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everybody lives AU | AKATSUKI
• setting — the Last

Akatsuki becomes a mercenary group for hire, as they did in Road to Ninja. 
This is more appropriately named the “everybody comes back to life and somehow things work out AU”… but as promised, 10 Akatsuki members in the timeline of The Last! Designing is fun (esp the village flak jackets) (・∀・)

See more extensive character/AU details below the cut!:

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And then Sonic paid Saitama and Genos a visit. He told them about what happened that evening, but he quickly found himself dumbfounded when Saitama told him that “they could always hand him a copy of the key.” Sonic instantly refused, muttering something about “keeping the original” and “taking proper care of it from now on.”
This comic was made for @listentothistrackbitches, based on their drawing and I just thought about the possibilities. Happy (belated) Birthday, Max/Cindy!!!! Thank you for all these years of frienship!! ;u; 

so i got to see hamilton live on broadway (i know, i still can’t believe it!!!) and here’s a couple details i thought people might enjoy:

  • when daveed diggs enters in act 2 as jefferson he blows kisses to the audience it’s adorable.
  • also jefferson makes all these weird faces constantly it’s hilarious.
  • in “the reynolds pamphlet”, maria reynolds walks across the stage to look judgmentally at hamilton. king george is also there and he mostly just laughs and prances around.
  • the switch from “hurricane” to “the reynolds pamphlet” actually occurs by hamilton dropping a huge stack of paper (the “pamphlet”) onto the stage from the upper level. 
  • it’s basically the 18th century version of a mic drop.
  • in “say no to this”, maria practically gives hamilton a lap dance and climbs all over him. it’s uh. weirdly hot.
  • it’s hard to get a scope of the energy just by listening to the soundtrack song by song, but keep in mind most musicals aren’t purely music, they have some dialogue between songs. however, there’s only one scene in hamilton that’s not on the soundtrack and going song to song without pausing creates an electrifying energy that. wow. it’s dizzyingly good.
  • the one scene (if you didn’t know) that isn’t in the soundtrack is when eliza reads hamilton a letter informing him of laurens’s death, and the heartbreak on hamilton’s face is palpable. eliza tries to comfort him but he leaves abruptly, saying “i have so much work to do”.
  • in “you’ll be back”, when king george sings the line “i’m so blue”, the stage lights turn blue
  • when eliza’s pregnant, the pregnancy pad she wears looks bizarre af in period costume
  • at the very beginning hamilton’s this awkward immigrant who’s not very sure of himself, and his arc from that to war hero to secretary who won’t stfu to broken father is beautifully done on lin’s part
  • phillip is introduced while he’s practicing the piano at age 9 but when he stands up he’s like lin’s height it’s hysterical. watching a grown-ass man play a 9 y/o boy while his mother beatboxes behind him was honestly a highlight of my life.
  • eliza and angelica’s reunion in “take a break” was so cute, they hugged so much and just acted exactly like two sisters who hadn’t seen each other in forever.
  • hamilton constantly disappointing eliza (leaving for war, leaving to be part of the cabinet, not joining eliza and angelica over the summer) is a slowly building theme and you can feel her bitterness build throughout the play until it peaks in “burn”. god i love eliza.
  • you think you know emotion? no, you don’t. eliza’s cry/ scream when phillip dies is the most emotionally heartwrenching thing i have ever heard. my mother was straight up sobbing. i’m so ,
  • actually you know what? fuck alexander, eliza’s where it’s at. you know who was center stage when the curtain dropped at the end of the musical? eliza. because she’s the one who supported him, who forgave him, who, after everything, made sure his legacy lived on by telling his story. and although lin starts off by telling alexander’s story, he also tells eliza’s, because she is easily as important as him. hamilton is about the act of storytelling as much as it is about the history of a founding father, and without eliza doing so (so!!) much after his death, alexander would be a footnote in history textbooks. the musical is called hamilton because it’s about both hamiltons, husband and wife, and to say it is just about alexander hamilton is just plain wrong.
  • when she’s finally center stage at the end, eliza looked like she could finally see the audience, see the stage lights on her, and she gave a little gasp/ cry because she was finally being recognized and that was the moment i realized that nobody was every going to live up to eliza schuyler hamilton’s goodness and purity.

Bickslow: *smudged ice cream on Lisanna’s cheek just to lick it off*
Lisanna: *blushes furiously*
Elfman: *not pleased*
Evergreen: *so done*
Freed: *content to be with everyone*
Laxus: *considers to smudge ice cream on Freed, too*

This took a while since I…somehow got lost in it…… well…
Enjoy the dork squad on their triple date! :D

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smooches the tip of her nose.

     SHE’D WOKEN UP EARLY ENOUGH to make herself some coffee, her back pressed against the kitchen counter as she listened the shower running from across the apartment. kōga had said something to her about a team meeting taking place later on that morning, though she’d struggled to remember details of his message though her sleepy haze. she had woken up, however, when he said something about treating her to breakfast before he had to go. kagome had been quick to get up from his bed and find clothes to wear, grabbing her toothbrush from her overnight bag and snagging the toothpaste from the bathroom before heading to the kitchen to brush her teeth and leave him to shower in peace.

     she was in the middle of lifting the mug sandwiched between her hands to her lips when he strode into the kitchen and caught her eye. the woman smiled and had been about to greet him formally when he deftly extracted the ceramic cup from her hands and placed it onto the counter, his warm hands moving to her hips and swiftly hoisting her onto the flat surface her coffee rest on. she blinked in surprise before he flashed her his trademark, winning grin and swooped in to press a sweet kiss to her nose. which caused her to make a noise and push at his shoulders halfheartedly. 

     that was, before she gripped his shirt at the shoulders and pulled him back in to kiss him properly. he sighed softly against her mouth as he reciprocated, slow and sweet. but it only lasted a few moments before his stomach growled in protest, demanding food. they both burst out laughing at the sound.

     “good morning to you, too,” she hummed as he took a step back to look her in the eye. slim fingers lifted to ruffle his dark hair, still damp from his shower, before pressing against his cheek. “you said something about feeding me before you go to your meeting? if you’ll just let me finish my coffee, we can be on our way.”

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"Oh fam~!!! That is just~ wow !! I can't believe so cool !!!!" *rambles on in great detail about how thing is amazing" "Imma 1v1 this person" "Eyyy" *meme emoji here* "Ya dingus!" *speaking Australian*


P F F T~!!!
B o i, this shouldn’t have made me laugh out as loud as it did, I’m gushing. This is… So true… Oh my god… I sound like an over excited puppy…. >.


I commissioned the fabulously talented @lindako to draw a scene from TDC Chapter 3 and I couldn’t BELIEVE HOW PERFECT THE RESULT WAS~! Everyone, if you send her a commission, she will not disappoint~! Please do consider it, her cat is sick right now and anything helps ;~; Here’s her commission details!

Thank you so much, I love it with all of my heart and I will treasure it forever!

I really love how the DCEU treats each individual piece of film as a very intricate piece of art.

Each DCEU film has been vastly different from the others. Each director was able to bring their own visions to the characters, tone and story, and not only do they fit together seamlessly as one vast and diverse universe, each film brings a consequence that would undoubtedly result in a final outcome.

The attention to detail, aesthetics, story, character development and acting are all excellent. We have Zack Snyder, a huge DC fanboy to begin with, who is also a visually inclined director, working with directors such as Patty Jenkins, who, from what I’ve heard of her, is very story inclined; not to mention David Ayer, who specializes in bringing out the best performance in actors. With each director bringing something different to the DCEU, it will undoubtedly shine with time.

That’s why the DCEU should not be put down like this. Each movie was made with heart and passion. To insult the DCEU is to insult the amount of effort the staff put in to create wonderful entertainment. If they’re not to your tastes, fine, just shut the fuck up, act like an adult and deal with the fact that a) people are allowed to have different opinions and b) these movies are the result of months, heck, YEARS of hard work from talented individuals that do not deserve your bitching.

my favorite thing about madd is that when everyone freaks out about jensen’s eye color she’s like ‘the eyelashes!!’ 'the eyelids!!’ 'the little mark 2 centimeters to the left by the corner of his right eye shaped like a peanut!!!!!’ like when will i ever be that good at detail


what u call “good at detail” i call “unhealthy obsession” but thnx rainy

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haha you probably already know this but the way fai is holding his chopsticks is the way little kids without the dexterity to hold them properly are taught to do it ww

It’s true! I love this detail. 

Fai can’t use chopsticks so Soseki resorts to the kid-version of how to do it. And Fai looks so happy about it. Finally, someone is teaching him the easy way to do this impossible task. Why didn’t anyone teach him before now. 

Fai you are ridiculous.

Charms Prototypes

I received the samples for my charms the other day!! 《《o(≧◇≦)o》》

With pen for scale.

The photo was taken with my terrible camera so the charms are much nicer irl XD

I ordered the samples first to see how my designs would turn out and these four were the only ones I had completed at the time. I’ll be adjusting some colors and details as a result. I’ll also be making the charms with clear instead of white acrylic to make the characters stand out more in the final version.

I have two of each character in the photo up for sale if anyone is interested. $4 each (lower because they’re prototypes) plus shipping. Payment through paypal only please. Message me if you’re interested!