one point. even Bakugou. particularly Bakugou.

sometimes Aizawa will be lenient and give Bakugou Chococat bandaids instead, but if he’s been a particularly terrible little shit that day, Aizawa’ll find the pinkest, girliest, most adorable Hello Kitty bandaid for Bakugou to wear, and pretend like he didn’t intentionally just do that

Bakugou curses but he’s forced to wear it all day, while his classmates snicker at him

(Ochako loves the Hello Kitty bandaids. Kirishima thinks it’s super manly. Tokoyami usually sulks slightly b/c they’re too pink for him. Aoyama somehow gets his hands on glittery Hello Kitty bandaids and wears them proudly. Izuku thinks they’re cute and is kinda fond of them. 

Momo loves them and thinks they’re super adorable oh my god. Todoroki is kinda neutral to them, but enjoys the idea of Aizawa caring for them. Shouji is also kinda neutral, but thinks it’s cute that Aizawa has bandaids like that on hand. Mina and Tooru LOVE their cute bandaids and always look forward to getting them after a harsh training session. 

Ojirou doesn’t say anything, but silently thinks they’re cute and is actually fond of the pink bandaids. Kaminari and Mineta think that wearing them will attract girls (this, inevitably, fails). Jirou won’t admit it, but she thinks the bandaids are ADORABLE…. 

Kouda loves to stare at his bandaids b/c they’re just super cute and it’s a tiny little kitty and he’s just super happy and content. Satou wears his proudly (and he also probably owns a Hello Kitty apron). Iida enjoys the practicality of a teacher carrying around extra bandaids in the event that a student may get injured. Sero just thinks it’s kinda funny and wears his bandaids without complaint

basically Bakugou is the only one who’s annoyed with the super cute pink bandaids and everyone else loves them)

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Hey i read in a interview with the director of that movie that she wanted to tell a story of how the fate of many black and biracial kids was affected by the holocaust; with many of them also ending up in concentration camps. And that the kid of an SS officer with whom the lead falls in love with is realizing as he gets older what horrors his regime is doing and can't understand it. Can you explain how this romanticizes Nazism?

thank you for asking. i appreciate that you want to learn more about this situation. it’s taken me a while to collect my thoughts, so here they are.

i’m usually a firm believer in both the power of love through adversity and the artistic rights of actors and filmmakers. i’m not trying to place blame on amandla stenberg or amma asante. however, this movie feels insensitive, exploitative, and extremely tasteless. every other jewish person i’ve discussed this with has had the exact same reaction. here’s why:

before she edited it, amandla’s post called the holocaust a “backdrop” for the love story. that’s right, the genocide of my people used as a narrative device to frame some sort of “forbidden” romeo/juliet type  relationship. in a world where fucking neo nazis are making a comeback i’m afraid i’m not so forgiving to situations like this. goy filmmakers have a long history of exploiting the holocaust and the suffering of jewish/romani people for the sake of furthering their own heroic narratives and i’m done with that bullshit. 

i’m aware that hitler youth was often compulsory for german children. i’m also aware that hitler’s doctrine threatened everyone perceived as “un-aryan”, not just jewish and romani people. the fate of poc, especially black and biracial people, in hitler’s germany is absolutely something worth talking about and exploring further. i’ve often advocated for studies of the holocaust include sections that discuss not only the complete jewish and romani experience, but also the experience of poc, lgbtq people, disabled people, and others affected. but to do it in a way that humanizes their oppressors, who are literal fucking nazis, is absolutely atrocious. there is no equal love between an oppressed person and their oppressors. 

in conclusion, nazism is not a hurdle for kids to overcome on their path to true love. nazism is an evil mindset that led to the deaths of 6 million of my people and millions of others as well. these deaths should never be a rhetorical device that goy filmmakers exploit for the sake of making their story feel more “forbidden”. being a nazi doesn’t mean you get to be a star-crossed lover. being a nazi means you should get punched in the face.

in conclusion, this ethnic jewish girl is fucking done with the romanticism and humanization of nazis. she’s fucking done. 

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Do you think Severus loved Lily romantically? I always headcanon him as loving her (purely) not lust nor love because of his childhood, I could see him a little kid and there's this red-head with a compassionate heart, and he just can't help but love her because she reciprocated it. I'm a firm believer that there's types of love much more prominent than romantic. *I'm saying this because honestly, I'm sick & tired of people writing how Snape just wanted to screw Lily and what a perv he was.

As with most of my Severus headcanons, I sway all over the shop; I can go along with Severus loving Lily romantically, but no, it’s not my predominant reading of the series.

I can quite imagine that he liked the idea of having a relationship with her when he was 15 or so because she was one of the only people (not even girl!) who paid him any attention, or treated him kindly.  I can also quite imagine that he was in a heterosexual world, and like all other teenagers, he was dealing with raging hormones - and he felt a pressure to date a woman, and aspire to settle down and marry and have children.

…but I actually don’t see him as genuinely coveting a sexual relationship with Lily past the point that their friendship is over, and most certainly not once she started dating James.

Fandom wants to present him as the spurned lover, or a friendzoned loser but I don’t read him that way at all.  He is the spurned best friend, which is very very different.

I’m very fortunate in that I’ve had many great friendships through my life, and I’ve got friendships that have spanned decades.  But, like most others, I am old enough to have gone through some traumatic friendship breakups.

I had a friend from the age of 8, and we had a serious wobble around 15/16, and another serious wobble at 22, and we ended up breaking things off entirely at 23/24.  The thing I recall the most was a huge amount of pain at 15 or so (which is why we made friends again, but looking back logically, it was never the same - and the subsequent breakup was inevitable).

At 9 and 12 and 14, I loved that person and I am certain they loved me.  There was no sexual desire towards each other, no romantic feelings, no wish to marry.  We were friends - best friends - and we spent most of our days together.  It didn’t work out.  We went our own ways, and I dare say that we are much happier for it.  The person they became, and the person I now am…well, we’re not compatible at all.

Does that lack of sexual desire between us mean that we weren’t best friends?  That we didn’t love each other?  That we didn’t spend all of that time together?  Does it mean that because we’re now just people who knew each other that we wouldn’t step in if a maniac wanted to murder the other?  Would stepping in mean that we wanted to have sex with the other?

And bear in mind, we are two people who separated because of “reasons” - and not because we were against the backdrop of war, and one dropped the other when the second person didn’t want to be dropped.  (No judgement on Lily’s actions, just factual statement; Lily dropped Severus, Severus didn’t want her to.)

It is possible to read Severus as desiring Lily, and wanting to date and marry her.  It is equally possible to read Severus as merely being her old friend, and him being devastated at the idea that she would be murdered.  It is a rather extreme circumstance that he finds himself in.

Moreover, the ‘accepted’ hater argument that Snape was a friendzoned bro is a deliberate misreading of both the text, and the definition of the friendzone.

Love is a beautiful thing, and should not be kept to just your romantic partners.  I love my friends, and I love my family, and shock horror, I’ve even had sex with people without me loving them, or them loving me.

I think it’s a sad reflection that some people assume that love = sex.


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All six of us fix our eyes on the rising sun.
There are moments you remember and people you will never fucking forget. While orange light bathes us, while tension flits far, far away, how much we’ve felt - all that we’ve bled - surrenders to our collective love. Lifetimes, days, minutes spent together.
As we watch outward. As we watch upward. As our faces warm.
We live and breathe in quiet, blissful peace.

After Malfoy baby delivery
  • <p> <b>Healer:</b> Congratulations are in order Mr Malfoy, minutes ago you just became a dad<p/><b>Draco:</b> And my wife, How is she?, the baby is he okay?.<p/><b>Healer:</b> they both are fine, your wife is weak from the ordeal but we have high hopes for her recovery, Mrs Malfoy is a stubborn young woman despite the limitations of her immune system.<p/><b>Draco:</b> That she is, if Astoria says she wants to get better, she'll bulldoze her way into healthiness and nothing will stop her<p/><b>Healer *chuckles* :</b> ready to meet your son? *opens the door*<p/><b>Draco *with fingers crossed*:</b> please take after your mother, please take after your mother.<p/><b>Astoria *looking down at swaddled bundle* :</b> Oh Draco! Look at how precious he is.<p/><b>Nurse:</b> And he looks just like dad too<p/><b></b> Draco *sweat drops*<p/><b>Astoria:</b> Come hold him my love, here, meet our tiny miracle.<p/><b>Draco *looking down at the newborn carbon copy of him* :</b> he's wonderful Astoria, perfect even, I can't believe we made something this beautiful.<p/><b>Draco mentally *looks down at baby Scorpius* :</b> Okay son here's the deal you better take after your mother in personality because you already got my looks and that's pushing it already, so remember kid, you need to be a lot like her.<p/><b>Baby Scorpius:</b> *gurgles*<p/><b>Draco Mentally:</b> I mean it baby, be like her...not me *points the baby to Astoria* her, not me.<p/><b>Astoria:</b> Draco are you mentally indoctrinating our child again?<p/><b>Draco:</b> ....<p/><b>Draco:</b> ............<p/><b>Draco:</b> Nooo?.<p/></p>

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I actually think you guys wrong about Abel. I believe they have been friends for a very long time and he fell in love with her. Let's not kid ourselves, Starboy, the album, is primarily about Selena. I believe he has wanted her for a very long time but Justin was always right there. If anyone is in danger of getting hurt, it's Abel. I can't imagine her ending up with anyone but Justin, they are destined. But stranger things have happend.

How tf is star boy about Selena, ur telling me he was only thinking about Selena while with bella? That’s pretty fucked up

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holy fuck how many kids did you give jacob and queenie jfc stop

Alright, listen here - it’s MY fic and my decision. Don’t like, don’t read. Simple.

I gave them a big family - I don’t think that’s OOC for them to be honest. They definitely seem like the type who just keep having kids because they can’t keep their hands off each other, and also because they love children so much.

To add, I had them adopt a child because I believe that if they knew a child had been abandoned and needed a home, they’d step in because “fuck it, this child is ours now and we will love it and care for it”

So, to conclude: they have a big family because a) they’re horny as fuck for each other and just keep conceiving babies (Queenie is 100% unashamed tbh), b) they are both loving and warm people who love their children/family so much, c) Queenie would be a fantastic mother, d) Jacob would be a sweet and loving daddy and e) I decided for my fics they would and that’s my choice.

I’m done, I’m out, goodbye.

How could anyone have hopes of a better world if there’s people that consciously make the decision to kill mostly innocent kids and teenagers who were leaving a music concert? Whose loved ones were waiting for them at home, to ask them if they had fun, to see the pictures and videos they got? And now they can’t because some souless cruel people took that from them for reasons that had nothing to do with them. It’s up to us to change this, as little as we can do, we have to make every action of love count. Be nice. Help others. Be respectful. Teach with kindness. We can’t continue living in a world like this…

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Hi!! I love the Voltron Family, they are so cute!!! You give me a reason to believe that love is everywhere :) I have this thought that's been bordering me hehe it about Shiro and Keith, we already have a Shiro thinking that Keith was cheating but i want to know how Keith will react if it was the other way hehe. I know haha they are a happy family but I just can't ignore the angst xD

Thank you!! 8D The Voltron Family is just… such a loving family and they want what’s best for their kids :(  Oh damn. #DRAMA again AHHAHAH 

PREVIOUSLY: Shiro accused Keith of cheating

Keith knew that Shiro loved him, his husband made it a point to tell him that every single day. Adopting kids sealed the whole deal for Keith. For the whole week, Shiro’s car was getting fixed, so Keith picked him up at work. Keith texted his husband that he was stuck in traffic and Shiro replied saying it was okay. Keith knew he was late for about two hours, so he rushed out of the car and walked to Shiro’s office. He was about to turn around the corner when he heard Shiro’s voice. 

Shiro: You know I can’t. Stop this.
Woman: Takashi… Come on. I can offer you what you need.

Keith was shocked to hear a woman’s voice so he peeked and saw Shiro pinned on the wall. The woman with him had her hands gripping Shiro’s arms and was too way too close and suddenly the woman kissed Shiro on the lips.

Suddenly Keith’s world stopped. He dropped his phone and his eyes just started to water. Shiro was shocked and so was the woman when they turned their heads towards the intruder.

Shiro: Keith? It’s not—
Keith: *tears just wouldn’t stop falling* How could you do this to me, Takashi?
Shiro: *walks towards Keith* Keith, no it’s…
Keith: *steps back* *shakes his head*

Keith turned around and just walked out. He drove back home while crying. He immediately went up to their bedroom and locked the door. A few minutes later the door unlocked. Keith knew who it was without even looking.

Shiro: Keith… *sits down on the bed with a big distance*
Keith: *back facing Shiro* Tell me honestly, do you want a divorce?
Shiro: *eyes widens in anger* *stands up* Again with the divorce shit? When will you cut that out, Keith?
Keith: *turns around* *stands up* Oh, I don’t know. When you stop lip locking with women?! MAYBE?! 
Shiro: *clenches fist* If only you didn’t walk off you would’ve gotten the whole picture. 
Keith: What’s there to explain Shiro? She kissed you and you didn’t stop her! You and I both know she’s right! She can give you something I can’t. She can give you the pleasure you’ve always craved for that I can’t provide! She’s—
Shiro: *kisses Keith* 
Keith: *shock* *knits his eyebrows in anger* *tries to push Shiro* YOU CAN’T DO THIS TO ME. YOU CAN’T KEEP DOING THIS TO ME WHEN I’M— *tears started to fall again*
Shiro: *pulls Keith into a hug* I would stop doing it if you stop saying that. 
Keith: *grips Shiro’s button up shirt*
Shiro: *can feel Keith’s warm tears* Loretta. She’s a newly hired doctor and she’s been very open regarding her interest in me. I’ve told her I was married and I have a husband. It didn’t stop her still. Usually it’s just subtle flirting and I would always turn her down. Tonight caught me off guard, too. I didn’t think she’d go that far to actually kissing me. I was shocked and froze right on the spot. *looks down on Keith who was still silently crying* I’m sorry. I’m really really sorry. *kisses Keith’s head* I know I should’ve done so much more to stop her before it came to this.
Keith: *broken voice* But she’s right though.
Shiro: *leans back to look at Keith* How many times do I have to tell you? Since day one I knew what I was getting into and I was up for it. I love you so fucking much you have no idea how much it kills me everyday. If I could spend every single second beside you I would. I want—
Keith: *slowly wraps his arms around Shiro’s waist* *tiny voice* Why?
Shiro: Because no matter how many gorgeous women or men throw themselves at me, I’d always choose you. *caresses Keith’s cheek* At the end of the day, you’re the want I want to hold hands with, want to cuddle with, want to watch stupid movies with. *smiles sadly* I… I really wish you could just see how I see you so you’d stop being insecure about us.
Keith: It’s because I can’t do it all—
Shiro: Keith, stop that. I don’t care. I told you. I don’t fucking care. I want you to be comfortable all the time. I don’t care if we don’t for the next 10 years.
Keith: *looks up* Really? *sniffs* You’d do that? For me?
Shiro: *nods* Yes. I really would. If it makes you feel better, we could just stop if you want. *smiles lovingly at Keith* *pushes some of his hair aside so he can see Keith’s watery eyes* *starts wiping his husband’s eyes*
Keith: *chuckles while crying as he shakes his head* I can’t do that to you.
Shiro: Why not?
Keith: *more tears fell as he broke down* *looks up at Shiro helplessly* It’s the only thing k-keeping you from leaving me.
Shiro: *eyebrows furrows in anger* Keith, stop saying that. *hisses* STOP. SAYING. THAT.
Keith: But it’s true, if I don’t…
Shiro: *steps back* Is this how you feel… every time we…
Keith: *turns away and avoids looking at Shiro’s direction*
Shiro: *runs his fingers thru his hair* Oh god. I’m such an idiot. Why didn’t you tell me? I’ve asked you so many times if it’s okay and you said it was and… Keith, please look at me. *pulls Keith towards him* I don’t want you to feel obligated just because I’m not like you.
Keith: *tiny voice* But I’m your husband.
Shiro: *hugs him* Exactly why you shouldn’t feel that way. I’m so so so sorry. No matter what happens I’m not going to leave you. *kisses Keith on the cheek* I’m not going to get tired of you, besides you’re the only one who laughs at my jokes. *chuckles*
Keith: I force myself to laugh at them so you don’t feel bad. *sly smile*
Shiro: Oh my god. *laughs* *hugs Keith tighter* See? What a very caring husband you are. *gives a peck on the lips* My offer is still on btw.
Keith: *smiles* I’ll think about it. But thank you, I might actually just take it.
Shiro: I’m expecting that you might.
Keith: *smiles sadly* You sure about this, Shiro?
Shiro: *beams down at Keith* Hundred percent. Just think about it, please? This is very important.
Keith: *smiles* I will.


Genovieve Elizabeth Demora Nantz,

How do I start with you? My friend, you were the sunshine of this gameplay. Always making people happy.  Either in your garden or at the easel, you were one of the most talented Sims I’ve ever had. You loved your kids, and grandkids, with your whole heart. I will miss you forever and always. Sim heaven gained a sassy, spunky, but loving lady.

With tears,

A few weeks ago, one of my students pointed out my super colorful Lisa Frank calendar hanging behind my desk. This led to me telling her about how much I love Lisa Frank and how jealous I was of my best friend, who had gotten a pre-release Lisa Frank makeup brush in one of those monly subscription boxes–ipsy–for the month. Well, as it turns out, my student also gets ipsy boxes sent to her house. Guess what she gave me today….. 😭😭😭

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you're reading pjo!!! omg it's so easy to fall in love with the characters and they get super interesting back stories and i love!! the series!!! so much!!!!!! i hope you enjoy it <3

the only thing i regret is not starting pjo sooner :’) but better late than never!! i can’t wait to meet all my /future/ kids (and share custody with @persuesjackson) :’)

Timeless and Pitch Canceled?!!!

ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?!!! I am so freaking pissed. How can NBC and FOX just cancel such amazing shows after only one season? ONE SEASON!!!!! I’m literally crying which is very pathetic of me, but I love these shows so much. They deserved more than just 1 goddamn season. Apparently Timeless got canceled because of money issues. I haven’t really read why Pitch got canceled, but I will. I’m just shocked because the views for both shows were high and the amount of time us the fans went to binge these shows and show our love. Timeless could have continued, but NBC thought otherwise. Both shows left on damn cliffhangers! All that’s left to say is thank you to the creators for these amazing shows. Thank you to the actors for giving us a reason to love the show and love your characters. To the Timeless crew, thank you for an emotional and thrilling ride through time. To the Pitch team, thank you for your powerful message that women can achieve anything we set our minds to. Thank you “Timeless” and “Pitch”.

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okay guys, hear me out……… sportarobbie the parent trap au

sportacus and robbie got married young and had their small gaggle of children (how?? irrelevant) but then their wildly clashing personalities + polar opposite parenting styles + immaturity led them to divorce and split their children. sportacus took stephanie and ziggy while robbie got pixel, stingy, and trixie

of course the kids all meet at summer camp and inevitably come to the realization that our dads used to be married???? we’re all kinda siblings??? and they know that their dads are lonely and now that they’re older they could totally work things out!! so of course they switch places with the goal of getting to know their other dad plus subtly trying to find ways to make sportacus and robbie a) interact again and b) fall in looove again

obviously both sporty and robbie feel very conflicted in this situation. sportacus tries to be neutral, even positive, in telling the kids that “your dad and i loved each other very much, but sometimes things just don’t work out” in that Wise, Life Lesson way of his, meanwhile robbie doesn’t trashtalk sporty directly but he reacts much more grumpily to the kids (especially peristent stephanie) constantly bringing it up, and he may be heard muttering about ‘sportaloon’ under his breath. but both sets of kids spy on their dads when they think the kids have gone to bed looking at old photos wistfully, maybe even talking to themselves a bit (’it’s too late, it’s done now!) and robbie definitely comfort-eats a whole cake. 

annoying new partner for one of them is definitely not necessary, which smooths the way for the eventual reunion. obviously they first very awkwardly meet up to deal with the logistics of switching children, but are convinced by the kids to stay in the same place for a little while because they’ve just met their new (old) siblings and want to get to know them better!! which of course leads to lots of sportacus and robbie discussing (arguing) about parenting methods (a big part of what broke them up originally) and really everything under the sun - but there’s no venom behind it, they’ve both mellowed out a lot and they’re more willing to negotiate rather than fight (which doesn’t mean anything, stephanie, your dad and i are not getting back together). there’s a moment when sportacus watches robbie theatrically entertain all five kids with a story, with costumes and silly voices for all the characters, and his heart definitely flutters but it’s nothing - and robbie walks in on sportacus working out shirtless and, okay, sportacus is definitely still in as good shape as he was ten years ago, and robbie is not at all horrifically distracted by those arms and those pecs that he forgets what he even came to say. all of those small moments are meaningless, really, because they’re just focusing on being better co-parents, only for the kids’ sake. if sportacus inquires about whether robbie’s insomnia is still bothering him, it’s just out of politeness, and if robbie dutifully makes a disgusting healthy sugar-free cake alongside his regular ones it’s just because he still has that old recipe lying around and it would be rude to exclude sportacus. really. 

meanwhile the kids have a lot of fun scheming to get sporty and robbie back in a romantic scenario that takes them back to when they first fell in love. or i dunno, maybe they orchestrate some sort of emergency situation which forces sportacus and robbie to work together to save the day. they get so so close to admitting their feelings when one of them (lbh, robbie) decides that this has been an interesting experiment but it’s time to get back to their own regular separate lives. the kids (and sporty) are devastated but eventually the two families part ways - except robbie immediately regrets it, because he’s only running because back in the day it was sportacus who initiated the breakup, not him and he’s terrified of being left again. robbie’s gang sees this and can tell being apart isn’t what robbie really wants, so they contact stephanie and ziggy and the five of them convince sportacus to chase after robbie and admit his feelings. cue the romcom declaration of love, possibly in the rain, with yelling and a little crying and at least one “because i love you, you idiot” and finally the dramatic reunion kiss with kids cheering from the sidelines. so of course they get back together properly, and all move into a big house as one happy family. and then they sing the bing bang song. the end. 

  • Lemony Snicket : [finishing Chapter 14] ...and that, kid, is how I met their mother.
  • Beatrice Baudelaire Jr : No. I don't buy it. That is not the reason you made us listen to this. Let's look at the facts here. You made us sit down and read this story about how you met their mom, yet their mom's hardly in the story. No. This is a story about how you're totally in love with Ellington. And you're thinking of asking her out, and you want to know if we're okay with it.
  • Lemony Snicket : I can't believe this! I kept this story SHORT and TO THE POINT, and you guys still missed it. The point of this story is that/
  • Beatrice Baudelaire Jr : ...is that you totally, totally, totally have the hots for Ellington.
  • Lemony Snicket : You're GROUNDED!!!