i can't be the only one who sees it!


Tenth doctor + Blimey.

Bonus virtually pornographic blimey:

  • (before)
  • hunk: you can't hide your feelings for keith forever dude. you were a mess after he came back in that blade of marmora suit...and i'm sure i'm not the only one who noticed.
  • lance: as long as i never have to see him in that suit ever again, i can keep my feelings totally under control :)
  • (now)
  • keith, in the blade of marmora suit: so i guess i'll be wearing this more often
  • lance: f uck

female driven musicals 5/? >>> fun home

do you feel my heart saying “hi”?
in this whole luncheonette
why am I the only one who sees you’re beautiful?
no, I mean…
h a n d s o m e !


stupid parallels are still parallels 1/?

the classic “double check with the wife that this is okay” before doing The Thing

When the Mistress made me she was full of angry things, that’s why so am I.

She pulled red threads over skin too tight and she couldn’t turn me, so all the ugliness I was supposed to hide was out for all to see. Like little crisscrossing scars. But that’s alright.

She messed up my head a little bit, stitch, stitch stitching. She fixed it as much as she could, and in the process she found pause.

She looked at me, me, for the first time. And sighed.

She rubbed her eyes and let go of me almost completely, and I thought she would forget about me.

But she didn’t.

She put more gentle things in me this time. Not for the sake of the enemies of our Kingdom, but for mine. So I wouldn’t feel so alone.

Instead of nails she gave me a hawthorn berry for a heart, and soft, soft cotton.

And then she brushed her thumb across my cheek and clothed me.

“Why?” The others said.

“So he feels no cold.”

And then she gave me a sword, the only sword, and I felt special.

“Why?” The others asked.

“You never send a soldier to war unarmed.”

She pressed her lips against my forehead and her warm air filled my head. 

“A witch’s kiss is a blessed thing,” they said.

She tugged on the seams of my pepper filled legs and the rosemary in my chest swelled. Maybe the mint in my cheeks blushed, but just a little bit.

She gave me hematite so my will would be strong and shiny, and then she whispered it was my duty to look after the Junglegreen.

“Protect us all, my brave little soldier.” And before she left she turned and over her shoulder blew me a final kiss.

This is my mission!

There are no other soldiers. I’m the one and only. I protect the Junglegreen and the Mistress day and night. I march between the Pottedplants and am a diplomat with the Faepeople, I see who can visit the kingdom or not, depending if they’re good at heart.

When the Mistress made me she didn’t have to love me, but she did.

And so I love her back.

-A poppet and his witch, by Semiramis Magpie.

I always see posts of libfems copying stuff that radfems say, and then saying stuff like like “reposting bc OP was a terf” and it’s just pretty telling that radical feminists are constantly spitting out great content and critical analysis of women’s oppression and making such excellent broadly applicable points. Seems like maybe they’re on to something there? Maybe you should rethink your unconditional hatred and dismissal of radical feminist theory if it’s so good that you keep stealing it and rebranding it as liberal/third wave feminism?

Feyre is Stupid, Right?

Some Anti: Lol Feyre’s such an idiot, I can’t believe she couldn’t solve that riddle

Me, an intellectual: *sharp inhale* Okay, just one thing:

So setting aside the fact that numerous readers didn’t solve it either, let’s focus on the actual riddle itself. With the answer being love, Feyre should totally know that, right? I mean, that kind of cheesy answer, it’s a staple answer.

Except of course she wouldn’t.

Feyre can’t even read, so she certainly didn’t grow up pouring over books that debate logic and explore wordplay and definitely never encountered riddles in that format. Her father was pretty much checked out 24/7 so no way he ever taught her how to approach a word problem like that. And as for Nesta and Elain? They were busy trying everything not to feel, not to be in the situation they were in, let alone teach Feyre, for it would be an act of acknowledging just what they have lost to have to instruct her in the place of a governess. 

Riddles require a certain knack - the more you know and learn about, the better an understanding you have of the kind of abstract thinking that is required to solve them. It’s safe to assume that this is one of, or even THE first riddle Feyre has ever been met with. So no, she doesn’t know how to apply the correct way of thinking to it. 

More than that, if she grew up without that kind of education and word testing, she probably isn’t well adapted to any kind of language analysis.  That’s not to say she’s stupid, for there are many different kinds of intelligence. All this shows is that she never had the opportunity to learn in this area, and her brain may have developed in a different way as a result of minimal stimulation to those areas. This is especially common for those who suffer from neglect as a young age - the later in life you engage with certain types of learning (especially speech) the harder it is to ever learn them. 

To call her stupid for not being ‘smart’ in this one particular way is the epitome of the problem with our current education system. It focuses only on testing people’s intelligence and ‘usefulness’ in one very narrow way, which systematically discriminates against the underprivileged (especially, in our case, people of colour). 

Looking at the riddle itself, it is key to think about what the answer was: Love.

So it always seemed obvious to me why Feyre, even if she could utilize more abstract thinking, never would guess that answer.

It would be like asking a man who has never had water solve a riddle where the answer is ‘to be without thirst’. Never before has Feyre really felt love, her best grasp of it a long-faded memory of a time with her mother, and her present of a man who is abusive, and whom she is still struggling to accept her feelings for. 

Feyre taught herself how to hunt, how to skin animals, how to track beasts, how to manage finances, how to judge a person’s character, how to paint, how to fix whatever breaks around the house, how to stay warm through the winter. Did anyone ever explain these things to her? No. She learned on her own, because she had to, and despite being a literal fucking child WHO WAS STARVING AND NEGLECTED, it is her who has kept all four of them alive. 

So don’t you dare calling Feyre Motherfucking Archeron an idiot.

Why Atypical is Crap- from an Actual Autistic Person

In case you dont already know Atypical is a hot load of garbage (although this shouldn’t really come as a surprise considering how wonderfully Netflix has dealt with mental health in the past) here is my personal run through.  

This is dedicated to the 100 beautiful porn bots that follow my blog, I’m sure you’ll all appreciate this. If any actual autistic people find this though (and if you manage to read through all this crap), I’d appreciate your pov as well since i probably won’t even cover a tenth of what’s wrong (esp considering I’ve only watched the first episode, but take this as first impressions, if you will). 

  • Apparently autism is synonymous with stupidity, but this isn’t much of a surprise since this has become the sweet new meme among edgy 4chan users. 
  • Autistic people are completely gullible and lack any critical thinking whatsoever
  • Only white straight cis men can be autistic (only). It doesn’t matter they are primarily the only demographic shown with autism and this has been the state of things for far too long, or that we desperately need representation for autistic people who are poc, women or lgbt+ (especially considering that girls are frequently misdiagnosed to the point that some medical professionals- medical professionals- refuse to diagnose girls with autism at all, or that many poc struggle to get a diagnoses or even a review because of racist teachers or psychologists)
  • He’s tech savy bc we all know that if he wasn’t interested in computers he wouldn’t be autistic (though i can say that i do appreciate the fact his main special interest is biology and the antarctic, although it still follows the same STEM stereotype)
  • His sister constantly bullies and makes fun of his symptoms (but she defends him against other people so it’s okay) dad can’t relate bc he doesn’t play sports and just generally acts like he hasn’t realised or got over the fact that his son’s autistic (despite living with him for what? 17 yrs???), mum is a typical Autistic Mum™ who is burdened with her godawful son, both parents heavily imply life would be better without him. Not to mention the mother is v. paranoid about him having any kind of independence, bc he ‘can’t survive without them’They have stereotypical Autistic Family™ down to an art, congratulations Netflix for being so revolutionary, because god forbid autistic people actually have a supportive family or group of friends that dont constantly make fun of them and emphasise how much they make their lives a burden. (btw, im not saying that every autistic kid’s family has to be perfect; but their family could  at least treat them with some dignity and not do what every other ableist show has done)
  • He has zero self awareness, and of course he can’t date or do anything well without being heavily dependent on a nt. (Can I also emphasise that im not saying autistic people dont have these symptoms, just that they are used so often that its a huge stereotype and is portrayed as a crude caricature) 
  • He can’t date what a surprise never seen that one before netflix we already know autistics are r*t*rds that can’t date of course they can't 
  • The stupid as fuck instance when his psychiatrist asks for his brain??? How did they think that was ok?? (and even if it was, it’s totally impractical and ignores the fact that there are plenty of older -and already dead- autistic people who are, you know, not 60+ years away from dying
  • He can only ever talk about his special interest because autistics never talk about anything else you know never. 
  • ‘i can see your bra’ ??? (again, caricature)
  • there’s so much that bugs me but its hard to articulate sometimes so again, if there’s an autistic person who has seen this crap and has something to add i’d really appreciate it.
  • also apparently it was written by non-autistic people (am i surprised??) and the cast isn’t autistic. I dont think i have to go into how fucking stupid this is, considering it’s A STORY ABOUT BEING AUTISTIC AND NO ONE WHO HAS WORKED ON IT IS AUTISTIC. How the fuck do people think making this shit was a good idea?? 
  • ‘every time the phone rings’ (suchhhh a burdennnn, he’s not the same as themmm)
  • Sam is another Sheldon
  • The thing i hate the most about the show is the level of condescension. I feel like the protagonist is presented as the same caricature, straight white guy who is afraid to talk to girls, nerdy and smart but without an ounce of independence, never speaks up for himself and is a collection of all the stereotypes we’ve seen before, he lacks any nuances what so ever. He is another autistic character written by neurotypical people.
  • apparently also their only form of research was talking to autistic kids (bc you know we’re so r*t*rded that we’re all the same, regardless of age) and parents
  • Autism Speaks supports it, I don’t think I need to continue. 

Ok, but all this other stuff isn’t even that infuriating because, you know, we’ve seen it so many times before it’s just laughable. But they crossed a fucking line (and I’m not joking with this one) when they decided that it was ok to use one of my favourite fucking bands in their shit tv show. I’m always going to be reminded of this crap whenever I listen to them again, Netflix, and I’m fukcing pissed its not fucking acceptable. fuck. you.

I feel like I’ve covered most of the things I had problems with, but again I’d love if other autistic people could add on to the discussion (neurotypicals are welcome to reblog)

  • pierre bezuhkov: *can't count how many paces to take in a duel*
  • jason dean: *can't count to three, thinks three is pronounced "fuck it"*
  • george eacker: *can't count to ten, can only count to seven*
  • tommy ross: *can't count down from ten to one, needs an entire chorus of students to do it for him*
  • i'm starting to see a pattern