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Langst for the fandom. I don’t know if this qualifies as a drabble, because I’m not sure of the length on those. Loosely based on ‘Scars to Your Beautiful’ because I mentioned makeup and all I could think of after was the line ‘covergirls don’t cry’.

He’d hurt them. He always did in the end. Get a little too careless at just the wrong moment, forget to think before he acted just once- all leading to broken bones, tense emotions, and shattered hearts. He’d always been better at taking things apart than putting them back together.

So what do you do?

Laugh when you want to scream.

Jest when you want to be silent.

Smile when you want to cry.

Because all your life you’ve watched your sisters apply makeup upon makeup and make it look natural- so if they can do it with product you can do it with emotion. It’s all in the brushstrokes and the blending. It’s about trial and error and working until its effortless. It’s about practice, day in and day out until you can’t seem to quite remember who the person is underneath the lies. Because that’s what you’re telling, no- showing the world. Lies. Deceit. Your fake emotions and feelings wrapped up neatly with a pretty bow for everyone to notice, all while you lay raw underneath begging for a release that no one wants to see. Because covergirls don’t cry, and neither do sharpshooters.

Because beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and you know that you’re not beautiful- not even close. You’re superficial and invincible, all with a class clown attitude and an easy smile. Hell, how long has it been since you last smiled? Truthfully, easily, without prompting or pressure? How long has affection been your awaited spoil of a day that never seems to come?

You worry about and crave the day that someone takes the time to look at you closely, because even makeup is noticeable if you look at the skin carefully enough. The day you find someone who won’t break when you slip. Who take what bad luck and twisted fate you bring them with ease and grace. Who fall and get up again. Who greet you with a smile and open arms.

Who you’d willingly surrender your life for.

Because honestly, you love life even if it doesn’t love you back.

You want it more than anything you know- that single person who makes you believe that you are worth the sun, moon, stars, and the galaxies. Who tells you every single day that you are gorgeous without the makeup and the mask and the lies and the deceit. Who holds you close while the tears stream down your face, because they’ve broken that unspoken rule- they’ve told you that covergirls are allowed to cry- more importantly so are sharpshooters…

. . . And for once you find it in you to listen.

Eyes On You

Requested by @liivylava I was wondering if I could have a Happy imagine based on the song Every breath you take by The police? 

Happy never intended to become some creeper stalker, staying in the shadows, watching every move a women made. Yet here he sat, in an empty lot, hid behind a tree, watching (Y/N) coming home from yet another date.

He’s been at this for the last two months, when he couldn’t have his own eyes on her, he made sure a prospect was watching her every move.  He didn’t do it because he was obsessed with her, well maybe he was just a little bit, it was for her safety.

Once it was known that the Tacoma Killer had himself an Old lady, she became a target, he always worried about her. Even now, two months after she had left him; because of an error in his judgement, he still loved and cared about her.

Jealously, nagged at the pit of his stomach and clawed it’s way up. His jaw clenched tightly as he watched yet another jerk walk his women to the door.  He’d watched it a half dozen times before, the parade of men, in the last two months.  

He felt betrayed at first, that she didn’t really care about him, since she started dating so fast after leaving him. If it wasn’t for Gemma and Tara, explaining how heart broken she was, he may have made a mistake, and ruined everything. Instead, he took a step back, and waited and watched.

All the past dates would walk her to the door, they all thought they were going to kiss her, or touch her in some way, but  (Y/N) shut them down every time. It gave him hope, he’d chuckle every time those bastards would walk away, with a frustrated look on their faces.

He’d watch for her to appear in her bedroom window, she never smiled anymore. He couldn’t help but think it was his fault. Until now, it all changed, and he wasn’t ready for it.

Tonight’s date was a change, he looked like a pretty rich boy. He drove a fancy car, he was dressed nice, and looked like he worked in an office.  Not the type of guy, she had been seeing, Happy watched as they walked towards the door.

She leaned against her front door, her face illuminated by the porch light.  A soft smile on her face, as she reached out and touched his arm. He stepped close, his arms encircled her waist, pulling her close, then he was kissing her.

His blood started to boil, it took everything he had in him, to stay on his bike and not storm across the street and pummel the guy for kissing what was his. He took a deep breath and waited, and watched. (Y/N) broke off the kiss, she stepped back unlocking and opening the door to go in.

He heard her voice being carried through the night breeze, thanking him for the nice night. Than pretty boy’s deep voice rumbled about not letting the fun night to end. He tried to push his way in, Happy watched as she pushed him back and shook her head.  

She clearly telling him no, that she wasn’t interested. The guy wasn’t taking no for an answer, and he shoved her harder.  She fell back hitting the door, then (Y/N) fell to the floor. Pretty boy jumped on top of her, starting to manhandle her.

Happy let out a primal growl, jumping off his bike, he stormed across the street. Grabbing the man by the shirt collar, jerking him away.  He threw him out of the house, throwing him to the ground.

Happy straddled his chest, hammering at his face with his large hands. “Stay away from (Y/N)! She’s mine, touch her again and I’ll take you apart!”

“What the hell Hap?” He felt her small hands pulling at his Kutte. He fell away from the man he was on top of.

Pretty boy slithered away to his car, peeling away “Are you okay little girl?”

“Why are you here?” She stared at him, her eyes angry.

“I’ve been lost without you….I love you so damn much.” He looked up at her. “I dream about you..”

She pulled away from him, wiping the tears away.  “It’s over, it was the moment you slept with that croweater! You have to let me go.”

“Just give me another chance to explain….you have my crow. You belong to me…my heart is yours.”

She pulled away from him. “I can't….I’m sorry, you broke me.”  She walked towards the house, her shoulders slumped. “I [lan on getting it covered next week.”

“I’m not ready to let you go baby, I’ll always love you. I’ll always be watching you….protecting you.”

She whirled around, storming towards him, shoving him.”Why can’t you leave me alone? I can’t breathe…I try to pretend and smile through the pain. I can’t do it if you’re not going to leave me alone!”

His arms wrapped around her, lifting her up cradling her to him. “I gave Lola a ride home because her ex was threatening her, or so she led me to believe.  I checked the house, to make sure it was safe….that’s the last thing I remember, until you walked in….”

She felt his hot tears on her neck, she wrapped her arms around his neck kissing the top of his head.  “Hap.”

He raised his head his dark eyes looking into hers, for a second everything fell away. She lowered her lips to his, gently kissing him, he returned her kiss passionately.

Carrying her towards the door, inside the house, covering crows, bad judgements, and all other hurtful things were forgotten.


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Oh god I live for Steve and Bucky acting like the 20somthing they are together, loving junk food, and doing stupid things (like the time they made a sex tape and mistakenly shared it with all the avengers... and by mistakenly I mean totally on purpose because Bucky's probably a bit of an exhibitionist too, like "LOOK, LOOK AT MY BABYDOLL, ISN'T HE GORGEOUS? AND HE'S ALL MINE, NO YOU CAN'T HAVE HIM HAHAHA")


“Look, I don’t fucking know, it’s just broken – sorry,” Cap says, catching himself. “God. Just take a look at it for me, okay? And don’t make any jokes.” 

“Oh, don’t worry, I won’t. It’s simply because my cup runneth over, you understand. I mean, I won’t because I can’t choose between the one about your uncommonly massive hamburger-hands being unable to handle – hah – my delicate technology –” 

“Stark –” 

“And the most obvious, classic choice; aged like fine bourbon, or, come to think of it, you yourself, the one about how –” 

“The one about how I’m a fossil, got it. You do know I’m actually twenty-six, right?” 

Tony ignores this, flipping Cap’s phone around in his hand. Romanoff agrees with him that the old man jokes are funny, and really, isn’t that all that matters? “So did you try turning it off and then –” 

“Fuck you.” 

“One more time? What was that? Did I hear a thank you? Thank you for both your rapier wit and your superior technological capabilities?” 

“Thanks,” Cap says, grinding his teeth. “Thank you, Stark.” 

“Hey, it’s no problem; I aim to help. I’ll give you a ring when it’s done, shouldn’t take long.” 

“I do appreciate it, you know.” 

“I know.” 

Tony flips the StarkTech device around in his hand, plugs it in to the display, and distantly hears Cap walk away.

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HTGAWM masterlist of prompts and starters.
  • Annalise Keating: your/my muse accusing your/my muse of cheating
  • Wes Gibbons: our muses are laying in bed, staring at the ceiling and your/my muse tells your/my muse about something dark in their past
  • Sam Keating: your/my muse tells your/my muse that they are pregnant
  • Rebecca Sutter: your/my muse tries to get your/my muse to do drugs just to "try" it
  • Laurel Castillo: our muses want to continue their relationship but know they can't because your/my muse is in a relationship with someone already
  • Michaela Pratt: our muses are mean't to get married soon, but your/my muse gets cold feet, two weeks before the actual wedding
  • Nate Lahey: our muses are doing something reckless, and once they get caught, your/my muse takes the fall for it
  • Connor Walsh: your/my muse have been having sex with your/my muse for a while, but after rekindling their relationship again, your/my muse wants to get tested before they decide to sleep with them again
  • Asher Millstone: our muses aren't getting along but your/my muse initiates a kiss that shocks your/my muse
  • Oliver Hampton: your/my muse is intoxicated and your/my muse is carrying them to bed, and your/my muse confesses everything they feel towards them
  • Frank Delfino: your/my muse confesses about something they once hid or denied to your/my muse
  • Bonnie Winterbottom: your/my muse tries to deny their affection towards your/my muse which leads to them calling your/my muse out about it all
  • Hannah Keating: our muses are together for the holiday with family, and your/my muse's sister/brother/mother/father isn't approving of your/my muse
  • "So shut up and sit down, and stop acting like a little bitch baby."
  • "Stop staring at me!"
  • "I’m a cheater yes, and a slut, and a bad person, and now a murderer. Judge me if you want, just do it while we’re carrying the damn body."
  • "Shut up!"
  • "You're not gonna trust me, that's just not in your nature. But you can stop worrying because and you might have forgotten this, but I'm your only option here. Without me, you'll go to prison."
  • "I don't do boyfriends."
  • "I bet you did - killing her, you enjoyed it. Didn't you?"
  • "You really think I’m that desperate? That you can buy me some takeout and bat your eyes and I’ll get down on my knees like some sad twink."
  • "You love me, and you wanna have my babies. I know."
  • "You call it crazy, I call it winning."
  • "I don't kiss and tell."
  • "Like I'd ever wanna screw you!"
  • "Why don’t we do something normal for once? - that is not sex like have breakfast or do the crosswords or whatever it is that actual couples - do."
  • "Or, you´re a classist elitist who thinks everyone who didn´t go to an Ivy is beneath you?"
  • "See what happens when you use your brain instead of your penis?"
  • "You hurt my feelings… a lot. And I know I should be used to it now, because everyone here makes fun of me all the time, but you didn’t, and then you were mean to me for no reason."
  • “I lied…I tried to help him."
  • "Whatever you say to the police, can and will be misconstrued to support the prosecution. So when in doubt, shut your mouth."
  • "Who the hell is she?"
  • "You ruined our lives, don't you get that? I was supposed to be getting married and I'm not anymore."
  • "So you're going to tell the truth. Every horrible secret about that night that you haven't told anyone. Or I swear to God, I will personally destroy you."
  • "Please don't punish him for my own error."
  • "Do you know who anyone really is?"
  • "He wanted to kill me. I had no other choice."
  • "You forgot his name and he’s still into you? What do you have, some kind of voodoo penis?"
  • "What sucks is, he doesn’t know that. That you’re just leading him on. Letting him believe he has a shot with you."
  • "You know you can't tell anyone about this. This never happened. You understand?"
  • "I'm just saying I can't stop thinking about last night."
  • "Do you think it could not happen one more time?"
  • "I could really use a drink.. Or ten."
  • "I just want to do this the right way."
  • "That thing I feel in your pants is telling me a different story."
  • "I'm totally making.. making it worse.. Forgive me."
  • “I don’t love her anymore. I love you.”
  • “And how many guys has your penis touched since then?”
  • “Just because I’m upset doesn’t mean I need you to comfort me. I’m fine.”
  • "You didn't use to drink.."
  • “You liked watching her die because that’s the piece of garbage you are.”
  • “I wiped your ass and I’ll call you anything I want.”
  • “Don’t tell me you’re still into her.”
  • “Your holed up in this bed like the Queen of Sheeba”
  • “What if I was wrong about him this whole time?”
  • “I like you. You’re more than sex. More than sex, you’re something more.”
  • "I.. I just feel like something's wrong and you're not saying anything."
  • "She can screw us all."
  • “I don’t love you, I made my decision. Please leave.”
  • “We got our secrets.”
  • "He's bad for you. You know that. He's trying to control you."
  • "Ever since I met you, I've been acting crazy."
  • "I'm the only friend you have, according to what you've been telling me over and over again."
  • "I'm done acting like some trashed-out druggie whore. That may be fine for you, but my parents raised me better."
  • "I was just trying to make you feel better."
  • "I don’t believe you. To be honest, I don’t even care. You want to sleep next to a killer, go for it."
  • [text]: He doesn’t love me. But here’s the thing: I love me.
  • [text]: Just because my facial hair is not exactly as luscious as yours does not mean I can’t still kick your ass!
  • [text]: I don't trust anyone anyone in my life except you.
  • [text]: She’s a lesbian that’s in love with you complicated or?
  • [text]: Are you a man or not?!
  • [text]: Don't tell me what I can and can't do.
  • [text]: Wednesday… Dinner, you and me. And the faster you type, the faster you get your reward.
  • [text]: We need to talk.
  • [text]: He did something to my ass that made my eyes water.
  • [text]: You lie to yourself that’s how you do it. You lie.
  • [text]: No God should forgive me,for all the bad things that I’ve done.
  • [text]: See, you're not the only one who knows how to use sex to get information.
  • [text]: You hurt people before they can hurt you.
  • [text]: You're not seriously thinking about sex right now?
  • [text]: You need someone great.
  • [text]: Your hacker boy at home?? Tell him I need his help.
  • [text]: Incest is the best put your brother to the test.
  • [text]: You’re all he talks about.
  • [text]: Say what you need to say to my face.
  • [text]: This thing that happened to me is why I am the way I am!
  • [text]: No one wants to be on the receiving end of that.
  • [text]: Call me if you get lonely.
  • [text]: We’ll stow you in the basement and you won’t like it.
  • [text]: I do like him and I want to get laid by him…
  • [text]: Would you have sex with her?
  • [text]: You're a drug addict, who cheated on me with some stranger and how many other guys has your penis touched since then?
  • [text]: Oh honey, I can’t do all the work for you.
  • [text]: You won’t be the first person in the world disappointed by your father.
  • [text]: Wow, someone have daddy issues?
  • [text]: Wait, you're gay?
  • [text]: I have no idea what you're talking about! I don't need this right now.
  • [text]: Tell me what happened and I can help you fix it.
  • [text]: Okay, if you don't want to deal with it anymore, but you have to tell me what's going on.
  • [text]: Just say the word, and I'll take care of it.
  • [text]: You know her, right?
  • [text]: Just don’t lie to me. If one more man lies to me, I swear to God…
  • [text]: I'm a jerk.
  • [text]: He didn't stand a chance in there.
  • [text]: Maybe she drowned her.
  • [text]: That's what I've been trying to tell you.. I'm not going to.
  • [text]: I've been a good boy for so long, now I just want to do something bad.
  • [text]: Spit it out, psycho.

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I'm so happy for zayn but I am confused him being successful how will that prove him leaving is a stunt and he will go back to 1D?

I feel like y’all think “stunt” means someone is eventually gonna jump from behind a bush and tell you you’ve been punk’d. That’s not what this is. This is a PUBLICITY STUNT with multiple objectives. One objective was to damage the 1D brand because they are leaving their team (typically referred to as 1DHQ) and taking their star power and their money making ability with them. Another objective was to launch Zayn’s solo career, because that presented another money making opportunity for 1DHQ. Yet another objective was to give Perrie/Little Mix a publicity push via the Zayn leaving narrative and to rescue them from LMHQ’s (which is also 1DHQ) incompetence and neglect. It goes on and on.   

His leaving has already been proven to be a stunt, imo. 

This was a lie:

Simon Cowell has officially wiped his hands clean of everything having to do with Zayn Malik! The X Factor judge told Yahoo Celebrity UK that his focus is purely on One Direction, and he’s not even in contact with the former 1D guy.

“I’m not in touch with Zayn. Once we’d made the decision that he was going to be on a different part of Sony, which is good for him, my responsibility was obviously the guys and their next record. But Zayn is going to be fine,“ he said.

And we know it’s a lie because:

This is just one example. Simco and/or Syco was listed on every music platform and then, oddly enough, was removed. I seriously doubt it was a clerical error. That was your smoking gun. 

There was no reason whatsoever for Simon Cowell to lie about the terms of Zayn’s record deal. This is business. Everyone would find it fairly reasonable that Simon required Zayn to fulfill his contractual obligations to Syco. In fact, one of the major things that tipped many of us off to the stunt factor was the narrative that Zayn was allowed to leave WITHOUT fulfilling his contractual obligations. That’s simply not done. That’s why contracts exist. Then 1DHQ awkwardly attempting to address that issue by claiming he paid half his net worth to get out of 9 months of work made it even more suspicious. So that narrative was quickly dropped and the business side of his leaving was basically left a mystery. Probably because by then 1D fans had verified through public records that Zayn was still a Director of 1D’s companies. So ask yourself, why the elaborate lie telling? It’s always easier to tell the truth. So why didn’t they? What was the hidden agenda? These are the questions you need to ask in order to figure it out. 

I’m not even gonna get into the coordination between Zayn’s publicity and 1D’s publicity since he left or that he continued to utilize staff and services most likely contracted through Modest post leaving or that Print!Zayn has been used to shore up 1DHQ’s anti-Larry, no homo, fandom bashing agenda. Obviously, all this should add up to something fishy for you. Has any of this been on your radar?  

None of the players are ever gonna cop to anything. So this is where your ability to reason, your common sense and a basic working knowledge of 1D’s situation kicks in. This is not Just Jared Jr. teeny-bopper bullshitting. This is about showbiz dirty dealing and bts business maneuvers. It’s another level and if you don’t bring a willingness to discern you will never figure it out.

If 1D is to return, it’s gonna be as OT5. Because I don’t think any of them are interested in building a legacy on top of the mountain of lies 1DHQ left them with. Would you? So either it’s clean slate/fresh start/damage undone or it’s nothing. 

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its sad and angering that not only men think that way, about the so-called equality and progressiveness but also equalists/egalitarians which consist of some females and it's just smh. Egalitarianism is extremely idealistic and cowardly honestly, just like the way society has structured men. Both want equality and progression and yet we can't ever achieve that because there will always be oppression (which apparently equalists don't believe in?? im laughing e.g tell that to a disabled woc)

now before I answer this DISCLAIMER that I know not all people that label themselves as egalitarians or equalists are like this blah blah blah lmao (also sorry for any spelling errors)

but yes, it is very sad and angering. egalitarianism is like the societal equivalence of being pro-communism; thinking “yeah, I want everyone to have the same opportunities but I don’t actually want to do anything about it or actually put a whole lot of thought into it”

communism doesn’t work in practice because of where the world is at just like egalitarianism won’t work until feminism (and the like) isn’t needed anymore. overall, egalitarianism is extremely vague and lacks a solid basis and for most people that label themselves as such: a cheap and lazy way of deeming themselves a Good Person. Like, “hey I’m not shitty, I believe in equality. I just don’t want to address my own shortcomings or that of societies, because I am a coward!”

and I get it, no one chose to be born so when someone doesn’t want to involve themselves in causes like feminism or racism or anything similar, even though on some level I disagree, I’m not here to force people to fight battles they never agreed to. BUT when someone has the audacity to label themselves as an ANTI-feminist or an egalitarian > feminism type of person, there’s something wrong there. you don’t get to label yourself as someone who has the active benefit of society in mind if you’re actually too lazy to do anything about it. you’re either for it, against it, or you stay out of it. you don’t get to keep the security and comfort of not enforcing changes like those against, while deeming yourself as superior because you’re a “good person” like those that are for it.

it’s also a really annoying problem in the western/1st world society because of the way it is so deeply ingrained in our society, so many people don’t realise their privilege and anyone who has it instantly tries to dismiss it by declaring how they’re “oppressed” too and since they’ve risen “above” it they’re obviously more intelligent and everyone just needs to grow up. and then you get these white-passing middle class american women saying that they’re anti-feminists but 3rd world feminists because we need to be fighting “real problems” rather than the sexism that doesn’t exist in “our” society, because they’re a woman and they’re bossy, and independent and they’re fine! which is really just them failing to acknowledge how much privilege they do have and the small bubble in which they’ve experienced the world.

another problem is, is that a lot of sexism goes unnoticed, it’s so small. it’s being told that pointing is rude but men doing it all the time to women when they’re making a point, & then being told “not all men do that”, “I’m a man and I was raised better than that”, “some men do it to other men too”, & “I’ve met women that do that as well though” because all these people KNOW what the point being made is but choose to ignore it because it would mean acknowledging something is wrong that they can’t be bothered to change. and then you get told things like “that’s a big deal? he pointed a finger at you. there are bigger problems in the world!” and then when you explain that, yes, there are bigger problems in the world and they’re all caused by these tiny ones that equal the big picture. can’t you see that? you’re enforcing the problem!

of course we should prioritise the bigger issues, especially child marriage and slave women labour in other countries too but that doesn’t mean neglecting what’s wrong with us too because you’re afraid of change. we need to focus on housing the homeless in our 1st world country just as much as we need to help others without homes in 3rd world countries too, you know what I mean?

and then, no matter how hard you try to be polite about it (because if you get angry, everything you say is invalid) it always STILL boils down the the fact that feminists need to “get over themselves” it’s so disgusting, and only highlights the problem rather than dismissing it.