i can't be the first person to make this joke right

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what about leo? and yuan?

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“Leo… I don’t know if I’ve ever been that good at explaining our relationship. It’s more than a little complicated, but it always has been. The first time I met him was when I foiled his attempt to pickpocket me right before the city started falling apart around a year or so ago and it’s had its ups and downs ever since, but mostly ups at least from my perspective.”

“I.. don’t know what I am to him, and honestly I don’t want to press him for details. That’s never really worked too well unless dire circumstances are involved. I do care about his well-being. I’m proud of the person he’s becoming, the one I saw traces of in our first few meetings. He’s still infamous for causing trouble here and there and getting into troublesome situations, but he has a great capacity to care even if he likes to hide it most of the time, the exception usually being Pokémon.”

“I think we’re both protective over each other. I’d like to say I’ve taken him under my wing but he’s capable and too independent for that. He doesn’t live-live at my house but he does spend a great deal of time there and I do enjoy it. He’s lively if nothing else, a bit nosy, likes fire to a concerning degree but then again he’s built his own explosives.”

“…Honestly I’m happy watching him realize his potential, becoming the person I know he can be, even if he stumbles time to time, as we all do. I want to support him when I’m able. And though.. I know he’d probably be very uncomfortable to hear it, I do consider him… like a son I never had.”

“Yuan, you know it’s almost disappointing that I can’t say he has an ‘electric personality’.”


“Jokes aside, as I do know he doesn’t like too many of those, he’s been a true ally while I’ve been here. We’ve both offered each other a listening ear and personal assistance on more than one occasion. At first I was a confidant out of mostly necessity- or at least he believed so- but I hope we can call each other friends by now. I’m very fortunate to have met him and though sometimes he does act aloof he’s shown that he cares in small ways and his concerns. It also nice knowing someone else who’s been ‘alive’ for.. a very very long time.”