i can't at how perfect they are okay


All the things that I’d done… memories… they never hurt me. But the past… it’s more than memories. It’s the devil you sold your soul to. He’s coming. He’s coming to collect.

  • me: okay so my characters are going through this... this one's arc is perfect... look at how their relationships are gonna grow, I can't wait to write these scenes! I can clearly see how the chain of events leads them to who they are
  • me: okay time to work out the actual plot so this stuff can go down
  • me: .......
  • me: crap

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Okay I can't seem to stop watching that video, every single face in that is completely perfect how did you draw Yuuri so perfectly,, I didn't know someone's face could be so perfect and i now have some serious new art goals to work towards,,, thank you

ajfddjfkl thank you so much??? have this MS paint yuuri  (´♡`)

Ahh I remember it like it was yesterday. You’re looking beautiful honey, just like always ❤.


*gasp* You’re as charming and handsome as ever, my love! It’s like you’ve stolen my heart all over again. ❤️ (submitted by @arsene-the-fool)


I guess I kind of realized that my whole life isn’t one giant press junket. I don’t have to be smiling all the time and always have the perfect answer.

adorable puppy♥

Don’t tell me that I only care about myself.
Because you have no idea how little I really do.
You don’t understand how hard I’m trying
to be as perfect as you want me to be.
You don’t see how painful it is to feel like everything I do is disappointing you.
—  r.j
Accurate reflection
  • Raid organizer: Okay! More than enough people are here! Everyone has external battery packs! Phones are charged! We have outlets nearby! The weather is perfect! We all have high CP Pokemon! Let's do this!
  • Player 1: I can't believe how well this going!
  • Player 2: This is great!
  • Player 3: I brought snacks!
  • Player 4: I have a cooler with sandwiches and drinks!
  • Raid organizer: We did it! With friendship!
  • Players: With friendship!

So, at the Captain Swan wedding they are singing about a “Happy Beginning” which is just so perfect because their wedding is not the end of their story but the beginning of another one. And I remember JMo once talking about how she liked to think of “Happy Endings” as “Happy Beginnings” instead. And I am by no means okay.

say you’re me and you’re in english class, supposedly analyzing lord of the flies but in actuality thinking about manga and how jarring isayama’s pacing is with snk. there’s of course, the fact that the clash of the titans arc takes place literally like a day or two before the female titan arc and pretty much everything happens in a flashback for some reason, then there’s the super-confusing mess that is the uprising arc with politics and some pretty fiiine character development that all happens in what’s probably less than 36 hours. 

and then, of course, there’s the return to shiganshina arc where they find out what’s in the basement after foreeever and then… an infodump??? for three chapters??? whyyyy!!

but of course if you really think about it, it makes perfect sense, in a kind of weird roundabout way that requires way too much thinking. but since this is english class of course you gotta analyze the story way too much in ways that the author likely never intended!

okay that was fun now onto actual meta or w/e. and, in case you guys didn’t pick it up from the introductory ramble, manga spoilers!!

  • we know that there’s only one family within the walls (besides grisha) who actually knows what goes on outside the walls: the reisses, the royal family. 
    • they’re the only ones able to actually access this power to remember all that happened pre-wall era at will, assuming they have the coordinate
    • there’s only one person with the coordinate power at a time within the walls, so that makes only one person inside (again, besides grisha because he literally comes from outside) who knows everything. 
      • AND they can’t tell anyone because it’s pretty overwhelming and terrible stuff
  • we know that the memories of the first king come are pretty overwhelming, completely taking over the holder of the coordinate for short spans of time

(i spent way too long looking for that screenshot but you know what it was fun refreshing my memory)

  • the memories of the outside world probably come rushing to the holder the second they become the new shifter in what’s probably a bunch of flashbacks, and when they come to literally minutes or less later, they’re completely different now that they have all this scary knowledge

(context for those who don’t mind spoilers or have forgotten details: historia’s father’s brother has just acquired the coordinate and is now more or less he god of the walled world. he knows.)

  • which brings me back to what i was originally harping on about: the point of the infodump on what’s going on outside the walls.
    • the reader is blind to all the truths and hidden secrets of the manga, just as everyone within the wall is blind to what happens beyond the titans and outside the walls.
    • and then, all of a sudden, we hit this huge milestone that’s been hyped up for literally 84 chapters, and we’re blown away with all. this. info. in such a short span of time. the meta writers went bonkers and everyone was kind of just screaming with their heads lit on fire.
      • that’s probably how all the reisses who inherited the coordinate felt when they first felt getting all this information

IN CONCLUSION: the way that the info dump was set up might have been intentional, paralleling how both the character’s felt at the time with this sudden heap of new information, and how most of the coordinate holders felt when they first learned everything.

i’m not saying it’s good writing. in my opinion, it was kind of lazy to just “hey kids we’re at this super hyped up, legendary basement have three months of screeching about now knowing everything whoop now there’s different problems yup”. but when overanalyzing it, it makes for a perfect mirror into how the characters themselves are feeling.

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I get you want WLW representation in B99 - trust me, I do too - but I don't understand why you think Pimento is wrong for Rosa. I can't think of anyone more perfect for her. Maybe it's just because I don't ship Dianetti, but I can't see how anyone could be more like Rosa. He makes her so happy.

Okay, i really appreciate that I got this ask because I know there are quite a few people who don’t ship Dianetti and it must be a little annoying to see me screaming about it 24/7. i have separate reasons to ship Dianetti and not ship Pimento and Rosa. i’ll preface this by saying that i actually really like Jason Mantzoukas! i think he’s a very talented and hilarious actor and i appreciate Pimento as well, but it have some reservations about his relationship with Rosa. 

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You Make Me Smile

Allura and Shiro discuss baby names. Shiro is defeated by a dress shirt. There is a lot of kissing. Also Shiro is an absolute hoop of cheesey goodness when it comes to Allura.

Read on Ao3





“Wait, what’s that one mean?” Allura propped herself up on an elbow and glanced over at where Shiro was getting dressed.

“The future in Japanese,” he said, fighting with the fancy Ullini dress shirt he was supposed to be wearing. “It’s sort of cheesy, I guess, but I think it’s nice.”

“I’m writing it down.”

Allura and Shiro had been bouncing possible names back and forth since they had accidentally found out that the baby was a girl a couple days ago. They hadn’t asked to know the baby’s gender, but the midwife didn’t delete that line of data on the progress report they had received. So now Allura and Shiro knew the baby was a girl, though they were keeping that tidbit of info from the others, mainly because it was fun to watch them argue about it. Currently Hunk, Lance, and Coran were on Team It’s-A-Girl while Keith and Pidge were firmly and fiercely Team It’s-A-Boy.


Allura looked up to find Shiro with his left arm stuck over his head, which was halfway sticking out of what looked like one of the arm holes. The Ullini had three arms, so the shirt had been modified anyways, but it was still an overly complicated design. The Ullini had given the Voltron crew new clothes to wear to that night’s banquet, and it was only proper and polite to wear the outfits that had been offered.

Unfortunately, the Ullini favored neon colors, accessories, and extremely intricate outfits.

Most of Shiro’s face was covered by the shirt but his mildly alarmed eyes were still visible. “What is this insanity.”

She burst out laughing and fell back on the bed, her arms wrapped around her waist.

“Allura, please, I’m going to rip it,” he said, but he made the mistake of waving the hand of his stuck arm, which only made Allura’s giggles worse. Takashi Shirogane, the noble and mature black paladin, looked absolutely ridiculous. “Princess…”

“I’m sorry, but you’ve been defeated by dress wear. Let me fully enjoy this moment,” she said, almost crying from laughing so hard. “I need a picture to remember this exactly as it is.”

“No, no, you don’t,” he said. He was struggling to wriggle out of the shirt without tearing it to shreds. When something made a ripping noise, he stopped, his head completely inside the shirt now. “Love…”

“All right, I suppose I’ll rescue you.” She finally slid out of their bed, glanced over the shirt, and swiftly freed Shiro with a few expert tugs. Carefully, she laid the offending garment on a nearby chair.

He sighed and then caught her by the waist. A mischievous look crossed his face before he put on a stern expression. “You were going to let me suffocate in there for your pleasure.” He lifted an eyebrow, and his hands dropped to her hips. “That’s so cruel.”

She trailed her fingers across the nape of his neck. “I think you should properly thank me instead of making baseless accusations. Don’t you?”

“Make me.”

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Hi! Can you offer me some rsd advice? It's given me a phobia against trying my best. Like, when I attempt to genuinely give my best effort I always fall short of the impossible standard I hold myself to in my mind. Then self loathing and suicidal ideations flood over me overwhelmingly and I usually end up having a crying breakdown and can't finish. Do you have any tips on how I can try my best at something and not completely tear myself apart when I fall short? Thanks in advance :)

Remind yourself before you start that it’s okay if it isn’t perfect. That you can go back and try again, or try to fix it later, etc.

Or, try this. Think about the thing you’re going to do, and what perfect would be. Then think about what good enough might be. Then think about what a good effort would be. As you’re then doing the thing, remind yourself constantly that your goal is simply “good effort.”

Another thing to try is to remind yourself that if you wouldn’t get after someone else for not being perfect, it’s not fair to get after yourself for the same thing.

Followers, what do you do?


so it’s a long song and lots of the lines can fit lots of characters but i just need to share how much these lines 

“So here’s another day, I’ll spend away from you
Another night I’m on another broken avenue
Trading in who I’ve been for shiny celebrity skin
I like to push it and push it until my luck is over”

from masterpiece theater III fit taako during the sizzle it up with taako stage of his life 

After Malfoy baby delivery
  • <p> <b>Healer:</b> Congratulations are in order Mr Malfoy, minutes ago you just became a dad<p/><b>Draco:</b> And my wife, How is she?, the baby is he okay?.<p/><b>Healer:</b> they both are fine, your wife is weak from the ordeal but we have high hopes for her recovery, Mrs Malfoy is a stubborn young woman despite the limitations of her immune system.<p/><b>Draco:</b> That she is, if Astoria says she wants to get better, she'll bulldoze her way into healthiness and nothing will stop her<p/><b>Healer *chuckles* :</b> ready to meet your son? *opens the door*<p/><b>Draco *with fingers crossed*:</b> please take after your mother, please take after your mother.<p/><b>Astoria *looking down at swaddled bundle* :</b> Oh Draco! Look at how precious he is.<p/><b>Nurse:</b> And he looks just like dad too<p/><b></b> Draco *sweat drops*<p/><b>Astoria:</b> Come hold him my love, here, meet our tiny miracle.<p/><b>Draco *looking down at the newborn carbon copy of him* :</b> he's wonderful Astoria, perfect even, I can't believe we made something this beautiful.<p/><b>Draco mentally *looks down at baby Scorpius* :</b> Okay son here's the deal you better take after your mother in personality because you already got my looks and that's pushing it already, so remember kid, you need to be a lot like her.<p/><b>Baby Scorpius:</b> *gurgles*<p/><b>Draco Mentally:</b> I mean it baby, be like her...not me *points the baby to Astoria* her, not me.<p/><b>Astoria:</b> Draco are you mentally indoctrinating our child again?<p/><b>Draco:</b> ....<p/><b>Draco:</b> ............<p/><b>Draco:</b> Nooo?.<p/></p>