i can't believe how in love this kid is


All six of us fix our eyes on the rising sun.
There are moments you remember and people you will never fucking forget. While orange light bathes us, while tension flits far, far away, how much we’ve felt - all that we’ve bled - surrenders to our collective love. Lifetimes, days, minutes spent together.
As we watch outward. As we watch upward. As our faces warm.
We live and breathe in quiet, blissful peace.

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OOH OR HOW ABOUT vampire robbie who doesn't realise he's a vampire and wanting to sleep during the day is normal for him. wanting to bite sportacus' neck, maybe not so much

“Now what was that train of thought…” he mutters, his eyes still fixated on Sportacus’ neck. It was not unusual for Robbie to think about someone leaving their mark on him- but never before had he felt this… possessive?… about someone else. Never before had he imagined himself biting in someone’s neck and leaving an imprint of his teeth behind. He was especially surprised that the one he imagined doing this with was the town’s very hero, the one he always attempted to rid himself off, and that he would go as far as wanting to draw his blood. Yes, Sportacus would definitely think less of him if he ever found out; not that he could possibly think much of him to begin with. After all, he was Rotten.

Headcanon that Robbie thirsts and doesn’t still his thirst in any way for so long that he passes out. Sportacus, being an elf, had noticed that Robbie’s magic changed somehow (because it’s canon that he’s “very magical”; I like the part Fae theory; and I like it especially when Robbie doesn’t know about it), but wasn’t able to pinpoint it. His instincts told him to check up on the other man more and more often, but Robbie would just tell him to leave with increasingly frustration, and even stop playing as many tricks on him. Then, his crystal goes off, because Robbie’s collapsed, and he hurries to get to him- but injures himself a little as he gets down the bunker. Robbie immediately jumps on him and “cleans his wound”, only to freeze and look at him in mortification and back away again. Cue Sportacus talking to him and eventually baring his neck, much to Robbie’s growing frustration, and even going as far as leading Robbie’s mouth to it.

I damn near wrote my own fanfic with that one. I could. But I probably won’t.

black sails season one

flint: I love all members of my crew equally……..hal gates…..[reading off smudged piece of paper] willy…..bonabee…..barly something or other…

gates: billy bones?

flint: please stop saying nonsense words hal I’m trying to concentrate…….bolly…..mandabee……who the fuck is that tall one

This totally happened when they were kids.
  • Mika: Alright everyone. Since we gonna die in this shitty place anyways, let's play a game.
  • The kids: What game~?
  • Mika: Like, a family game. I will be the lovely Papa Mika. And you are my children.
  • The kids: PAPA MIKA! PAPA MIKA!
  • Mika: Since Akane is mature and cooks delicious food, she is going to be your grandma!
  • Akane: Aha! Have you eaten today, kiiids~?
  • Mika: See? It's perfect!
  • Akane: Wait Mika, what about Yuu? Who is Yuu going to be?
  • Mika: Isn't it obvious? Yuu-chan is...Mama Yuu-chan! My wife!
  • Yuu: ...
  • Akane: ....
  • The kids: .....
  • Mika: ......
  • Yuu: Get your ass to work and bring some money for this family, you prick.

i know i’m always talking about how dino is so pure but…. dino is so pure. and i don’t mean that like i see him as a naive little kid who doesn’t know how babies are made and believes in santa claus. i mean like if you knocked on his bedroom window at 3 o’clock in the morning and told him you needed him to help you hide some priest’s dead body the first thing he’d say wouldn’t be a threat to call the police i think his initial reaction to that would be along the lines of ‘why’d you kill him :(’

The LOK fandom continues to baffle me day by day

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I’m just gonna leave this here. Yep, I met Garrick Hagon, aka Biggs Darklighter today! He was SO NICE. He even quoted his last line in the deleted scene that photo is from in my autograph!! My friend literally had to push me to his table because I was getting really nervous.

I kept trying to think of something big and awesome I could make as a tribute to this show, but I just can’t stop thinking about how far these kids have come

All I want is for this summer to have a happy ending! (AND FOR NO ONE TO DIE)

Lovely invader


I was invaded after leaving my game open and unchecked for a moment (unwise I know). When I came back THERE WERE DROPS ALL OVER THE PLACE AND A MESSAGE NEXT TO ME




I don’t know who you are, love-seeking invader, but you gave me one hell of a laugh. Thank you. 

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haha you probably already know this but the way fai is holding his chopsticks is the way little kids without the dexterity to hold them properly are taught to do it ww

It’s true! I love this detail. 

Fai can’t use chopsticks so Soseki resorts to the kid-version of how to do it. And Fai looks so happy about it. Finally, someone is teaching him the easy way to do this impossible task. Why didn’t anyone teach him before now. 

Fai you are ridiculous.

I love how everyone is so angry at Maya because they believe the only reason she’s upset about this whole triangle is because she wants Lucas for herself.  Like when she came into the Matthews apartment upset&Topanga comforted her&everyone thought (thinks) “She’s only upset because she can’t have Lucas to herself while Riley cares about her friendship!”

Gee kids.  Maybe Maya is upset for the same exact reasons Riley is.  For a number of reasons; because they both don’t want their friendships to end, because they both like Lucas and they’re both confused and they both want things to be better. 

But nahhhhhh.  Maya’s too selfish to be able to care about other people other than herself.  I mean, she’s taken everything away from Riley and all!