i can't be the only one who ships this

I will never understand those who don’t ship things. Like what do you do just like a couple on a tv show or movie or book and be like “they’re cute I hope that happens,” and then it’s ambiguous or doesn’t happen and you’re like “oh guess I was wrong. That’s the end of that then” and don’t obsess over it for the rest of your life?

Sometimes I just forget there are people who have not read My Hero Academia’s manga and still do not know why we ship TodoDeku, along with Bakushima.

Well, starting saturday, things are about to change.

Now after s1 rewatch I realized that Jace was the only one who noticed something was not right with Simon and cared enough to ask him about it

And let me also point out he did it minutes after Simon put a knife to his throat

Idk if these are more Jimon receipts or “Jace is a Good Boy” receipts but yeah

pLEASE TELL ME I am not the only one who sometimes forgets that Destiel isn’t canon! Like, I spend days reading/writing fanfics, thinking about headcanons etc, and then I go and watch an episode and am like WHY THE FUCK DON’T YOU KISS YOU’RE A DAMN COUPL- OOOOOOOO no not again

can you believe that Marvel manages to defy expectations and continue making high quality content for the MCU

  • Black Character: ...[coughs]
  • Literally Any Fandom: See, that's the reason why I don't like that character. Look at the way they cough. They're so arrogant and obnoxious and, like, loud. They clearly felt the need to cough louder than everybody else. And this is why I don't like them. I'm not racist. Not everything is a race thing. I just don't like THAT character. They're worse than the villain because at least the villain has a reason to be obnoxious.
  • Black Female Character: [Dates Non-Black Character for 5 Seconds]
  • Fandom: Idk why the writers put them together. They have no chemistry, they don't look right together. They just don't click. She's a strong independent woman and a love interest will just ruin her story. Why can't he be with that random white girl that looked at him that one time 2 seasons ago? Or the cis straight white dude? They had a lot of chemistry in that one scene, that one time. I ship him with literally every character on the show EXCEPT her. Even ones he's never met.
  • Fandom: I know she's the only black character, but it's not a race thing. Not everybody who hates your ship is a racist, and it's offensive to assume so.

Hey everyone!

Things happened and well, I now own two copies of Fire Emblem Echoes. But I don’t need two, so I’ll give away the other one! Hope you don’t mind that the packaging is in German (it’s unopened and brand new though!), but the game itself has many language options ofc.

Unfortunately, due to the region lock, this game only works on EUROPEAN/AUSTRALIAN 3DS SYSTEMS!

I can ship internationally and will be paying for regular shipping! I’m sending it from Germany. You don’t have to follow me to enter!

Everyone has one like and one reblog, so two votes total! Giveaway ends on July 7th, 10PM GMT+2. A winner will be chosen randomly and announced. I will contact you on tumblr (most likely chat) and ask for your address then.

ALSO: No giveaway blogs!! And good luck!!

My current ships

The ship of dreams / The Evil Queen & her White Knight =  Swan Queen

Queen of Earth and Commander of the Sky = Clexa

My Sin ship = Rose x Luisa

My Wacky!ship = Supercorp

My too-good-to-be-true ship = Sanvers

even Villains need Love”ship = Harley Quinn x Poison Ivy

Reactions to FTs colored pages
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>NaLu:</b> ASDFGHJKL they're so fuvking adorable. And look. Happy is reacting just like me~ (side note: Lucy looks weird lol)<p/><b>Gruvia:</b> I was so expecting that bright smile from Gray and heart-shaped eyes from Juvia<p/><b>Gajevy:</b> they are FUCKING showering together! Don't tell me I was the only one who noticed!!<p/><b>Elfgreen:</b> pfff those two had a whole arc, they've been canon for a long time<p/><b>Miraxus:</b> I never saw their dynamic so I can't fangirl. Still happy for them.<p/><b>Jerza:</b> Babes... Are you... ON YOUR HONEYMOON?!<p/><b>Zervis:</b> Aww, they're all alone. But happy. Butbutbut... They deserve to be with Fairy Tail... It's bitter-sweet, I wouldn't have it any other way<p/><b>Others:</b> Papadarts and Cana, my favorite female tbh, Chelia and Wendy are so cute~ (don't ship it, Wendy is too young)<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>
i can’t be the only one

sometimes the reason why kaisoo looks too real isn’t because of the way jongin looks at kyungsoo, the way jongin does something towards kyungsoo or the way jongin blah blah blahs kyungsoo.

jongin is as transparent as glass. he’s not shy to show his affections and to be honest, not just towards kyungsoo (maybe more), but towards exo members and especially taemin from shinee.

take a moment and a step back and instead observe kyungsoo when jongin is near, when jongin displays public affection for him, when jongin’s being jongin or when jongin’s being sexy kai, when jongin’s happy, when jongin’s sad, when jongin’s hurt. kyungsoo’s the answer to this ship.