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Oookay so tony teaches Peter how to drive yeah?? But then a little ways down the road miles Morales exists and is a cute little youngin and needs to learn but ooooohhhh no tony knows these spiderkids can't be trusted so he gets all decked out in protection gear that you usually only see on test dummies and gets in the car to teach miles to drive but??? Miles isn't crazy??? He's so slow??? And good??? A natural??? And tony is just near tears he's so relieved but Peter is super offended it's cute

Tony, tears glistening behind his eyes: I have…… finally found a child……….with a self-preservation instinct…….omg..,,,,

Peter, sulkily from the back seat: I’ve yet to find a father with one, though.

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I enjoyed the pain (your stangst is wonderful), but now I can't sleep. Suggestions? Cute fic recommendations (I'm pretty sure I've read all your fics)?

Oooooh. Fic recs, eh? Hmm…cute, cute…

So many of my favorite fics are SO ANGSTY, hahaha….

Okay, here’s some cute ones I’ve found. Kind of listing off the top of my head, by no means a definitive list or anything, just some fics I’ve liked recently plus a few old faves:

Breaking and Entering by Doktor Girlfriend. A post-ATOTS Mystery Trio fanfic that has by far the best writing for McGucket I’ve ever seen.

It’s Magic by friggenconfused. Unfinished, only three chapters but really delightful and fun so far. Pre-1982 Ford and Fidds are checking out a street magician who seems to have actual magic powers. Guess who it turns out to be. (Stan. It’s Stan.)

Please Don’t Come Again by logicalbookthief. This one is kind of feelsy but definitely one of my faves, Soos’s father shows up at the Mystery Shack and…well, I’ll let you see what happens.

logicalbookthief also recently posted Two For The Price of One which is so frikking sappy and cute and sweet you will die of cute and be dead. Basically Stan adopts the twins as babies. Yeah.

Late Night Phonecall by askragtatter. Stan gets a…uh, late night phone call and has to go run an errand. Set just after The Last Mabelcorn. Really, REALLY good writing for Stan, really sweet and funny.

Strays by babyblueavenger. Cute little one-shot. If you’ve read Life Support (also good, very angsty) by the same author, it’s set in the same universe. If you haven’t, it still functions very well on it’s own as a cute little au story.

A Little Bit Lost by impishnature. Feral Ford AU. If you haven’t heard of it, Feral Ford is more or less what it sounds like–Ford came out of the portal a little more…jumpy, paranoid, and prone to growling and hissing at people he sees as threatening than in canon. Stan does his best to work with it.

Two and a Half Stans by WDW. Unfinished. A fun take on the One and a Half Stans AU where de-aged Stanley travels back in time to before Ford came out of the portal and meets a very confused Pines family.


Seiji Goto Bridal non-gree Jap app - [SPOILERS]
Goto family moments - introducing the bride

Seiji: I want to introduce my fiancée MC-san
MC: Nice to meet you!
Shinichi: I heard that you are the pm’s daughter. Are you sure you want to be with our son? 
Seiji: What are you asking!?
Haruka: …. I just think MC-san can do so much better than Sei-chan ..
MC: Seiji is the only one for me!
Haruka: I cannot believe Sei-chan found such a wonderful person to be his bride, as a parent I could not be more happy!
Shinichi: Oi…. it’s too early for you to start crying!
Haruka: You are right, I should save the tears for the wedding!

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Charles Robert Watts
2 June 1941-

“I wanted to play drums because I fell in love with the glitter and the lights, but it wasn’t about adulation. It was being up there playing.”

Charlie Watts first came to my attention when I was ten years old. My family was having one of our music video-watching sprees, and we happened to be watching the music video for Start Me Up. I had never really listened to the Stones before, and so I was thinking about how ridiculous they were. And then I noticed their drummer, who looked completely different from the rest of them; he was pretty laid back, he was better dressed, and, above all, he looked like he disapproved of them quite a bit, which I thought was hilarious. Three years later, I watched the same video, on my own this time, and, once again, my attention was drawn to this drummer guy. So I looked him up, found out his name was Charlie Watts, and that he is pretty much the greatest human being ever. I was amazed by his natural coolness and his very non-rockstar-like decency as a person. And before long, Charlie Watts became my favourite person.

Happy birthday to one of rock’s absolute greatest drummers and people overall, the one and only Charlie Watts.

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Ok so I recently found your chub nico fic and I liked it a lot, I dunno it was v cute, and anyway I was wondering if u could write something else related to it? Idk what exactly about but it was very cute and also the only one of its kind, so. Do with this what u will. (Also I'm super excited about your wip fics and I hear tell of a WEREWOLF one ooooh can't wait!)

Part 1 (kind of)

Nico still wasn’t a huge fan of mirrors, thought Will made it a point to stand behind him and smile and whisper encouraging words of adoration. The stretch marks were a sore subject for Nico too, though Will often rubbed Shea butter into Nico’s soft skin with promises of it fading the marks some. Nico didn’t really believe him, but it was a nice gesture and he appreciated all of the care Will was willing to put into Nico to make him feel better about himself.

It was still hard sometimes, to be around other boys and see toned lines and hard abs where Nico only had soft padding, but Will seemed to have a sixth sense that told him when Nico was in an uncomfortable situation and he would often appear out of nowhere to whisk Nico away for “medical reasons”. No one really believed the excuse, but no one called Nico or Will out on it, and for that Nico was grateful.

On a particularly rough night, Will found Nico huddled under the covers, all the light off in his cabin despite it only being five in the evening. Will had thought that maybe Nico had been napping, but quiet sniffles told Will that Nico was awake, and probably not in a very good mood. “Neeks?” Will called out softly, wanting to alert Nico of his presence but not scare him.

The huddle of blankets shifted and Will caught a glimpse of a tear stained face before it retreated further under the mound. “Go away,” Nico mumbled quietly, presumably turning his back on Will. Will frowned and walked towards the bed. Despite Nico’s obvious want for solitude, Will didn’t think it would be a very good idea to leave Nico alone. He knew what Nico had done to himself in the past.

Will reached the bed and gently placed a hand on the blanket pile, on what he thought might have been Nico’s shoulder. Nico curled in on himself and sniffled again, and Will had the urge to punch whatever had made his precious boyfriend so upset. “Nico, what’s wrong? What happened?” Will pulled the blankets back so he could look at Nico, watching his boyfriend scrub at his eyes uselessly.

Nico stayed silent for a long time, but Will was more than willing to wait for Nico to work through juts what he wanted to say. “Why don’t I look like Percy?” Will sighed quietly. They had been over this many times, but Will was willing to tell Nico a million times if it meant Nico didn’t have to be upset about it.

“Because you’re not Percy, baby,” Will spoke softly. “Some people are just built differently. It’s because of the same reason why you have black hair instead of blond, and brown eyes instead of black. It’s not a conspiracy against you, darling, it’s just the way you were made. You’re still beautiful, you’re still my boyfriend, and I still love you. You know I don’t care that you don’t have abs. and you shouldn’t care either. You are you.”

Will knew it was going to take a lot more than just one little speech to make Nico’s self-esteem even slightly better, but when Nico smiled slightly and nodded, Will kissed him on the forehead. It was a start.

Soft Nico is very nice


WestAllen + Facebook XX

In which Barry and Iris prank each other. Happy April Fools!

Edit: A larger version of Barry’s new profile picture can be found here

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I'm the anon of last night videos, i found 2 more!! This is super cute youtube.)com/ watch?v=Oit2Yh7_Zj4 look at 0:33 Xander is right behind Niall in a white t-shirt, looking at harry obvs and at 0:36 he'S TAKING A PICTURE OF HARRY AND LAUGHING WITH HIM then at 1:27 harry goes next to him and xander is smiling and jamming with the music and i CAN'T. And this other one youtube.)com/watch?v=vJS1m you can see him really briefly at 2:33 but is so cute that he seems to only have eyes for Harry 🙊😍