i can't be the only one who thought about this


In which Derek is technologically inept and needs help clearing his browser cache and history, recruiting his new bff Kira to help him with the task.


“Wait, what are we doing?!”

“We’re raising awareness of this horrible ship so that everyone knows how bad it is, and that they shouldn’t ship it because it makes people like us feel bad, and that makes them bad!”

“But how is THIS going to do to accomplish that? No one who already ships this is going to stop because of our content. Why should this ship determine how we spend our free time?”

“It doesn’t! It’s just…I mean..it’s so…”


“I know, I hate this ship too!”

“But we’ve been spending so much time on this lately, making countless text posts, sending anon hate, even making art and music about how much the people who ship this suck.”

”This ship is the reason we made this blog.”

“Oh gosh…we are obsessed!”

“Look, I don’t want to stop talking to you, and creating fan content with you, but I don’t want to make it about this ship I hate anymore. Let’s focus on the ships we like, let’s put more content out there for them! Let’s raise awareness of the good ships!”

“Yeah. Let’s just blacklist the content we don’t like, and dedicate a blog to talking about how much we love the good ships!”

the types of women i've wanted to be
  • a woman who keeps a planner that’s written in neat bubbly handwriting and color coded, who’s never forgotten anyone’s birthdays
  • a woman who takes a bubble bath with a glass of wine after a long day and relaxes with her head leaning against the tub wall, hair in a messy bun
  • a woman who actually likes the taste of wine
  • a woman who can slip into stilettos and walk confidently down the street without ever wobbling
  • a woman who manages to still look put together on the train at the end of the day despite the heat and humidity
  • a woman who knows how to connect with people through friendly physical contact, instead of always holding back
  • a woman who makes meals that are worthy of instagram
  • a woman who can decorate a house and make it look like a home
  • a woman who keeps plants on all of the surfaces of her apartment, and keeps them alive
  • a woman who goes shopping, and to brunches, and the beach with a group of other women, who all manage to look both friendly and intimidating at the same time
  • a woman who knows who she is and is perfectly content