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stupid parallels are still parallels 1/?

the classic “double check with the wife that this is okay” before doing The Thing

Someone please talk with me about Juno/Batman and Peter/Catwoman parallels like

Juno and Batman

  • Known for grumpiness
  • Motivated by dead family members
  • For The Greater Good
  • Highly intelligent
  • Knows the ins and outs of their city
  • Self-loathing
  • Close with a hacker (Rita/Oracle)
  • Born into high society (although Juno left it young)
  • Closed off emotionally

Peter and Catwoman

  • Flair for the dramatic
  • Cares deeply for a few
  • Flirt master
  • Taste for the finer things in life
  • Very confident
  • Morally doubious, but will work for the greater good sometimes
  • Excellent liar
  • Can get out of any sticky situation
  • Secret soft heart
  • pierre bezuhkov: *can't count how many paces to take in a duel*
  • jason dean: *can't count to three, thinks three is pronounced "fuck it"*
  • george eacker: *can't count to ten, can only count to seven*
  • tommy ross: *can't count down from ten to one, needs an entire chorus of students to do it for him*
  • i'm starting to see a pattern

Dear Lukas,

“For years we’ve shared a friendship, one that does not often occur in life” – that’s how your letter for my farewell from the national team started back then in the Welt am Sonntag. And I wouldn’t know how better to start mine.

I still clearly remember the moment of my substitution in my final international game, and when I saw you sitting in the stands amongst my family, in the midst of those people who hold a special place in my life – and you are one of those people as well.

With your positive attitude, open-minded manner and not least your inimitable hammer of a left foot, you not only delighted me, but also the English, German and Turkish audiences equally. Therefore I have no doubt, that you will quickly turn the Japanese fans into Poldi-fans as well, as you’re now heading towards the Far East.

Goodbye, Poldi my friend. See you soon!

Your Basti


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Am I the only one who finds Yugie EXTREMELY attractive here?? I know its an old video but he just looks soooo damn good I keep on going back to the video just to look at his pretty face. Other than wanting to watch him dance freestyle of course💕

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But see, (different anon), it isn't a disability if it doesn't disable us is any way right? Like we are held back by anything. Autism is just a different way your mind is arranged. It makes you hypersensitive and intelligent. I can't imagine who I would be without it. This sounds mean, but sometimes I feel like I'm the only one who cares about anything in my school or family, and I don't think something that makes you care is a disability.

oh no i agree that autism doesn’t “disable me”, but a society that is not ready for autistic people, a society that is not ready for our needs and our accessibility requirements, a society that rejects every essence of my being? that disables me. it is not harder for me to get a job because i am autistic, but because employment is generally inaccessible for autistic people. it is not harder for me to go to uni because i am autistic, but because education is generally inaccessible for autistic people.

this is why it is a disability. not because we are less able to succeed, but because we are in a society that is not designed to help us succeed as it is for others.

every person on this planet has accessibility needs, disabled or not. the difference between people with disabilities and people without is that people without them have their needs catered for, and we do not.

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It really makes quite sad (and annoyed that there's never, ever, EVER been an official design for Underfell Muffet. And people really call her a fan favorite if that's the case? I mean, there one for freakin' Grillby who only ever shows up briefly and you don't even fight him! But enough of that, I think your UF! Muffet is probably one of the best out there and I can't wait till Frisk meets her <3

I know right? I didn’t see a single design, so I had to make my own! It’s so sad, I thought people loved Muffet more x’D

Glad you like my design of her! I would’ve preferred to talk to the original author of Muffet to see what would they prefer, but I can’t  have everything I want :’D

Imagine the series set in high school wherein Agatha and Sophie are best friends but Agatha is still the same socially awkward turtle and Sophie’s still a pink-loving diva and Sophie auditions for the school musical (encouraged by the rumor that Tedros was going to play the lead role) and enlists Agatha to help her and one day when Tedros was strolling through the halls he hears an amazing voice singing the female part in the play’s finale/duet

Also Hort’s the clumsy, lovesick fool who has set his sights on Sophie ever since they were kids and auditions as well but he only managed to be in stage crew with Agatha, who was forced to participate in it by Sophie to make sure “everything goes according to plan”

Also the witches are in the play as well (Hester, Anadil, Dot) because the teachers thought giving them detention would be too easy and forcing them to help in the name of “music and creativity” would be the most appropriate form of punishment


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I don't mind about the non-hp stuff you post, but can't you guys use a specific tag for the non-hp post? Than all the people who don't want the non-hp stuff are able to block te tag so they don't see those posts. (And I hope all the grammar in my message was understandable since I'm not English and half asleep. Whoops.)

we already do that actually o: also, don’t apologise, hon - it’s not your fault that english isn’t your first language - i only speak one language so you’re doing miles better than me, love!!